How-To Tuesday: Quickly Adding An Invoice Without Creating A Load

Trucker using TruckLogics for invoicing

With TruckLogics you can create an invoice without referencing a load. 

This helpful feature allows you to charge your clients for any additional fees they may incur.

Follow these simple steps to add an invoice without creating a load.

Creating an invoice without a load

1. From your dashboard, hover over Accounts and select Invoices from the drop-down menu.

TruckLogics invoicing software

2. Click the “+ Add Invoice” in the top right corner.

TruckLogics invoicing software

3. Select your Customer, Carrier, or Broker from the drop-down menu, or add a new client with the “+ Add” button.

TruckLogics invoicing software

4. Now, enter what item you are invoicing from by entering it under “Other Invoice Details”. Change the Rate.

TruckLogics invoicing software

5. Scroll down. You can add notes and a memo here. When you are satisfied, click “Generate Invoice”.

TruckLogics invoicing software

6. Now, finish by clicking “Finalize” in the top right corner.

TruckLogics invoicing software

7. Your invoice can now be printed or emailed to your client!

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