Tuesday, 30 April 2019

These Strategies Will Ease Your Road Rage

Road RageIt is almost inevitable that you’ll face aggressive drivers, as a long-haul trucker. We have all been victims of slow drivers, and drivers who forget that there’s a feature on their car that warns others that they’ll be turning. These are the two most common frustrations we can face on the road. As a trucker, managing the urge to go nuts behind the wheel of a 50,000-pound machine is important.

One mistake can turn tragic quickly and rather than falling into the road rage trap how about you develop methods to ease your road raging urges.

We know that frustration can be seen as part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be. Road rage has ended in death far too many times, whether a confrontation went wrong or a loss of focus and calmness being thrown out the window. The strategies below are effective ways to take you from 100 to 0 really quick. Next time you feel your blood boiling when you’re behind the wheel of your freight turn to these strategies and feel a sense of peace rush over you.

Control Is Out The Window

This is probably the hardest thing to face for control freaks, but it’s absolutely true. You have no control. Let's rephrase that, you have no control over other drivers. The only thing we can control is how we react. Whether we react to a stoplight on time, react to a driver cutting us off, or in some cases flipping us off it is up to us to react in a manner that’s appropriate. Remembering that you have no control over other drivers helps you reflect more on what you can do better. Maybe you left late, now you tell yourself you have to speed to be on time. Rather than getting upset with drivers going the speed limit strategize on how you can leave on time.

Relax And Release

No matter where you’re headed it’s important to not arrive flustered with wild hair and crazy eyes from a high-speed chase down the highway. Meditating either in silence or with a playlist or podcast will keep your mind on other things than what just caused you to become frustrated. Remaining calm is the key to staying safe while performing your job.

We’re All Humans

Road Rage
It is quite easy to find ourselves frustrated when we get cut off, but choosing to not take those things personal help us to manage our inner need to rage out. Humans make mistakes and humans sometimes have minded going about 200 MPH when we’re traveling. Some of the things we learned when we were 14 taking drivers-ed to go out the window when kids are kicking our back seat or we just spilled hot coffee in our laps. Life happens and mistakes do too. The best thing we can do is be grateful we stopped in time rather than shouting at the top of our lungs.

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