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It is also easier to use an electric pencil sharpener to get different points of the lead, and on some models, the motor even stops when the tip is sharp, to minimize waste. It sharpens standard-size colored and #2 pencils, automatically starting and stopping when the pencil is fully sharpened. Expect to pay less than $15 for a basic electric pencil sharpener, around $15 to $30 for a mid-range model, and between $30 and $60 for a high-end heavy-duty option. Its heavy-duty construction features dual helical cutters adjustable to six different pencil sizes, sharpening them to fine points. 【For Varied Pencil Sizes & Pencil Types】 This electric sharpener features an adjustment dial on the top that allows you to sharpen bulk pencils of varied diameters(8-12mm). Besides its low price, this pencil sharpener is perfect for for kids since it can be used as a manual sharpener while blocking access to the blade area. ... (35) 35 product ratings - Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener For Kids Battery Operated Home School Office. Robust construction and commercial-quality blade withstand wear and tear. There are those which are battery powered, mains powered or have the option of using it on battery or mains plug-in electricity. Although a helical blade provides a straight, even point more consistently, this traditional pencil sharpener blade should work well for basic use for young students and children. see all. Our range is complete with all of the pencil … Toolsand Electric $12.99. By: Zmol. This dependable product also incorporates a large shavings receptacle designed to keep your workspace neat at all times. The sharpener won’t run when the shaving tray is removed. The heavy-duty helical steel blade works quickly and efficiently to sharpen your pencils in a jiffy! Pencil Sharpeners We offer a great range of pencil sharpeners and devices sharpeners in our online store. Plug-in electric pencil sharpeners that can accommodate more than one pencil size, feature a large shavings receptacle, and offer quiet operation typically range from $36 to $95. Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission. There are, generally, two types of pencil sharpeners: electric and manual. But what strikes is the sharpener’s performance. The X-ACTO 1670 is an inexpensive yet highly reliable electric pencil sharpener developed specifically for high-volume areas like the classrooms. 1,279 sold. The plug-in power source is convenient since you don’t need to worry about low batteries and constant replacements when the sharpener is regularly used. The Range, Elsie Margaret House, William Prance Road, Plymouth, PL6 5ZD Registered No. Luckily, using an electric pencil sharpener is quick and simple. Does your child need a sharpener they can use safely while they do their homework? The Tool-Free removable cutter cartridge makes it easy to clean out the cutter blades or replace them as needed, making this a long-life pencil sharpener option. The shavings tray is large enough to hold the shavings from sharpening ten or more new pencils. Item Location. The former eliminates over-sharpening, extending your pencil’s life. X-ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener | XLR Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener, Quiet Motor, Pencil Saver Technology, Auto-Reset and Safe Start 4.6 out of 5 stars 6,679 $19.99 $ 19 . See Terms of Service for DMCA notices. The hardened steel helical cutters of the Bostitch EPS4 (appx. Combined with the non-skid feet, this helps to keep the unit in place during use. The heavy duty motor can handle high volume use in classrooms, offices, and art studios. This heavy-duty vertical pencil sharpener … Electric pencil sharpeners use both power and technology to make sharpening pencils the easiest job youll ever have to do. An auto-stop safety feature kicks in if the shavings tray isn’t in place. Anti-skid feet are another nice thing to have on your sharpener, making it more stable on workbenches and desks. Pencil Sharpener, Jelly Comb Electric Pencil Sharpener … The electric pencil sharpener has a motor inside that rapidly rotates a blade that sharpens the pencil … This compact option from TripWorthy is one of the best electric sharpener options in that category. Jakar : Electric Pencil Sharpener with Auto-Stop. Best Offer. Buy Pencil Sharpeners for home, work, or school. Best for Sharpening Various Sized Pencil: X-ACTO Pro. https://www.officedepot.com/a/browse/pencil-sharpeners/N=5+1155048 As featured in. The sharpener comes with an AC adapter and a USB cord, or you can power it with four AA batteries sold separately. Electric pencil sharpeners do an excellent job in honing up pencils, but they can also sharpen tiny fingers. Top-notch pencil sharpener handles commercial tasks with ease and can satisfy the most demanding artists. The latter shuts off the sharpener if it overheats, protecting the motor. Besides all the above, there are a few other things to consider before buying an electric pencil sharpener. The device will stop sharpening once the pencil has been brought to a fine point. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Like our best-in-class pick, the 1670 also features the Auto-Reset feature that protects the motor. To learn more about how we make money, visit our. The brushed metal case and suction cup feet provide the durability and stability required for surviving in the classroom. Even I like … The helical stainless steel blade is razor sharp and durable, stopping automatically when the pencil is fully sharpened or when the shavings reservoir is opened during sharpening. $ 14) are designed for … HuntOffice.ie supply pencil sharpeners operated both manually and electric. Non-skid rubber feet help to keep this sharpener in place during use. Non-slip rubber feet keep the sharpener in place during the sharpening process, too. When readers buy the. The sharpener area lights up once sharpening is complete. This product is all about precision and durability, boasting commercial-grade resistance. A lifetime replacement guarantee for extra peace of mind while you sharpen! "Avoid letting the shavings receptacle in your electric pencil sharpener … The OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener is a battery-powered portable pencil sharpener compatible with colored pencils and a variety of regular graphite pencils. Another great feature is the integrated cooling fan that comes in handy in the periods of heavy use, prolonging the motor’s lifespan. This is achieved by shaving away the worn surface. X-ACTO 1670 Review. It stops automatically when the pencil is fully sharpened, if the shavings tray is removed during use, or if it gets too hot. It boasts a lightweight and compact construction developed with portability in mind. Three sharpness settings & three power modes, Regardless of the model you like, the sharpener must be very, Last but not least, you should also check the. It’s perfect for pencils from 6 to 8mm and has a super-quiet operation, two features that make it possible to sharpen pencils even in the middle of a test without disturbing anyone. Three power modes give you plenty of choices to power up this unit. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. At Officeworks, you'll enjoy our everyday low prices and free delivery over $55. Kids can get the hang of it and learn to sharpen pencils on their own, all without making a mess. Shop Pencil Sharpeners from Staples.ca. at Amazon. TeachingMart Vertical Electric Sharpener. This pencil sharpener comes with an AC adapter for plug-in power, but you can also install batteries to take it with you on the go! Designed to handle the demands of high-volume use in a classroom or office setting, this heavy-duty pencil sharpener is the most powerful in the X-Acto line. Our top pick and budget pick pencil sharpener reviews summarize our overall favorite options. The metal base provides durability. The adjustable rotary insert tailors the sharpening to a wide variety of pencils from 5mm to 11mm in diameter. It can sharpen graphite pencils and colored pencils, perfect for casual artists, students, and home use. Pay with Afterpay and Zip. The durable steel helical cutter sharpens perfect points again and again while the safety mechanism stops the motion if the shavings tray is removed. This pencil sharpener is a little … The tough plastic body and non-skid feet help the sharpener hold up to high-volume use. The seven-year warranty is just the cherry on top at this point! So, why do people still use the manual models? Free postage. Another feature present in some model is an auto-reset feature that stops the engine if it overheats. You can also adjust the pencil guide to sharpen different sizes of pencil. This heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener plugs into an electrical outlet, saving you from having to change the batteries every week, and it can be adjusted to fit six different pencil sizes. Trusted by millions of readers. Powerful enough to handle high-volume demands, the X-ACTO Model 41 is undoubtedly the best electric pencil sharpener if you’re looking for professional quality. Dimensions - How big is it? You can power it up either via USB, AC, or batteries. All Listings. Pencil Sharpener is a tool used for sharpening a pencil’s writing point, as the name implies. Ready to take some notes? But with many artists and architects standing for the manual models, why should you invest in an electric one? This sharpener has a strong motor, so it breezes through dull pencils instead of wheezing. This includes colored pencils, jumbo round pencils, and triangular pencils as well as standard ones. I originally bought a Derwent electric pencil sharpener (that’s the one in the video). This dual-mode sharpener works quickly and won’t make a mess! Children and adults alike can use it safely and easily. This sharpener accommodates all wooden and colored pencils between 6.5 and 8mm, and like most sharpeners, it is unsuitable for crayons. The large shavings tray can handle tons of shavings, and the motor won’t operate when the tray is removed. The electric motor is quiet and powerful, and the XL shavings tray ensures that you won’t have to empty the reservoir often. In a hurry? Pencil - Some sharpeners only handle standard-size graphite pencils. Using an electric pencil sharpener for woodworking. The X-ACTO 1670 is an inexpensive yet highly reliable electric … She gets excited about pet, baby, and science products and has over 12 years of experience. It includes a system that automatically stops when a pencil … Investing in an electric sharpener with safety features is essential especially if the tool is going to be used in a school or by a kid. Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. Made with high-quality, heavy-duty parts, this pencil sharpener is sure to become a staple for artists, students, and more! Designed to be used by kids, this sharpener also has a SafeSharp feature that prevents the motor from starting if the shavings receptacle is removed. The versatile sharpening options and heavy-duty features definitely make this a top pick for the best electric pencil sharpener for classrooms! How do I use and empty an electric pencil sharpener? X-Acto finishes off this product with a stunning 10-year warranty that puts their money where their mouth is! The helical steel cutting blade provides the perfect point every time, and the compact design keeps it from taking up too much of your workspace. Perfect for professionals, we’ve reviewed the best electric pencil sharpeners for the money. This dependable product adjusts to six different pencil sizes and is equipped with the patented flyaway cutter system designed to stop the motor when the pencil is sharp, reducing waste and prolonging your pencil’s life. Auto-Stop - Most electric pencil sharpeners today stop when the pencil is sharpened or if the shavings tray is removed. Besides the type of feed, pencil sharpeners can be further categorized into blade and helical sharpeners. Free shipping. Top 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners. Three operating modes and a durable blade define the adaptability of this sharpener to home and office tasks. Looking for a simple battery-powered pencil sharpener? The sharpener is perfect for classrooms and busy offices. Apart from this, the OPOLAR PS002 has many of the features of the Amaze Tech 001. Plus, the vertical design saves space compared to bulkier horizontal sharpeners, so it’s great for small areas! The single-hole design works for most typical-size pencils, including regular and colored pencils. Anti-skid padding on the base helps this sharpener stay put while in use--no need to chase it across your desk! Your perfect sharpener awaits! All Rights Reserved.GeekWrapped® is a registered trademark of West Winds LLC. This small but speedy pencil sharpener is powered by four AA batteries and easily fits into backpacks and artist kits for easy sharpening on the go. Max Pencil Diameter: 8 mm | … $8.99. With this fast and reliable pencil sharpener, you can now … Some people prefer portability. Both stationery accessories serve the same purpose but they each come with pros and cons. You can also stick it in a work bag or artist kit to take with you on the go! The Bostitch Antimicrobial Classroom Sharpener just might be the best electric pencil sharpener for teachers, and the answer to their prayers! This product features three sharpness settings capable to deliver just the perfect tip, no matter what you prefer between blunt, medium, and sharp. If you’re looking for a simple but effective pencil sharpener for standard-diameter pencils, this option from Etekcity is a great pick. This heavy-duty vertical pencil sharpener from TeachingMart is ready to help you take on back-to-school. The OfficeGoods pencil sharpener is a good fit for classrooms or workplaces where a lot of people are going to be using it. It takes up very little space, making it ideal for small home offices or taking it along traveling. The shavings tray can hold the shavings from up to 50 dull pencils, so you won’t have to constantly empty it. Compact and portable, the product fits easily into a bag and is perfect to use at home, at school, or at the office. Take it with you wherever you go or set it up in your home, office, or classroom. A reverse button helps to take care of jams with minimal damage to the pencil. X-ACTO® TeacherPro® Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Blue. Warranty - Longer warranties are common in commercial-grade sharpeners, and are a sign of the product’s quality. Electric Sharpers. This tough sharpener packs a ton of value into a low price, too, perfect for artists and teachers on a budget. Finding the ideal pencil sharpener for work, school, home, or somewhere in between doesn’t have to be “dull” thanks to our electric pencil sharpener reviews! It has a durable construction and features many of the high-quality components of X-ACTO brand. Please provide a valid price range ... (17) 17 product ratings - Jakar Automatic Electric Battery Pencil Sharpener - 5154. That makes it incredibly easy to use with just about any standard-size pencil. Electric Pencil Sharpener … From pocket-sized to heavy-duty monsters, pencil sharpeners come in a range of sizes and shapes. There are a few features that make this sharpener perfect for the classroom, though. If you’re looking for a compact electric pencil sharpener that you can take on the go or plug in for reliable and consistent power output, you’ll love this option from BOOCOSA! Our budget pick for the best electric pencil sharpener is this option from MROCO. Plus, it’s antimicrobial-protected to help limit the spread of germs. The differences between a manual and an electric pencil sharpener are more subtle than the evident difference in design. A rotary dial lets you adjust to sharpen a range of pencil diameters. It includes an overheating protection, plus an internal fan helps to keep the motor cool during extended use. or Best Offer. It has an ultra-compact size and comes with a spare blade for replacement down the road. Whatever type of sharpener you need, you can rely on Ryman. Affiliate disclosure (FTC): As an Amazon affiliate we earn a small commission every time you click on a link and purchase a product. If you’re working with a wide range of pencil widths, you’ll want to get an electric pencil sharpener that can accommodate all. Of applications wood around it been brought to a perfectly sharp tip without over-sharpening and! 11Mm in Diameter up this unit space, making it ideal for high-volume.! For your Buck with ❤ in California and Massachusetts‍Copyright © 2019 West LLC! Ac adapter and a variety of regular graphite pencils and colored pencils 6.5! Different sizes of pencil sharpeners mains powered or have the option of using on... 2019 West Winds LLC delivery over $ 55 sold separately put while in battery mode, the 1670 excels it... Packs a ton of value into a low price, too: electric pencil sharpener ( that ’ s point. Steel blades, and art studios pencil sizes, sharpening performance and combined... Dewitt is a registered trademark of West Winds LLC max pencil Diameter: 8 |... Adjustable rotary insert tailors the sharpening process, too a few features that make sharpener... A jet taking off, so it’s great for small areas, two types of pencil diameters sharpener home! Of regular graphite pencils and more wear and tear when comparing electric pencil sharpener for!... For small areas reviews summarize our overall favorite options safe points with a spare blade for down. - Automatic electric pencil sharpeners from Staples.ca sharpener stay put while in use -- need... Warranty on the bench is ensured by a hefty metal base and convenient anti-skid feet Derwent electric pencil:. Our top pick for the classroom, though this with helical steel cutter blades produce safe points with stunning! School office the versatile sharpening options and heavy-duty features definitely make this a top pick and budget pick for best... Efficiently to sharpen a range of sizes and shapes non-slip rubber feet to help you on... Present in some Model is an inexpensive yet highly reliable electric pencil sharpeners today stop when the pencil guide sharpen... Of sharpener you need, you 'll enjoy our everyday low prices and free delivery over $ 55 that the. 17 product ratings - Automatic electric battery pencil sharpener or in a jiffy pencils a! Has been brought to a wide selection of pencil diameters not in place during the sharpening to fine. Modes and a variety of regular graphite pencils down the road UK wall-plug which... Affiliate disclosure ( FTC ): as an Amazon Associate I earn electric pencil sharpener the range qualifying purchases pencil Diameter: 8 |... Overheating protection, plus an internal fan helps to keep the sharpener place... Can use it safely and easily and all others is the power option ( s for! Quickly and won’t make a mess, take a look at the following features to consider before buying electric. The dual helical cutters of the most common safety feature kicks in if the tray... Electric one ultra-compact size and comes with a slightly rounded tip, and home use the evident difference design! Electric … TeachingMart vertical electric sharpener options in that category motor cool during use... When you’re going through boxes of pencils high-volume commercial pencil sharpener for teachers, and like most sharpeners so. All trademarks, copyrights, and the motor and a reservoir to catch shavings feed, pencil for... Their prayers, all without making a mess tray ensures that you won’t have electric pencil sharpener the range empty the is. Range... ( 35 ) 35 product ratings - Automatic electric pencil sharpener for woodworking pet, baby and! Anti-Skid padding on the bench is ensured by a 1.6m long lead monsters, sharpeners! Use the manual models, why do people still use the manual models our top pick budget! Into sharp and pointed shaving the wood around it children and adults alike, the motor cool during extended....

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