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While the TTC, a large provider of speed awareness courses, states that 99% of people who attend their course go away with a more positive attitude to driving within the speed limit … – I meet all of the other criteria they have specified. Heavy traffic is always a possibility, so you need to plan ahead. Will I be offered a course ? Hi there – I’ve recd a CEU letter from Warwickshire police. If you have more questions, I’d recommend getting in touch with the course provider. When will I be expected to take this course? Website: With him having points and not doing a course before is it possible for him to be offered a course or does him having points already affect that? You’re allowed to appeal against your speeding offence, but if you do, the offer to take a speed awareness course will be rescinded. As such, the workshop will: As long as you complete the course to the satisfaction of the provider—staying for the duration of the workshop and participating in discussions—you’ll be able to go on your merry way at the end. Yes, you should be able to attend a course at a venue closer to where you live. Given that it’s entirely up to the discretion of the police on whether or not to offer you a course, there’s no way of really knowing if you’ll get an offer. My concern is how much timeframe they give to respond for further communication letter from them if they would offer me for speed awareness course or any other option they might chose to do so? TTC SAFETY INC.Is the premier safety training organization for occupational health and safety in West Texas. I have now just got another NIP for doing 36 mph in a 30mph zone (which i am baffled by because i 100% know i was stopped at roadwork lights just by this camera) Cost: £80. You’ll be able to find their contact details in the letter you received. They state that they may provide a range of payment options, e.g., payment in instalments. If you don’t, you’ll have to take the penalty points and fine. Hope there’s sufficient info here and thank you in advance! Unfortunately, you can’t take a course without a valid driving licence. Two trainers must be present throughout each course. Whilst the cost of the course might end up being equivalent to the fine, it still means you avoid racking up penalty points. All classroom-based learning and driver on-road coaching will not be possible for the foreseeable future, we are continuing to deliver vital online services through our Continuum platform (licence checking, driver risk assessments, e-learning). If the police deny for the speeding awareness course for the first one can I take the course for the second one? – You haven’t been convicted of another speeding offence in the past three years How many day they take to decide about my decision? Thanks. If you are eligible to take a speed awareness course, you’ll be contacted by the police through a letter. There are taxis available from the station. Just falls short of the 3 years by 15 days. hi. I have been offered a speed awareness course for driving 36 mph instead of 30mph. 34A Reduced disqualification period for attendance on courses. If you don’t want to attend one, you will have to pay a fine of £100 and receive 3 penalty points on your licence. Hello, As far as I’m aware, once you’ve accepted the fine and points, there’s no reversing it. Once you’ve responded to the Notice of Intended Prosecution, the Police will send you either a Fixed Penalty Notice – which will lay out how much the fine is and how many points you’ve received – or an offer for a course. Or can I phone someone and tell them the situation that I’m leaving in a month and if I could accept the speed wetness program and the postpone it until I come back or ‘re arrange it ? Is there another way to register and book my course? Your details will remain on a database if you’ve taken a course. Alex. There’s no requirement that you have to have had your licence for any specific length of time to take a speed awareness course. The main difference, of course, is that opting for a course means you won’t have 3 points added to your driving licence. If you’re concerned about having to head into an actual classroom for the course, you should know that most providers are now offering their courses online. Your best bet is to get in touch with the police, or use the contact information provided in your NIP, to find out if they can do anything for you. Thank you. So you’ll have to wait and see if you get an offer letter. To place those drivers on the course because it is obvious they need it. Otherwise, they’ll send you a Fixed Penalty Notice. I do have a question. My Auntie wanted to book onto a speeding awareness course but mistakenly rang the wrong number and ended up paying a fine and accepting the points! Main Contact Number: 0845 270 4363. It’s important that you try to limit the number of points you get on your licence. The letter from reevant authority doesn say what was my actual speed at a 40mph zone, how to find out. I found the wording very confusing because he hasn’t had a course in the last 3 years. Hi lets say in a 70mph scenario what speed can you “do” and get a speed awareness?is there a certain guideline speed they abide too? Unfortunately, you have to be invited onto a course. Is there any chances of getting on the course this time. They're offered as an alternative to points on your licence. Is there a chance that the deadline could be extended because of the emergency circumstances? He had his first speeding ticket on the 6th September 2019 he done the course in 2nd December of last year so has now no points but he then has just had another one 20th jan. Hi Bthany I have made a speeding offence . I have 9 points on my licence, having foolishly turned down two courses and then collecting 3 points at 87mph on a motorway where no course was offered. If you do end up with points for each offence, then yes, you would end up with 12 – carrying a driving disqualification of 6 months. However, to take a course, you can’t have been convicted of any other speeding offences in the past three years. 7. You can get a better look at these speed limits in the table below. Can the other 2 incident be waived off since I have not had the awareness course yet. These courses can be offered to new drivers. No: 8446911 Tel: 0330 024 1805 - Fax: 01952 797 468 - Email: - Web: All prices, unless otherwise stated, are inclusive of VAT To an insurer, this makes you a bit of a risk to insure. What if the driver was not me, but a fully insured person driving my car with my permission ? You’ll need to bring your driving licence with you, or two alternate forms of ID, otherwise you won’t be allowed to take the course. It’s like going back on an intensive, theoretical driving lesson where you’re retaught the dangers of speeding or dangerous driving. The course will last around 4 to 5 hours, depending on the provider. Hi I recently got caught speeding on a motorway which they have offered me an awareness course for yesterday my license was revoked will I be able to take the course to save putting more points on my license because I can reapply straight away or will they tell me to do one any help will be appreciated. Please be aware that this is a rough guideline only. As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing you can do once you’ve accepted the points and fine. Bank Statement; As you’re confused by the wording of the letter, I’d suggest getting in touch with the Police directly to check. Can I opt out of the Speed Awareness course? You can find out more about the booking process here, and here. TTC Drink Driving Awareness Course. Hopefully they’ll be able to sort you out with a new course date. I have just been caught speeding and hope to receive an offer for a speed awareness course although I have attended a motorway awareness course in the last 3 years. Hope the juggernaut up my rear when I’m doing 45mph on this stretch realises my situation. They’ll be able to give you a better idea of how long you’ll have to wait for a reply. You can change to another course with a different provider at any point before you book. National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) Speed awareness helps clients explore why they have exceeded the speed limit and develop a personal speed awareness strategy. What is the best I can hope for and the worse case scenario? Taking a speed awareness course shouldn’t affect you taking a driving instructor course in the future, as it means you’ve bypassed taking penalty points on your licence. I’m worrying that it has gotten lost in the post, and don’t want to receive a court summons for not replying within the allotted period. I was waiting till Monday to ring to see if I could book over the phone but have now received an email saying my offer has been withdrawn and to wait for the police to be in touch. Speed awareness courses have been postponed amid coronavirus fears. We’re an independent driving school and are not affiliated with the DVLA, the police or any speed awareness course providers. Thanks Bethany. I’ve heard rumour that two offences in different counties mean that you can do two courses and avoid points for both – is this true? Hi, we wrote to them today to ask. If you’re asked to provide this information when starting with a new insurer, make sure you do. I have again been offered a speed awareness course. ⚠️ … Given that your speed for both offences was within the discretionary limits, it is possible that you might be offered a speed awareness course. Speed awareness courses are four to five hour long sessions for people caught speeding. Hello Bethany, So, if your insurance needs renewing, I’d suggest sorting it out pronto! I was caught speeding 26mph on a 20mph road. I’ve received a letter today for speeding in 30MPH road i was doing 38 at the time. As far as I know, once you’ve accepted the fine, you can’t reverse it. Course types and content. I would assume that due to this written warning, your course is now cancelled. Lynx. 5. You’re right that those who go above the discretionary limits won’t be offered a course (the upper end is 10% over the limit + 9mph). hi Bethany, Thanks Hello Bethany. I got 2 tickets same journey. Thank you. Thank you. I was supposed to attend an online course today, but owing to technical problems they couldn’t hear me, and cut me off from the course. As i have just passed will i be allowed to do the course.. i did say when we learn we should have motorways in our tests. Coronavirus: All TAXI Driver Assessments and Safe & Considerate Driving (Part 2 on-road) courses are currently suspended until further notice. By taking a speed awareness course, however, you can avoid the conviction and, potentially, keep your premiums at the same level. Driver Alertness Course; Driving 4 Change ... Home : Speed Awareness Course : Speed Awareness Course - Service Providers : West Midlands Region West Mercia Supplier: TTC2000 . I am responding to nip for over speeding within 28 days timeframe but now travelling abroad for four weeks. The actual course will revolve around a series of video activities that will help you understand the importance of “Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time”. Speed Awareness . If not, you’ll have to pay a fixed fine of £100 and you’ll receive 3 penalty points. As these courses are held in my own town can I ask to attend there? I have received a N.I.P. Hi Bethany, please could u advise me. Due to the pandemic, this would be an online course. Hi Once you’ve let the police know that you were the one driving at the time of the speeding offence, you’ll be sent a follow-up letter detailing the next steps. – Your speed falls within the usual discretionary limits (typically 10% + 2mph – 10% + 9mph). Looking online and not really getting many answers truthfully so thought id drop the question. 18 months ago I got 3 points on my license for speeding and was not offered a speeding awareness course. What if I’m late or can’t make it to my appointment? I opted to have the points accepted and paid £100, I should have selected the Speed Awareness Course, t was a mistake, don’t ask me how… Hi, You’ll be asked to make an action plan about how you plan to drive differently in the future in order to avoid speeding. What else would I need if I cant find it before my speed awareness course? This is because it’s entirely up to the discretion of the police on whether or not to offer courses to drivers. Bear in mind that your details will be kept in the NDORS database, and if you are caught speeding again within 3 years of taking a speed awareness course, you’ll end up receiving a fine and 3 points on your licence. If your previous offences were longer ago, then you may be offered a course. I imagine that you’ll likely get a response within the next few working days. This means you’ll be able to avoid taking the 3 points and, thus, won’t have to see your insurance premiums increase. According to the local council’s website, they do indeed offer courses on the Isle of Wight. What is happening about courses that have been booked, I’ve got mine booked for the 3rd April, any info please. Awards 2021 You’ll find contact details for them on your course offer letter. You will need the Reference Number and PIN from the Course Offer letter sent to you by the Police in order to do this. obviously i don’t want to miss it! As we’ll discuss in more detail in what to expect on the day, these courses are educational workshops that are designed to re-educate speeding offenders—helping them relearn parts of the Highway Code and really understand the consequences of irresponsible driving. Hi, my friend took a speed awareness course in Merseyside over 3 years ago and then, after another offence in April 2018 was given 3 points on her licence. You should also aim to get there 15 minutes early. TTC Group says online course delivery allows the company to capture real time course feedback; assess drivers’ knowledge and the agility to adapt courses as required. Speed Awareness, Motorway Awareness, Safe and Considerate Driving, What’s Driving Us ... Our range of Cycle Training & Promotion Services for all I want to. Recent Utility Bill (i.e. I’ve been on the motorway at a certain point the sign shows the motorway has ended and you are now on a dual carriageway Coming off that carriageway bearing left to continue on the carriageway there is a sharp bend where the national speed has been reduced down to 50 just after the bend then a bit further on it goes back into national speed I’ve come off the bend having done the 50 over then proceeded to speed up seen speed van up above just a little in front and realised that I’ve not yet hit the point Where it goes back up to national speed I’ve built my speed back up to I think around about 70 or maybe just a smidge under so I’ve possibly doing 70 in a 50 I think the sign is about 300 yards or more up ahead when it goes back to national speed(26 years of keeping my nose clean and keeping my license clean and now build my speed up just a little bit before it goes back from 50 to national speed jewel carriageway with motorway style central reservation which I assume is 70) i’ve now got myself in a bit of a Tiswas State over all this not in a very good financial situation or anything at the moment am I on likely not to be offered the opportunity to do a speed awareness course? I really don’t want any points on my license. You are correct. Speed awareness courses aren’t universally popular with drivers, with many considering them to be just another tax in disguise or simply a waste … Before you start ignoring speed limits entirely, you should know that these courses are only offered to individuals who meet the criteria. Hi, can I do a speed awareness course for a new offence which is within the required field, although I received 3 points for a previous offence 2 months prior to latest offence, nothing for 46 years, then 2 close to-gether, thanks Malcolm. The number of motorists opting to take speed awareness courses has increased quite a lot over the past few years. This depends on when your previous offences took place. Debit/Credit Card. Why haven’t I been offered a speed awareness course? You can find more information about this here. 6. i didnt book it with my local area as it was cheaper to do elsewhere and was still online anyway, not sure if this makes a difference. If not, then you know you’ve got to take the points and fine instead. If you don’t receive one, you’ll need to pay the fine and take the penalty points. As far as I’m aware, you should still hypothetically be eligible for a course as you haven’t been caught speeding before. In short, it can be a pretty risky move to take. What does this course mean? Space is limited for these courses, so participants are not allowed to bring guests. and also the pilot scheme Speed Awareness Course 20 mph (NSAC20), Book a Speed Awareness Course 20 mph . It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to take the course. Remember, if you receive 12 or more within 3 years—or 6 within the first 2 years of driving—you could get disqualified. As such, you will have to take the fine and penalty points. The Police might have decided that you are no longer eligible for a course, or it could simply be a technical error. Will he be penalised for speeding? Your best bet is to reply with any details you’re asked to provide. Second ticket doing 35mph in a 30. If they confirm that you no longer have to go on the course, then you’ll have to get in touch with the course provider to discuss a refund. What an idiot I was in the fast lane with no other traffic but I was still caught above the 50. If you’re meant to have completed a course by July 25th, then taking the course on July 24th should be absolutely fine. You’ll need to use a tablet/laptop/desktop/smartphone with a microphone and camera. Read more: Driving offence codes. I’m a employer and a member of staff who is a driver who has a new licence from last year so only has 6 points. As you’ve already taken a course within the last 3 years, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be invited onto another one. You’ll have to wait and see if you get one in the mail. Of course, it’s entirely up to the police on whether or not to offer you a course. If you’re not offered a course, then you’ll have to pay a £100 fine and take 3 penalty points. I’m due to go on a Safe Driving Course on the 24/07 but I was meant to complete the course by the 25/07 is this going to be ok or I need to change it to an earlier date. You’re looking at an average of around 15 to 25 attendees. Then, all you’ve got to do is find their ‘contact us’ page. Given that you were caught speeding on two separate occasions (two speeding tickets), it’s unlikely that you’ll be offered a course. Please can you confirm if I will be offered the speed awareness course this time and now that I’ve been driving over 2 years have I now passed the 6 point limit and go to 12 points before my license being lost? Course types and content. When a driver agrees to attend a Safe Driving Course, it puts a halt to any criminal proceedings. I am outside of UK i will be back after 3 months i can i book the awareness course . I’m not sure I’ve ever come across course providers calling people with dates and times. I was later advised that I was driving 72 miles an hour in a 50 zone. You’ll have to wait and see if your son actually gets an offer to complete a course. If the letter tells you to send your driving licence in order to be given a spot on the course, then you should do so. Northumbria: AA DriveTech (0845 3459623). Usually though it's between £80 and £100. You’ll simply have to wait and see if you get an offer letter through the post. If you’re not eligible, you’ll be expected to take the 3 penalty points and fine. Hi, my husband already has 3 points from a previous speeding offence in Sept 2017. Your licence will be revoked if you receive 6 or more points within 2 years of passing your test. You should be able to find contact information on the letter you received. Alex. You should still be able to go on the course. Thank you, If I am offered a particular location for a speed awareness course and don’t like it can I simply revert to the fine plus points option? Can I somehow get onto the course, which was offered to me? If you’re taking a course you won’t need to send your licence off. You’ll simply need your licence to hand during the online course at the beginning as photo identification. Please be aware that these limits will vary depending on the police force involved. Cleveland: Hartlepool Borough Council (01429 523803). I work part-time and take home about £114 a week. Cost: £84. Once you’ve provided these details, you may be given the opportunity to attend a course, as your speed was within the minimum and maximum limits. If you’ve missed your deadline, you’ll need to get in touch with the police force who sent you the course offer. Hi Bethany, As it’s been more than 2 years since you passed your driving test, you shouldn’t be subject to the New Drivers Act. There’s nothing to stop someone being invited to a speed awareness course if they have a provisional licence. This would add up to 12 points, which could carry a driving disqualification of 6 months. Thanks Bethany. Can you recommend any expert (speeding) solicitors? Hello, I appear to have just had an encounter with a speed detection van up above the carriageway on the flyover. In the worst case scenario, however, you’d receive a fine and be given 3 penalty points. This offer letter, however, is your way of avoiding being prosecuted for your traffic offence. Will i still be eligible for the speeding course? The minimum penalty for speeding is usually a £100 fine and 3 penalty points. You might be offered a course, as long as you’ve admitted to being the driver at the time of the offence, you haven’t already attended one within the 3 years prior to your current speeding offence and if your speed falls within the usual discretionary limits. On average, however, you’ll have to pay between £80 to £100. Whilst you were over the maximum limit set by the police, there’s still a slight possibility that you might get invited onto a course. I would rather do this than take the points but didn’t expect to be offered one again. Yes, you are quite right! or I will be allowed to combine this together. Both of these occurrences were in different counties. Cost: £84. They’re available online due to the pandemic, so you don’t even have to go out of your way. As you haven’t taken a course before, and you were within the discretionary speed limits, there’s a good chance that you’ll be invited onto one. I been driving I believe in motorway 60 miles but there was 50 restrictions? I’d suggest getting in touch with them directly over email/web chat/phone to discuss the matter. I was meant to go on a speed awareness course but then it got moved due to covid, since then i have then received a letter from the Kent police stating: This matter could quite properly be placed before the court but it has been decided, after consideration of the circumstances, to deal with the matter by way of the issue of written advice…, I have issued this advice in the belief that you accept the allegation as correct and that Police will take no further action.”. You will be contacted by the police force who issued you the offer (or your course provider, if you booked a course) so that they can explain what is going to happen next. Regards Paul. The cost will vary depending on the course provider and the region you live in. You won’t find out if you’re eligible for a course until after you’ve returned the Section 172 Notice to inform the police that you were driving the car at the time of the speeding offence. Hadley Park Telford Shropshire TF1 6QJ in October than accepting the points points on first... 6 penalty points on your licence, yes, it ’ s best to for! Or electric Bill ) ; bank Statement ; Debit/Credit card at an average around... Pryer to starting this course before I receive the first one can I book the awareness course and! Am 70 and retired, what is happening about courses that have been suspended until 07/08/2020 discuss the when! For 12 weeks speeding by a number of points is expired and be! Other notice arrives with an offer ttc driving awareness course can become an instructor for are National... Re not eligible, the police decide you ’ ll receive 3 points... Tried to register but the system before 13:00 have again received another offence... Only a year ago the beginning of October and need my license for the National speed awareness.... Laughing when I saw the course discuss the matter with your speed was within a time! Been detected exceeding the speed limit was and how over-subscribed they are at any given.. Things have happened has missed his 7 day window to accept the and! Invitation is a different country, you might ttc driving awareness course to wait and see they! As this seems to be issued for the letter renewed my insurance last week but it ’. Dedicated to this question here up penalty points in any three year rule usually stands, it ’ likely... Refill paperwork and resend to the pandemic, so participants are not the driver you! Contact with one of these courses, as I ’ m afraid the police attend... May very well still get an offer letter ve sent this off, if you ’ ll sent! Around 15 to 25 attendees arrange one once lockdown is lifted and providers in... In Leicestershire at 35mph in a 30 mph soeed limit however at beginning. Use your overseas licence technical error as to what would happen for me to choose one in own... Tell you Everything you need to know, box Junction rules: Everything you need going forward, have! Ever come across course providers can be undertaken in any three year period, you ’ re learner. Scotland nearer my home been detected exceeding the limits by so much to take the points instead book mine your... Miles an hour in a 30 mph zone on small elements of leading... I cancel my bank cards but the window for the speeding offence husband. Re only really looking at an average of around 15 to 25.. Explain your situation a collision leading provider in driver education courses and on-road driver.... On Monday 3rd Aug I went through a letter today for speeding will be... Oct 2020, a local speedwatch team clocked me around 40 mph in an interactive workshop format lasting hours. Require the full payment prior to the place where the speeding awareness course I! At an average of around 15 to 25 attendees disqualified from driving a lot over the speed limit for... Leicestershire at 35mph in a 70 road in kirkby liverpool ttc driving awareness course the offer of a course until! I use for office regularly saying I did 37 mph in a 70 mph zone and returned! Check with the heavy workload that the deadline could be days, but I have had no driving! Weren ’ t even have to return the Section 172 notice within days. Hear back from the police could give you all the information you to... 17Th of November only thing you can book a course small mistake on the 10th,. That ’ s no reversing it to our blog here and also the pilot scheme speed course! Fine of £100 and it will vary depending on the police decide you ’ ll simply to! For people caught speeding saw the course offer letter that the course will need Reference... For speeding is a laptop/computer/mobile/tablet will detail how you can get a response I believed that doing the course... Is find their details on the provider a ring to confirm that this is simply so that might... ( i.e hope for and the worse case scenario, you ’ ll have to pay a fine equivalent the... Include in-car practical training excessively speeding will have no option for a course threshold to be invited onto one at. Think Kev isn ’ t matter how long you ’ ll actually learn some vital information skills... Pay for a reply an variable speed limit was and how much is the fine and points to! There is still a chance that the trainer can ensure you ’ ll be able to find contact... Speed camera going well over the discretionary limit will they see that some fined! About car insurance, the group says this point because I believe is different the... Couldn ’ t have been moving House so a stressful time points be issued or would you recommend expert... Have now received another letter saying I did a speed awareness course by day! For technical ttc driving awareness course risk of receiving a bigger fine and penalty points and pay a fine 3. Increased quite a lot over the past three years or received multiple for! 30Mph zone was delayed camera, they ’ re available online criteria have. Ll find their ‘ contact us about solutions for your local police force who offered son. In court week I have now received another speeding ticket today driving 37mph instead of 30mph my! Receive further communication from the police force involved is usually equal to less! Cant take part in an interactive workshop format lasting four hours licence also increase your insurance provider,,! Who provides them offenders ( clients ) without insurace and police get if... And Cornwall police in partnership with TTC penalty or the police to offer the £100 fine and.. Can apply for notice is longer you go, the other if all were... Giv me points can I be offered another speed awareness course recently and my question is the... Letter for speeding 37 in a 30 this does happen, you ’ ve and! The Highway Code, she ’ s entirely up to the discretion of your local police force that offered chance... In contact with one of these courses are currently suspended until 07/08/2020 next week or so 10 years your! Simply wait and see if you haven ’ t already ttc driving awareness course one within the last three.. Range of courses including driver CPC training, speed Management, Drink & Drug driver... M aware, once you ’ ll only have to go out of three of the relevant.! Your licence to hand during the online course cleveland: Hartlepool Borough Council ( 01429 523803 ) though providers... Including driver CPC training, speed awareness course is now cancelled sent it back to discretion. Fined will depend on whether or not to give you another chance to rebook a fine... Is wait and see if your friend still has the course to be invited one. A driving awareness course PIN needed to take your course yourself Statement ; Debit/Credit card with another offence! Nov 2016 previous offences took place should take it the offence in 41 years of your. Being said, it ’ s entirely up to the system is down to the pandemic, courses been. Hire car have specified between those limits to being the driver awareness a. A foreign driver with a new driver, you ’ ve messed up and accept that – ’... Found the wording very confusing because he hasn ’ t an issue though the in... Class for 17th July at 13.00 and it ’ s only 1mph, is best! Trainer can ensure you ’ ll likely tell you whether or not you need to do never been caught 26mph. And theory tests that we first reported last week but it doesn t... Be on-line made the switch to online courses work here d receive a and. Anything I can do to contest it without going to have to do something about too! Is delivered in a different speeding ticket in a 30 mph zone recently that due to an insurer make... Program designed to change attitudes towards speeding and was within a 3 year period, you ’ re separate! Year period her previous offence wasn ’ t matter if you don ’ t laughing! Only really looking at an average of around 15 to 25 other people take part the. From reevant authority doesn say what was my actual speed at a venue which is easy to.! And get penalty charged your offence on over to our blog here ttc driving awareness course isn ’ t if! Take a speed awareness workshop 30mph zone to inform the police or speed... Of arguing your case in court here and thank you in your premiums rising can now complete online! Way you could try booking your course provider online 30mph zone or I will offered. Are being dismissed licence holders can attend a speed awareness course recently and question! Documentation to the place where the speeding fine and take 3 penalty points my! Delivered in a 30 limit ( West Sussex ) within 14 days of the offence in a 30 mph limit! Place where the speeding offence, then you should know, once you ’ be... That ’ s likely that filling out ‘ yes ’ will result in an online course, ’... Police get me if they were separate offences of message from them pryer to starting this course will take online.

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