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While it is fun to watch the animals roaming and frolicking in their expansive, natural habitat, the special moments come when the bus stops and you are able to get close up with the animals. 1,611 Reviews #5 of 341 things to do in Miami. Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, Melbourne Beach. Spanning from its temperate north to the subtropical south, Florida is home to an amazing array of plants and animals -- about 700 vertebrates, more than 30,000 invertebrates, and 2,840 native plants, the latter comprising the greatest diversity of plant families of the U.S. As many as 215 plants, 14 vertebrates, and 183 invertebrates are found nowhere else in the world. The Brevard Zoo offers a few unique animal experiences. Plus, Brevard is the only zoo in the country where you can take a kayak adventure around an exhibit. Grab your camera and get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you come face-to-face with some of the most interesting … WEBSTER, Fla. — Florida is known for its expansive outdoor parks and sanctuaries. Experience the spirit of Africa and go on safari without leaving your balcony at this unique resort. The animal enclosures are spotless. ), an adult Gentoo penguin came over to say hello. We had a chance to go behind the scenes at Antarctica: Emperor of the Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando for a 45 minute tour to learn all about the penguins housed there including how they breed, what they eat and how they live. Despite the losses, the Everglades is still home to many rare species of wildlife that you are likely to only see in South Florida… Throughout the safari the ranch’s educated guides reel off innumerable facts about the animals you encounter. A national symbol since 1782, this true American bird is the only eagle unique to North America. But if you are looking for something special to make your vacation unforgettable for the animal lover in your family, here are seven unique animal experiences in Florida where you can get up close and personal to some exotic animals. In fact, you can find dozens of animal rescues all across the state of Florida. Or even the rare animal called Goblin shark, who looks like it soaked in a bath for too long, making it one of the scariest sea creatures. The Everglades once covered much of Florida from Orlando to Miami, but only about half of this unique subtropical wetland system remains today. 954-434-8111, 954-434-8111 Ext 102 Give this unique … There are more than 750 species of animals that live in the Everglades, 14 of whom are endangered. It is your responsibility to keep wildlife wild by being respectful of the animals and their habitat. Lion Country Safari is the only drive-through (on your own) safari in Florida. Observing wild animals in their natural environment is a privilege. Unique Animals of Brevard Zoo Seen Through the Bold Lens of the Camera Photos by Nate Beck - Brevard Zoo is one of the most innovative zoos in the United States. Here is how you can add those special “Florida First” moments to your next trip. at 3:09 PM. SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is located at 8449 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. C: Tailless rats. Florida Panther. Do you have any favorite animal encounters in Florida to add? Very fun hub. I’ll have to remember these things for our next Orlando trip! TripleAMom from Florida on March 23, 2015: We did a Vacation Bible School last year that was on weird animals. As the sun rises above the savanna you can sip your morning coffee and enjoy a front row seat to a giraffe searching the tall trees for a morning meal at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida.. After first I thought it was going to bite our toes but it is just the penguin’s way of saying hello. You’ll be given grapes to […]. There are animals that look like hybrids of other creatures, and there are animals that look like nothing else in the world. 16225 SW 172 Ave, Miami, FL 33187-1320. Unique Animals. There is no shortage of things to do in Florida and no shortage of animal encounters either. A That's a very big animal. Let us take the pain out of planning your next family vacation so you can spend more time creating more happy memories. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Florida State Parks are home to an abundance of diverse natural habitats and wildlife. The babies, not quite up on their table manners, were eager to lick up every sticky drop. The best time to go is probably between 11:30-12:00, when they are feeding the animals, but you are welcome to drive through as many times as you would like, just allot 1-1.5 hours for each trip. There are more than 750 species of animals that live in the Everglades, 14 of whom are endangered. Check out some of the most unique wildlife viewing opportunities found only in Florida State Parks along with some helpful tips and tricks to make sure your viewing trip is an experience to never forget. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a Family Vacation Planning Kit! The back fur is almost like a cowlick, not conforming to the rest of the panther’s fur. Feral Cats. American Alligator. Florida Everglades In this episode of "Nature Boom Time," follow Kirby and Charlie as they undertake a two-day canoe trip through the Florida Everglades to find out about mangroves and their importance to this coastal ecosystem. // --> With incredible wild animals in Florida, unique vegetation and more, it's a thrill from start to finish. Located near Palm Beach, you get pretty close to over 900 animals, including large herds of water buck, orucks, and rhinos as well as two lion prides, chimps, and giraffes on this 4-5 mile drive. You may get the chance to photogragh these rare Florida animals. The sea is home to millions of species. Whether you're a professional photographer or just someone interested in viewing wild animals in Florida, the collection in the Everglades is without equal. Considered by biologists to … Conservationists understand the importance of preserving the wetlands to protect the state's wildlife resources. All exotic animals for sale are here, unusual pet store, chinchilla, degus, hedgehog, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, mice, hamsters, and many other small mammals. Unique among mammals, these weird animals occur in two different species on the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola. 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