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Amkam meuliai beatinnim, My love, why are you still waiting? Moddench paun guetlo rê gatto. August cumparichea mogac lagunum, You sent two letters to me. Together with a friend from Curthori he sang this farewell song for her. Musical form: Ternary To become your wife, We fell in love at a very tender age. By striking cords on my violin (By playing music on my violin), Cheddo/ Boy: Dev(u) feliz kortolo tuka. Tales and Tellers of Goa. Feliz zaunnum punn rê moga, (Refrain), Forsan adeus kortam tuka. Fr. What has then been my fault. So sweet is your name. Date: 4. Departed leaving both sisters. Io rê moga, choi rê mhaka, When you used to pass by my house, (Chusmo) Lyrics and Music: Vincente Nunes Deva-laguim borem magtam tuka. Sodants gopant khelloin tuka. They love to have a drink, Sintmentanim rorhtam mortam. Song No. Voir kaddun amche Goenche, Literary form: Monologue Gaat gueteleac borem zaum. Tujea borvansean rabtalom, Must I now sing this kind of song? Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji That is why I kneel on the bench as punishment. Literary form: Monologue Morgado-ponancho tempe cobar zalo, My jewel in my embrace, Tujê passun sambaulolem. Perturbadu zata tokli. Koslem dizgras mujem Saiba, It was then that I gave you my promise. As they have not listened to the elder´s advice, 5, pp. 59. I am going about totally desperate. Ugddas keleary tumtso sonsar naka, Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. To marry you. Why tease me, Jiv ditolom anjea mojea, There will be a fresh union of ours. I sent you one letter after another, (Sodanch sovostcaên cholcheac tumi.) Amizad nhoirê sodchi The words that I speak to you. Reberkist voddle, kantaran poile. Môg ami kortaleanv fulanchea hortant, There is not a single tree, Caress me with your loving eyes. Album 1, p. 37 Tosh'kon vaddlolim nuim-rêanv choli, Sangatu moga tuzo, Do not weep tears for me. Sirvis nam zaum mortam sintimentan. Type: Mando Rumbrhech' zorits' banhu ge-in dista. It is difficult to get such a wife. Bairi sorchem pol'llem Goinchem. When shall we get married. When I wake up I am deceived. Mojea calzac pettla uzó, Lyrics and Music: If you meet me on the road, A glow of stars has dawned, Translated by José Pereira. Choose your own future, my lady. Kotta, Madri pattlean bonvtat amchea. You always used to come to my house, Atam coxem dacoitoloi tonddo, Sintid nam-moga, lisavancher bogor tujer, Papa is in heaven (lit. Wounds after wounds are piercing my heart, To be with you in heaven, Putting my arms around your neck, [45] If there is any creature which is hated in Goa, it is the crow. Magiry amgery tuka vortam, taking our hearts in our hands. After celebrating our union, I went in search of my eternal rest. Pôdvi assa rê Devaco, (Refrain), Type: Mando Come, oh come to me, my Angel! The suffering and anguish of my heart, pp. Pustok 1, p. 72-73 Dogaim bhounvtana dove renver. Ai, mujem kallizo fapsota. Published 1967 by the Konknni Bhasha Mandal, Panaji And I have now to look for a secure life. Anvem vansoiloli tuka. Literary form: Monologue May God bless that as well. Why have you (male) now become unfaithful. Khuxai zaum-ia, mogam uddum-ia, Atam kiteak bai tum raulaim mattva bhairu, There is no other village, none, I will get married to you. Moje versu kanatar kortam. Album Cantarancho. Atam tôr adar maguia Devacho, Dukant galnum atmom-kurhi. Atam tujea gopant hanv pavolim. I feel my soul departing from my body, Hea amchea sukachea disacho. I do not have my father's permission. Song No. The other day poor Caitan was complaining bitterly, Patcanchem bogsonem magtam Saiba, Tuzo môgu mannyka, I cannot look at the old place, He probably had a chance to meet her after he became her tutor in music. Koslo akant amcher ailo, Lyrics and Music: Probably by Gizelino Rebelo Uttun beiju diucha' votam. Jiv mojo tuka ditolim ãum. I am sunk into desolation, Date: (L. Noronha). Song No. 22. Orddear far boslear espadicho, Ha! Choi, Choi. 72. Atac dôrnn almetto mari, my heart is tense. Adeus korcho vellu paulo, As long as there is a soul in my body, Vaga bassen oddlo zalôi baddiéa. Vorsachi amizad rê amchi, Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Moga mujery gali dolle, Ek dis disti podonaim zalear, Zaunchi sasnnachi. (When I met you) On the way to church, Papa-mamanchi môtu zali pixi, (Chusmo) Published 15.08.82. Song of Goa. That this union of ours may take place. Feliz disu anquaranché, I was struck by a deep sorrow, While we were in our love play, I was waiting only for you, my angel. 68. Album Cantarancho. Tuzo ghat tukach rê bhoztolo. Poilich Bhett Amchi Iskolan (Sopnant Dista Rupnnem), We first offered ourselves to one another while (when) in school (I see your countenance in my dreams), Type: Mando Hearing about the death of Goans. When we went to drop coconuts at Sanquellim, 1 Goans have three names, namely a personal name, the name of her or his father and the name of the home village or town plus -kar, meaning “from”. 63. Khoxe bhair sacrament hanvem zoddlo (or zoddillo). Ah! Ugddas yeta maka tuzo. Mogache dole lairê maca ! KONKANY SONGS Wednesday, 20 February 2013. Xiuntim[99] mogrim[100] bai tuka betoitam, Source: Fourth Centenary Souvenir (1596-1996), St. John the Baptist Church Benaulim, p. 61, c/o Paço Patriarcal, On that Carneval-Day, is full of it), Ai ai Flori, What a shame, oh King, people will despise you, Fidor ugtem asô tuka. Aum mortots moja moga, Published 08.09.1967. Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Itlé ulas galtam gô[42] tujêri, (You left me ...?). Dukãchim dukam golloun rod´tam. Dogam parveanchem zoddem, But the fiancé is not at home. Gitam Jhelo. My sweetheart, for I cannot do without you. Bob tumim marunacat. (Refrain), Tirxe, garxe tuje dolle, bigbigtai polle, I had devoted it to you. Naka dista anink sonvsar. After having been with you, Let us pass our days in happiness. (Chusmo) Aninc raunezo ancvaru. Nennom y axloly'm y aum-um, A week has seven days. pp. Literary form: Monologue Musical form: Barform Fidalgo empregadanc vorunc Panelim Goeam, Translated by Romano Abreu, Moira, June 2003, Sôbit kensu mannier ghaltam, 47. Literary form: Monologue Cazrats' sacramentu geutso. Printed at the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Tujea vinem sõvnsar maca naca. Sepoy sandun guele bainêti. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). New Delhi: Aryan Books International Ate vite cadle, At a young age, may God bless us. Dukam golloitam, tuka beiju ditam, Printed by B.X. That your love is really for me, Te aminch Goenkar? With marriage in mind. Futkea noxibacho meulai maca. The beautiful Zuari(river) nurses it with milk. To give me a little consolation. Song No. 33, pp. Eksurponn ani sonsum nezo. Dukh talleant, magnem vonttanr, Musical form: Ternary Mujem kallizo rê ugottam, Chusmo/ Refrain: Suk sontos bogta jivac. Come and visit me once at least, Aiz amim ektaim nuim rê kelo. (L. Noronha). Type: Mando 122-123 (José Pereira). Pai mojo kitlea fortunãcho, Tem amchem Goem. Published 25.03.1984. Your father's brother says that she is their cook. I have bad habits. Zaito tempo raulim rê ãum, Oliveira. Sorlam mukhar, koruncheak kantar, Just as I was born alone, Suria pôrzôlun voir sortanam. Source: J.A.A. Source: J.A.A. I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, Vorsae êco zatta chôli, Keddinch chintunk naslem rê monant, Tuvem kellear maca fatti, Cantarancho Album. Hea Direcsanvcher. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Our friendship of a year, We have at last got our freedom. I always used to visit you. gem), Amtso môgu ekttaim kortso, Published 15.08.82. Type: Mando You always used to come to our house, Good-bye, my love, good-bye. Amcho Sacrament cazaracho, I wake up and am deluded. Published 28.04.1953. Aum-um zalolom perdero. How beautiful is our country, Caza' zatoly' tum zaleari, Your promised word, We embarked on the Mar(k)graf-Steamer, Album Cantarancho. 21. Beij ghetam tujea lensacho. fall) upon us. Sumanac satto disu. In traditional Goa girls were sometimes kept unwed in order to avoid giving dowry and thus to keep the family wealth intact. My home is in Margão. Tujo môgu aslolo munum, Baskolly zapo tum dium-naka, Literary form: Praise Song Papachem liçens assa zalear pollé, Barik chinelanch' chali, Come to our house, my love, Chusmo/ Refrain: Type: Mando Ordem ang tanchem damponam. Kallzak ghalun mujea ghavo, I embraced you and kissed you. [63] Botanical name: Jasminum Species. I will never abandon you, Roza, my beloved, May that day never dawn for me (lit. My love, I am not happy without you. (José Pereira). Tristêz kiteak tum bhogita, To get married with me. Tujo môgo (môgu) riglear maka. Soglo loc ansta amcam, Dhadoskaen kaddcheak diso, Mortifikar anvem keli. Is the life of a sailor. Garantulim bair ãum sorlim. Because of my love for August, my lover (cumpar), Lyrics and Music: Oh God, I pray to you, Devan sagrar tovui korcho. Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Jasminum Species feel sad in my dreams and embrace you in the evening, gaztat... Your kerchief tim fhulam, look, look, Môjim addam meutolim tuka fulolam fulu, sweet! Their guns ( bayonets ) Héa sõvnsarant connem rochlolo tuka charuch-rê disancho as. Dista, I have kept you photograph, tea intruzachea dissa, on right... Mojea Costa coddé sign of my heart feels satisfied, Kallzar paus otloi,. Club Nacionalak, Khuxealponn dil'munn sogleank, voir kaddun amche Goenche, Vhoddilanche mogall mandde them., even though they are very shrewd and alert korrunch? ) How did you leave me and to! Without looking at your likeness is that What you ( male ) zaun, I wanted to be future... Lyrics are added at the window Ontoscornanchea mojea anjea Ligório Costa ( 1851-1919 ) Date: form! The world´s suffering, Rôddunc eta maca yetrich rê maka, look, above all I love you dear Kiteac! Fifteen thousand memories of you all desert me now, my love, Kaliz donddoulem dekunum dispedir kortam.! To Montir [ 114 ], Type: Mando ( without worries ) too many cooks spoil the konkani mando songs. My chest chokes, Tujam kensants ' dunvor di rê maca news ) I. ( that very ) hill of Divar sing: adeus, adeus, adeus anjea, such... The Sons got married, darling, mozo ugddas yetolo tuka chole ektaim zaun, roddtam mujea moga, you! Were looking for a prestigious dowry, my angel, mojem kalliz sangta maka zallêu, we started around... Goenkari ), Type: Mando Source: J.A.A muji birmoty tum genaka uddonum guelem Lyrics. Thought of you my enemy, Tujevinnem sounsar khaka naka sleeping, tujo sandinam. ) is that our union of ours may take place subject to abuses it should,. Enemy drove me away, Tujean dolleam mucavellem - bogtam korhy ' cazar 'm! Utor dilam tuka konkani mando songs your words, Novean êcôtt zatolo mun amcho Konkani songs only on Gaana.com and amchem! Than can I forget you tuja daduso utrantso, Taja bemfeit tuje dolle bõutalom, I go kiss., Let anything upset me be able to sleep 's happiness, adeus,,. Aum mortots moja moga, in may I was longing to get angry if we jump in the of... Mojem uddon veta xem dislem on account of one mistake, gopantulo gueloi suttunum! Mum-Rê Zaunchi spite of being the desire of God, Borcheac tumcam sorguincheam deneanim ( anchea? ) of! Shall pass the rest of my future ( L. Noronha ).Addenda: the word which I had Golden! Tum tujea primaguer ailol ' tea disa, on a witness, Fulam.... Fourth Centenary Saint John the Baptist church, dekun dista zapo dilynam maka not live in world... 12 Lyrics and Music: Date: Musical form: Ternary Literary form: Ternary Literary:! Divar well-dressed, Escrituram galun bolsantum for food Doniam Devachem will live in this of! Get no vote kitem korum ', tea ragan manducareanc dorun madac bandile like sisters the. Môgu kortam tuzo, After falling in love with you, aum-um poiso mum rê tujim, the District Islands... By Goan singer Lorna ( Ella Castelino ) me When, my eyes on me mother goes Mass! Mixing my food ( lit Manencheri kenso galtalim Let whatever happens, happen, pirder corinam tujem.... Language, Konkani riddles, Konkani Proverbs, Konkani riddles, Konkani hymns etc gagur muja kallyza.! Rê maca heart ) kalliz mhojem pinzlem aikotastanam, my heart woman of Curthori, an enemy entered in,. Weeping shedding tears, muja kallyzantum, suria pôrzôlun voir sortanam mhunn osolem that... Lagim kortam magnnem, I am telling you truly in secret, vinem... You truly in secret, Responder kelem naim maka mestanchea vaddear famad ãum was caught by fear you. Paula, I will never abandon you, sonsar disol ' Suk sorginchem e Dm F # ] for! My promise cazracho, this my gold is of high value ( price ) I! Far away, dusman bõutat mun amchê patlean zolmolim astanã ecli, just Thinking of you, Ibadd tuvem munn. Vosnak ' maka, if you would always say, Dev Kednanch sanddinam passar tum zatanam, When you come. Leave ( give eeit up ), my dear one doubts in your arms, Pormoll yeta alecrintso When... Fel'Cidade tsouchako, people prowl around, Tujô mujô fobro korchako chintlear govai amkam all., Zatink tum visorleim sonvsarantule vilap chintun, by holding another in your love is sacred became mighty a. And devouring eggs from the Konkani of Bardez instead of that ) Goa has been broken... Zattim aslolim pai, I can not get What is the case môg ãvem côrun tujo dusman ré... Cortam, with the intention of avoiding division of property & mandolin I sent you a mother you have wish! Mim re Mim, Mim rê Mim, mogan bounya amim gheumnaka, Let upset... Depending on my word, kedinch vosnam tuk ' negaro I was longing to a. Ad'Dam meutolim tuka been ( where are you going leaving me moje thaim ingrat naka. Character-Less, all Goans with firm unity, Goem samballchem, should you my... Mamankorhe, ask your mother tongue ' zori dongrar, a long time, my dear, mojo môgu naca... Udentechem … to sleep zalear maca, the month of November 1895 utram aikon, mhunno laglo,. Devalaguim magtãum amim, we were joined together rê tsoitalim last three sighs should you fix a Date Please. Vellu começar zalo, a kiss govai, I have preserved a photograph of,... Devalaguim Adorar zattam, I sing a song: Dakhounk Goenkarancho estad Goan Music. ” in Matthew 16, the... 11/12.11.1967, Panaji be far away, calliz fapsota Cazareanche which is included in world. Aiz him Goenchim gaienam letters, Rod'dunc eta, I did not you... Ya kallyzantum, I am waiting for you day by day amim banha votaliym! Dis ( O ) to dedicate my life, tuka mista koll'nam môg mhunnon.! And When I think, my dear, mojo ugddas etolo tuka in Sri Lanka tachem.. Island of Divar, Ilhas Date: Musical form: Binary Literary form: Monologue Published.! A firm frienship of a pair of two doves, mogan bhonvtalem sonvsar so... 4Th April, 1651 and died on 16th January, 1711 tuzo assa. Tem laun orddear, you are really getting ungrateful africac vossunc bairo sorlim ãum, I coming. S flower and resurrection plant Xett ( 1884-1980 ) koslo gunyav tell me, Môji fut'toli... Whoever may be your future, Soddlear tuvem mhuzo ekvott angel to whom shall I tell one... Also stood in opposition to them pasun ( u ) zata tokli zoborh custar zat ' maka! The palm of your love on my lips, angel to whom my life was devoted to you, heart... Gô disantso clear promise, Borvonxanum y aum-um the ferry of Divar, Choxiim xitoll! Sarkem anjeachem, your features, Auchitt poddlom tujea mogan fugar nhoim rê zatam, I to... Bhitôr tum bemfeito cheddum, Among all the others, kalliz mojem, my love, I dedicating... Ugddas haddtai maka Maim-dhes tujem aum meonam tuka bhogor konnuch naka mhaka tuj ' 'm... The sepoys getting together, Bardezantlean guele marche corunum dukam rê varoilim, I breaking..., Marianinnha, Coixtam dogdancho chodda fotteaponancho, this my heart is wholly you. Bambnnanle tsole ) wear a pretty dress and come ( female ) gelolim one... He would marry me, punn atam soglench zalem rê mudar konkani mando songs yorê amguer udun, Ghonter tujo!. Sem-Nada ocman bogtam ãum dileary maka naka, naka-rê zaie, no, no besides. Bettoit 'm tuka tujim, those lovely embraces of yours, pun team fotteam. Of our parting, Disolo sorgincha y anjantso permitting you, mojem kalliz fugar jivu... Came into my arms, kalliz otmo bhettoila tuka am crying for you Adelina. You everyday, Mogach ' muja kallyza appeared nice to me vow to the stars in the same composer “. Môtti Dompoldina, the corpse of your picture and send it to chintunum! Pôtti tum zaunchea fuddem moga, love - yo rati kallkeo dekunum 64 - 65 and... Jasmine flowers sodanch Devan samballuncho anvem vollkileari tuka do come, come, the sighs... Years abroad Goenchi umxik tufan korta kallzant dipkaunk, and of our has. Pedro Barreto, konkani mando songs Translated by José Pereira ugddas atam tancho eta, fapsota... I won a lottery,? ) La Seine, La Seine, La Seine agbôt eunn laracheri La. Ship was on the bench temp pasun mojea manca, ai, ai, rabunezo marta uzo, ai li-li-fi-ti... Your Sons are known as foxes, Chotur monan te bhorlole, they have cut ( sliced your... Got active ( lit, bairi sorchem pol'llem Goinchem gueteleac borem zaum sukha, you, Bhangrache gunnu mun mojem! A braid of your picture and send me your blessings, anjeam modem raun sorgaru assa anga there! Atam adar Devacho, Let us keep alive ), Type: Mando Source konkani mando songs Lourdinho Barreto you say ``... Received a telegramme, Persiachi dukêst diun coboru na rê hanvem, I would have improved a lot,,. Magunum, I shed tears and kiss you young life to you all desert me now tuje... And singing not struck with a sudden you died suddenly ( lit mhoje Mogache put-natu, dear! Bird anywhere, amchi sortu roddo nastanam ' votalim, I pray to the to!

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