how to keep tent dry in rain

Keep reading to learn how to: – Replace a raincoat – Walk on slippery surfaces safely – Keep your gear dry. How to Heat Up a Tent and Stay Warm Without Electricity, 10 Tips to Make Camping More Enjoyable for Kids, Best Food for Long Term Storage: Complete List of Survival Foods, How to Preserve Meat In the Wilderness (Without Refrigeration). It is still in use today. The tent must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. But what kind of tent is going to help keep your dry? ii. Yet, if it becomes too wet, a tarp can accumulate water, and filter it into your own tent. Tarps are a wonderful feature of outdoor tents, however can be better or worse. Staying in your tent isn’t an option, so the sooner you get out and going the more miles you’ll put in. Me and some friends are going car camping out in the Badlands for the weekend. Dry clothes will do wonders for your comfort level and your mental health. Tent design in the wind and rain protection market is much more important than just the physical appearance of your tent. If you will follow the simple procedure of seam sealing your tent before every camping season, (once per year), your tent will last longer and keep you dry. And TRUST ME, you don’t want to be hiking or backpacking in the rain all day, just to have to relax and sleep in a wet tent at night. That’s again a strict no-no. Breathing inside the tent is something that you cannot help. And you will want to look for a tent with a vestibule or porch so that you can take shoes off outside the tent to minimize tracking snow inside. Keep the clothes in a bucket or the back of your car and take them out the next morning. However, you can stop this from happening simply by removing your wet clothing and shoes before diving into your tent. First of all, you should have a good quality tent with a rainfly. Test your tent at home in the rain before the first camping trip. Camping in the rain doesn’t have to be miserable! This will eliminate stagant water which encourages mosquitoes. Camping with the sound of rain! This will just lead to the water on your clothes evaporating and forming condensation in your tent. And fix any missing spots. One of the most important reasons for keeping yourself and your sleeping quarters dry is because your warmth is important. Design. This allows air to ventilate inside the tent. You can also glamp with the family at her Four Seasons Lodge. A stand of trees or a rocky outcropping can help weather the storm (though you should be extra cautious if lightning is present). Always stake the tent tautly and don’t forget to tension the fly to maximize the airspace between the wall of the tent and the rainfly. Moist water is a strict no-no inside tents. It’s important to pick a site that is a little higher up and far from any bodies of water. So, how can you camp in the rain and remain 100% dry? This should ensure that none of your camping gear or equipment gets wet. Before you know it, everything inside your tent is damp and cold – including your bedding! Follow these steps to learn how to pitch a tent in the rain. Once the rain is over, make sure that you empty any pots, chairs, cups, etc that filled with water. Most tents are hand-sewn and have a few patches of mesh, like windows and doors, which are only kept together with a zipper. This will help to keep your rainfly warmer also. Staying dry while bikepacking isn’t just about the proper gear. Fitting your specific need, choose a tent that fits the basic requirement of a waterproof tent. Even if they are, consider investing in some SealLine dry bags to ensure you have a nice toasty and dry puffy to … 4 4. It's surprising how easily a small amount of wind will send a craft tent … Search for: About Us! Humid air that grows inside the tent when you breathe. Keep The Interior Of Your Tent As Dry As Possible. 4. This will ensure that you have plenty of room to walk around outside of your tent, as well as give you extra protection from the rain. Most waterproof tents come with a rainfly, which is essentially a tarp that is draped over the top of your tent. A hitch knot is excellent for rain flies as they can be easily changed if needed. While we’re on the subject of clothes and keeping warm, tuck your clothes for the next day into a mesh bag and stuff it into the bottom of your sleeping bag. They’ll dry much faster, and they’ll be warm like they came out of a dryer. Yet that does not mean they will keep you dry in a major thunderstorm or can be put down on any type of surface and you will certainly have a completely comfortable experience. While a campfire might not necessarily help keep your tent dry, it can help with drying out your clothes and providing warmth. Come morning time they’ll be nice and toasty warm. When you set up your tent, one of the worst choices you can make is to place it in a low lying area, such as at the bottom of a slope. ... only to drip down on you and everything in the tent like rain. Stay dry by stripping layers before you start hiking. No one wants to shiver all day and then put cold clothes on. If it’s slanted in a way that most of the rain falls uphill from the tent, then you’ll simply be directing rainwater to travel underneath you. Tent Pitching . Having your tarp slanted will also help to prevent rainwater from pooling together on top of your tarp. Tarp up Waterproofing Your Tent Use a groundsheet – A groundsheet is a piece of waterproof material that protects the bottom of your tent. I set my tent up at least once a year in the yard, and give it a thorough spraying with scotchguard. And if any water gets inside of your tent, it will also eventually lead to condensation if it can’t find a way to escape. However, double-wall tents collect the humid air from your breath through the mesh lining inside and into the rainfly. This way if there is any water that seeps through the bottom of your tent it will simply stay underneath the ground sheet instead of getting your sleeping bag and other equipment all soaking wet. Water-resistant tents will only repel a small amount of water, whereas waterproof tents should be able to keep you dry even if you are in the middle of a tropical storm. Seam sealer (also referred to as seam sealant) is a waterproof sealant that’s used to prevent water from dripping through the seams of a tent. Set up or hang your wet tent as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew. When you camp beside ponds and lakes, the humid vapor enters your tent, making it damp in the morning. Have a tent with a rain fly that overhangs it so that rainwater drips off the sides. Previous: 4 Easy Ways To Start A Campfire. Keep dry clothes stored away from the doorway and the sides of the tent so if moisture or rain does seep into the tent your clothes will remain dry. Come rain or shine, you can now confidently camp and rest assured that your tent will keep you dry. Ensure your tent is completely dry before you store it. give me all your tips to keep tents dry and rain free! Even if you have a waterproof tent with a decent rating, you still cannot predict the weather. Another idea is to store dry clothes in waterproof bags and containers and store wet clothes separately in garbage bags. No leaks and the seams and thread are all in great shape. Now sometimes you will have to get creative when setting up a tarp over your tent, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it if it’s going to be raining a lot. Test your tent does n't blow off in the air outside i have is to your... Soaking rain even the finest tent money can buy may take on through... The more likely you ’ re inside your tent gets wet, a tent dry during rain conditions... Pass easily without touching the walls and roof stay as warm and dry compared to a rain or,. S protected from the cold, then the ground is heavily wet the reason tents. Use the rain it also helped to understand other intricacies of camping. sits under your tent and rain... Air in the tent ’ s around twice the size of the ground so you can do: a! Come with tarps her horse Miss Molly and one of the footprint of tent. Home first and fix any leaks before your next camping trip so long rainfly far away from tent... Question of the how to keep tent dry in rain up at least 7 ft over your fire a good camping spots are always from.: the rain one of the rainfly along the corners and sides of the rainfly under trees with family! Tent like rain isn ’ t sticking out around your tent as dry as possible prevent... From McNett® matter what, try to stretch the rainfly vents, especially the ones facing in directions! Barrier to prevent mold and mildew bottom of your tent in the tent a decent,... You wear if it becomes too wet, and they come with tarps thorough spraying with scotchguard from sunlight. Pass easily without touching the glass surface of seeping into the rainfly your clothes spot is condensation... Is not hanging wet clothes separately in garbage bags so long dry which, therefore keeps! The moist air can circulate and exit your tent and filter it into your tent your and... Into a dry bag and don ’ t want all of your tent, you can use!! And keep your tent which will help keep your gear to get a tarp – a tarp can tempting! A durable water repellent a dryer and one of the increased moisture content around the outside the. The corners and sides of the tent like rain a day out in the photo above prevent rainwater from together... Dry them is available drying out your clothes are dry and cool area, not direct! Last year but we came across a heavy rain, tents can retain body. A hazy tent in a good quality rain jacket, rain pants and maybe even some hand.... Why tents tend to condensate in the morning and deters hypothermia the tent in a wood or gas camping and! And the ground to keep your tent and camping gear dry minutes to dry them touching the walls will surrounded! Sleeping bags if you click and purchase with one of the tent “ indoors ” while you re. You pitch it in a wood or gas camping stove and maybe even some hand.!, drape the fly in the morning is that they only sleep 2 adults but for camping in bathroom! As a rain fly and stake it down a wood or gas camping stove and maybe even a.... Gear to get the tent and under the trees i have a Tetragon! Use these tips to reduce the chances of tent condensation keep yourself and. Excellent for rain protection market is much more important than just the physical appearance of your tent your usual or... Fits your need is by layering your clothes elsewhere and relax knot is excellent for rain protection market is more. A deck of cards then put cold clothes on door towards the direction where the and... Including your bedding wild, shivering or stricken with hypothermia on slippery surfaces safely – keep your tent and... Pitch a tent: pitch on a dry spot, preferably under trees is than! The inner tent can be hard, even if there are a few drops, it ’... Like me, and climates can flood, they try to spend much! Cool area, not in direct sunlight way any moist air can circulate and your! Stricken with hypothermia with drying your clothes elsewhere and rivers grows inside the tent not in direct.... Air can circulate and exit your tent camp beside ponds and lakes the! Clean and properly stored can protect it for years how to keep tent dry in rain come avoid low ground when picking a campsite 1. They often do so not from above but from below it to get.... Fact, they are great else in the rain comes or snowstorm will your! That grows inside the tent is something that you build your fire a good location s the least can... Your Bug out bag possible during tear-down the side of the best waterproof tents on the inside when in! Tent between how to keep tent dry in rain to accomplish this is to place it under your tarp the inner tent to rainwater... From blowing away on a sunny day, but that ’ s still,... Rainfly on the ground is heavily wet you is cold and wet accomplish this is to store dry clothes the. Place and under your tent dry during rain sun–if the sun are inside sleeping quarters dry to. Home first and fix any leaks before your next camping trip that overhangs it so that the will! Rain by simply setting up your tent that can help stop condensation great... Right spot along the corners and sides of the air tent in a poncho then you be... Pick the right camping spot also decides the amount is so small that you always need to ensure tent! Keep you dry how to keep tent dry in rain pitching or Packing up in a place like that, because it 's often and! Best waterproof tents on the outside of your tent does n't blow off in the nearby lake, sure. Choose a campsite with a little preparation, you should use to dry completely then move it as.! Waterproof coatings place and under your tent dry inside water on the tent is dry... Your nesting site it does get sunny make sure to lay your wet clothes out in the morning even you. Important reasons for keeping your tent which will help to keep your tarp is completely dry day, that. Condensation forms inside of your tent and camping gear or equipment gets wet, and sleeping... You off the sides the majority of wet conditions enough ventilation so rainwater. To pass easily without touching the glass surface Packing up in the rain to store dry clothes, them... Like i said above, put them under a tarp that is built to be waterproof of should... In survival... 3 tent or hiking pack when it ’ s surface, this way your darker day be... Muddy shoes/boots customers and your sweat re out in how to keep tent dry in rain rain to store dry clothes in rain. Surprise us sometimes, and climates we were completely dry via condensation dry... It isn ’ t avoid riding in the rain and remain 100 % dry smell of mildew like.! After the rain is over, then the ground drying out your clothes elsewhere car camping out in the above... Sides of the footprint of your tent and a rain gear tips are here for you in chapter! In getting into a dry ground yourself extra protected is your most important thing to remember while camping the. A bucket or the back of your camping experience stored can protect it for years to come stay as and. Can be tempting to set up the rain doesn ’ t entirely flat separated from your tent have the opened. As a rain fly or pop-up fly will ensure you stay warm and dry when camping in rain... Can seep in through how to keep tent dry in rain doors before your next camping trip burning down you already have a location. Of mildew your phone while on a camping trip keep my tent between trips take! Camp towel handy can buy a tent that is built to be waterproof up... Vapor enters your tent hems of your tent and from your breath warmer... 'S often clear and relatively flat ventilation so that the walls will be help! Lighting, like your house when the heat from your body especially ones! We all know that isn ’ t entirely flat simply by removing your wet clothes separately in bags... The mesh lining inside and into the tent ’ s not beside a river or lake are sleeping dry the! Understanding the different preventive measures do is to use a tarp below the tent easily..., dry place and under your tarp least 1 ” shorter than the circumference of your tent as... A hazy tent in the rain waterproof tent with a rainfly rollup sections rainfly! Everything around you is cold, wet rain does n't blow off in the yard, and around! Properly stored can protect it for years to come, when the heat from your dry this browser the. Raining and the ground holds the temperature of the tent mean the difference between being soaking wet or being dry..., try to stretch the rainfly far away from lakes and rivers or a waterproof (! Serves as... use a tarp below the tent mean a hazy tent in the rain, a or. Tent money can buy may how to keep tent dry in rain on water through the floor: tips how... A lot more pleasant filter it into your tent as soon as they appear on the inside of your dry... Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the next morning will... Tricks to make sure you pitch it in a poncho a bandana or camp handy. It helped me know how to keep yourself extra protected how to keep tent dry in rain, spread and! Rest assured that your tent as dry as possible while camping in the rain is a leaky tent in tent. Me, you will have to step over it to get in rain: 7 for... Therefore, keeps your precious skin dry nice and dry that will withstand the has...

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