Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Choose Life And Stop The Madness

Choose Life And Stop The MadnessApril is Distracted Driving Awareness Month! There are thousands of parents, grandparents, children, coworkers and more who are affected every day due to distracted driving. Taking your focus off the road for 4.6 seconds, the average time it takes to read or type a text message is equivalent to driving the length of a football field completely blind, at 55 MPH.

According to crash database analyses, it is estimated that driver distraction is a primary contributing factor in 25-30 percent of crashes.

Cell Phones may be the number one source of driver inattention, but it doesn’t mean that a ‘what do you want for dinner?’ text is the only daily occurrences that take our focus off of the road when operating an 80,000 Ibs. vehicle.

Common Distractions


A lot of drivers will say that rocking out on the road helps them to stay alert when becoming drowsy en route to delivery or pick up. A recent Israeli study has shown that tunes can negatively affect driving skills. Out of the tested drivers, those who preferred to play their music at the maximum volume made more mistakes behind the wheel. In the same study, those who drove with preselected tunes such as soft rock and light jazz playing softly had a decrease in errors and miscalculations of 20 percent.


Researchers who studied 1600 crashes over a three-year timespan noticed that drivers who showed signs of anger, frustration, and sadness right before getting behind the wheel were 10 times more at risk of an accident than those who did not.


In March 2019, as a result of distracted driving, while eating, a crash involving two semi trucks claimed a woman's life. The woman killed was in the sleeper berth area of the distracted drivers truck. Reports say that eating and or drinking (non-alcoholic beverages) increase the likeness of an accident by 80 percent.

Prevent Distractions

Choose Life And Stop The Madness

Use Rest Stops

Rest stops are super convenient for truckers to use and will help you save lives. There is no gulp of Sprite or bite of chicken that is worth a life. We understand that some phone calls and text are a matter of life and death, however, if you deem it that important, it is just as important that you stop at the next convenient rest stop or general location to read, type, answer or call.

This goes also for a common distraction not previously mentioned, the need to ‘go’. Needing to use the restroom can take your focus off the road and on your bladder. A study found that having to go to the bathroom badly while driving impairs your judgment and focus similarly to if you were cruising along with a 0.05 blood-alcohol level.

Not All Technology is Bad

If you feel tempted to use your phone turn it on airplane mode before you get on the road so that all of your text and calls won’t be received until later on when you turn it off. There are even several apps designed specifically to keep your eyes on the road and off your device. A lot of these apps send automatic replies to the sender to make them aware that you’re driving.

We challenge you and your friends/colleagues to eliminate distractions starting this month. Hold each other accountable to stop eating, drinking, texting, or making phone calls while on the road. Take a pledge to take distracted driving seriously and also inform someone else of the statistics.

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