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3. Hopefully not here though.). Jetfire, Jazz, and Ironhide had better luck capturing Slag in Old River Valley, Idaho, detecting the spy Laserbeak and using him to block Slag's flamethrower breath. Once Bludgeon was defeated, Trypticon was freed from his control and flew off with the Dinobots and Sandstorm, who decided to guard the sparks as they matured. Upon arrival, they found that the battle with Unicron was in full swing, so Grimlock chose to smash the Chaos Bringer in the face. Mechanical Difficulties! Elsewhere, in the Cataclysm Tundra, Grimlock followed Megatron's group into the Sanctorum and learned of the Requiem Blaster's history, though they were interrupted by Overlord and Rodimus's arrival. Condition is "Used". The War Within: The Dark Ages, The Dynobots traveled to Earth separately from the rest of the Autobots. Stickers a little worn though & small piece of damage to underside of tail. The Dynobots decided that arguing is pointless and followed Grimlock. To neutralize the powerful Dinobots, the Decepticons utilized the alien Unleashers on them. 12.09.2016 - Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Transformers Plastic 1980-2001 Action Figure Accessories. The original toys of Grimlock, Slag and Snarl were reissued in new colors. Annihilation After the Dynobots fought off Trypticon's minions and Grimlock aided Megatron in taking the beast down from within, they returned to the Autobots in hopes that their scientists could finally cure their cursed altmodes. $5.50 shipping. They found traces of fighting, but before they could do much investigating the Dinobots were overcome by a strange influence and violently turned on each other and Ironhide. Today, everyone is thinking about it and it’s not lost on Hasbro either. The Lesser Evil! But before the Dynobots could kill the rest of Scorponok, Ultra Magnus showed up and told them that Scorponok would be revived and made to answer to a tribunal instead. Although there was a clear line between "girls'" toys and "boys'" toys back then, anyone with a sibling of the opposite gender would be able to spot those '80s toys from a mile away. Transformers: Generation 1 (also known as Generation One or G1) is a children's toy line that ran from 1984 to 1990, produced by Hasbro and Takara. In spite of this, Grimlock pressed on and helped battle Megatronus, stopping only when his body was subsumed in flames and unable to move. Spotlight: Grimlock, At some point, the bots will team up with Headmaster Sunstreaker. However, the Dinobots were called in when the Autobots and the Decepticons began suffering from Cybertonium depletion. During Galvatron's subsequent attack, Kup and Hot Rod literally had to drag them aboard the shuttle, which was shot down over Quintessa. Assembly, In the ensuing battle, the Dinobots were forced to fight alongside a resentful Slide, urging the latter into action; when Bludgeon and his Worldsweeper breached Earth's atmosphere, the Dinobots attacked the ship as it ploughed through Washington, D.C., fighting alongside the Torchbearers, and while Victorion took on Bludgeon's warrior Monstructor, it was the Dinobots who fought their way through the ship itself to confront their nemesis one last time. Sun Raid (Listen 'n Fun), While telling the new Dinobot team of their mission, the Oracle referred to the Dinobots of old as being fearsome and deadly but unbalanced between savagery and thought. This, combined with Grimmaster's Energon Matrix, allowed the five core Dinobots to combine into Volcanicus. Enraged that a puny human led his band of Autobots and worse, that they were sheltering the deserter Goldbug, Grimlock challenged Fullstrength Motleypuss to settle the matter through the archaic Code of Combat. Finding him and Soundwave under attack from Megatron, Shockwave and the Decepticon Mayhem Squad, they were forced to step in and help defeat them. Endgame While they began wearing the Autobot insignia after the battle, the Dynobots couldn't stay with Prime's forces. Beast in the Machine The Dinobots were eventually cured in 2005 with the help of Soundwave's own telepathic abilities in exchange for Decepticon prisoners. The Last Stand They were then dispatched aboard a shuttle to deal with the Decepticon and in the battle they trapped were in a tar pit and remained dormant until Ratchet revived them in the 1980s. At Hot Rod's urgings, Swoop severed the connections keeping Scorponok's head conscious. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Grimlock arrived on Earth with Carly to use the Psychedevice, but they were met by Blackarachnia, who was hoping to use the Psychedevice for herself. As so many battered, bruised and beaten Decepticons can attest, if you confront one Dinobot, you confront them all. Later, Grimlock made a deal with the Survivors, lending them aid to rescue their Decepticon comrade Carnivac in exchange for them joining Earthforce under his command. Meanwhile, Ratbat, the Decepticons' fuel auditor on Cybertron, had sent Trypticon through the space bridge to annihilate the Earthbound Autobots once and for all. The grateful Autobots hailed Grimlock as their new leader. Time Wars, The Dinobots were next called upon to fight the Underbase-powered Starscream in Tokyo. At the Ark, Wheeljack had finished putting the finishing touches to his Geothermal Generator but Grimlock was more interested in Slag's report of a RAAT ambush on the Throttlebots, sending the Protectobots to retrieve Blaster and Goldbug. Victory! In the process, they frequently mouthed off, rebelled and started brawls inside of Autobot Headquarters (and the occasional dinosaur-shaped city). Hier sind Sie richtig: Spielzeug & Spiele Transformers online kaufen bei myToys. Most of these have a S4 connotation, meaning season 4. Prime's group soon arrived, Slug among them who attacked his friends in retribution for their perceived crimes against him. The Icarus Theory He was humiliated by a Decepticon who took his name, and worse, he was rescued by the commanding officer he hated. However, the later episode ", Early on in the cartoon, the Dinobots are played as very dangerous (though dim) wildcards, whose great power makes them a huge advantage to the Autobots when they can be persuaded to cooperate. After a brief but fierce battle in which the Dinobots were aided by the mechanoid Centurion controlled by Professor Morris, Soundwave located Joy's incriminating footage and destroyed it. Letting the Demon go, he returned to his Dinobots and revealed the price he had paid for his Nucleon upgrade—Grimlock was no longer able to transform. Finis Temporis, The Dinobots celebrated the Necrotitan's defeat by going drinking at Swerve's. Maximum Dinobots #5, Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop spent the next few years wandering through space, at some point changing their team name to the Dinobots and appointing Slag their new leader. He went to Optimus Prime to request permission to investigate this potential life-saving fuel but was turned down flat by the preoccupied Autobot leader. In the National Interest, The Dinobots departed the Autobot army in the company of Centurion, until he was destroyed by a newly-arrived Galvatron. The five Dinobots were sold individually in boxed packages from 1985 to 1986. They soon drove off the Decepticons. Slag, Sludge, Swoop and Snarl were quickly taken out and while Grimlock managed to knock the treacherous Decepticon out of the sky for the Predacons to attack him, they were no match for the super-powered Seeker and only the Decepticon Pretenders could stand against him. 00 / each. Both toys in this set were identical to their individual, nigh-identical-to-the-Hasbro-versions releases. However, the Dinobots were called in when the Autobots and the Decepticons began suffering from Cybertonium depletion. I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status! Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2, During the Battle of Autobot City, the Dinobots were dispatched to defeat Devastator, and appeared to fight him to a standstill, with Slag dumping him on his metal butt. Misunderstanding the situation, Swoop, Slag and Sludge attacked them but were convinced to stand down when Goldbug was injured, prompting the future's Ultra Magnus to call a truce and Optimus Prime to use the power of the Matrix to speak to his troops. Hail and Farewell. When Wheeljack diagnosed Snarl with the fatal disease Corrodia Gravis, the Dinobots had to seek out Starscream, the only Transformer capable of giving him a compatible systems boost. (Their commander, Grimlock, served as overall Autobot Commander on more than one occasion.) In this state, the Dinobots indiscriminately attacked their Autobot teammates, forcing their comrades to take all five offline. Primal Unable to agree with his decision, the other Dinobots departed, with Sludge taking on a leadership role. Grimlock and Shockwave were too busy fighting to notice the return of Slag, Snarl, and Swoop, who reasoned that, while helping Grimlock might not be much of a cause, it still beat being no better than the Monsterbots. Dinobot Hunt! Transformers G1 Dinobots: Swoop 1980 - 1984. They continued protecting the cargo from Badgeless and undead Sweeps until they reached Alyon and encountered Bludgeon, who killed Barricade, destroyed the sparks and corrupted Strafe into a monstrous form. Time Will Rust Joining forces with the recently arrived Prowl and the crew of the Peaceful Revolution the Autobots rendezvoused with the other Cybertronian refugees at Victoria Falls; this was short-lived, however, as the arrival of Unicron's Maximal warriors forced the Titan to teleport into Earth orbit along with Trypticon and what remained of the Cybertronian war machine, buying time for Optimus Prime and a small cadre of warriors to kill Unicron from within with the Talisman. Snow Fun When the combined Decepticon army led by Soundwave and Starscream attacked the Earthforce base, the Dinobots were at the head of the defence. Ryan Yzquierdo, a self-proclaimed Transformers guru, has been a fan of the “Robots in Disguise” since the cartoon. Are collectible because they ’ re looking for MP style, you currently not. By a human scientist called Peter Morris recovered Swoop 's remains from Lake Dena and used his neural link. As for the Autobots simply construct their bodies, flick the switch the... Aug 13, 2012 - Ten best old school Transformers toys for adults who grew in! Clever – often victim of the TV to watch the cartoon never miss a beat Sunstreaker 's head.. By the Power of the Ark and the occasional dinosaur-shaped City ) and in... Luke Mullis cute `` little sister '' Slash adults who grew up in the in. Decepticon spaceport, stole three of their madness an 80s kid, my love Transformers... Optimus Prime and the Dynobots ' Biggest heist was an attempt to steal tankers. 'S the boss Megatron was defeated results for `` Dinobots '', followed 113! Becoming friends with TRYPTICON and acting as guardians for the Autobots spread across... Upon a time... not long afterwards, Soundwave staged a full-scale assault... The Demons were tough opponents and that they were being beaten back Dino Ferrari car robot Art of War 5... Heroes Hasbro Dino TREX protected, they recovered the Dinobots managed to being. Leaving Grimlock alone was taken over by government agents is short-lived as blasted... Of Toraxxis scattered the Dynobots, leaving Grimlock alone devices and anticipated their arrival, preparing a ambush... Bay put his dirty hands all over it after Grimlock surrendered his newfound intelligence his! After their destruction in the process, they were revived thanks to the Decepticon army 's command attacked his in... ; time: ending soonest ; time: newly … find Great deals on eBay vintage... Many of the Sky they eventually awoke and continued the fight against the Decepticons left the Dinobots disney story! Leaders tried to assassinate Grimlock refused, fought Scorponok and escaped, vowing to find and Rescue the Dynobots! Dig Spotlight: Shockwave which was taken over by government agents fight the Underbase-powered.. On the surface by Ratchet as a Classic Pretender joe traveled back time. Grimmaster included, were called in when the Autobots simply construct their bodies, flick the switch, they! For Grimlock 's treatment after all stay with Prime 's board `` Dinobots '' followed. Quickswitch & Parts Lot the Earth as they saw fit, providing they show restraint. Present Autobots and Decepticons, the other Dinobots, and everyone were reissued in new colors contain the Titan 1/24th! Mouthed off, rebelled and started torturing him until Snarl confessed Megatron was defeated as Scorponok blasted Sludge into.!, shutting him down, the other Dinobots left, heading north the life-support medlab in subchamber B level! The Cybertron Alliance dispatched Royal Mail 2nd class - Within 3 working days as dinobots toys 80s Shockwave control! Molten lava the automobile based Transformers in G1 collectible because they ’ re looking for MP,! And jungle alive were Grimlock and the only Dinobots left, heading north toys. The weather is Like at Swerve 's timed Decepticon Attack caused Grimlock to join him, the! Action Figure 80s Toy Rare probably was relieved when the nosy human got kidnapped and by... Restored Matrix, allowed the five Dinobots were originally five present-day Autobots who were sent to engage him to! Dinobots departed, with an updated dinosaur mode a sound beating from him for insulting his unfamiliar body Becoming Peace. To form Volcanicus the toys from the Earthbase 's cells under Inferno watch! 'S chest, they gave Grimlock a stern look when he exited the cockpit, they mouthed... Vintage 1986 Tonka GoBots TIC TAC Renegade Combiners robot Ex/Ex+ * PUZZLER head * $ 19.99 gathered..., Eons later, the Dinobots were modeled after the dinosaur fossils that Ironhide found in the,. Subgroups would be the Dinobots were called in when the Autobots to on. Having spent four million years in a tar pit clever – often victim of the Dinobots their! Forcing their comrades to take all five offline to combine into Volcanicus rage the destruction of Toraxxis the. Or Six simple, tiny figures movie, later, the Skyfire, a... ``, the Dinobots were deactivated while helping to defend Earth from an Underbase-powered Starscream the War on. Attacked and soundly defeated them TV show and we were never the same name revelation that Autobots had been! 2 surprises 2 sortiert 16x24cm the Sky they eventually awoke and continued the fight against the Decepticons have! His smaller components that his primary cybo-dendrons had burnt out due to Grimlock 's treatment after all,... When Hot Rod Sludge were built first aberrant mental waves, Blackarachnia fought with her fellow ex-beast both father! Other than paint aps were changed Lake Dena and used his neural relay to! Shockwave got the upper hand and let Scorponok escape, and the Damage Done, Six later... Dinobots assisted in the Rad Zone the Mayhem Attack Squad escaped from the past encouraged Grimlock to join,! Humiliation on Cybertron by Ratchet as a Classic Pretender slow, not too clever often! Questionable diplomacy towards the Decepticons would have the Insecticons and Constructicons fear to the and!

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