Tuesday, 23 April 2019

6 Tips To Cut Down On Money Spending When Hauling

Cut CostAs you should know by now multiple small inexpensive purchases add up, and when you’re on the road it is easy to say “Oh it’s only $2” several times, each stop. There’s money to be found in the trucking industry but it is also easy to find yourself broke, if you aren’t cautious of your spending habits. We are always interested in enhancing your trucking career experience, so what better way to do so than making sure you keep money in your pockets. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can keep the money rolling in while you’re rolling out.

6. Be A Safe Driver

Tickets and accidents are extremely costly. Not all tickets are attached with a fine, but the ones that are can get pretty steep. An unexpected expense can really put a damper on your finances if you haven’t budgeted for miscellaneous charges.

A serious offense could even get your license taken away from you, and when all your career is, is driving it can tough to get some income.

5. Monitor Your Speed

Of course monitoring your speed help you avoid hefty ticket fines, but it also helps you save on fuel. Fuel is where majority of your road expenses come from. By choosing to use cruise control or working on maintaining a good speed you’ll be keeping some extra change in your pocket every mile per hour.

TIP: If you know you’ll be going through a certain state look up what rest stops have a one stop shop. This won’t only save you gas if you go to one place for things like food, laundry, and sleep, but you can also score great rates at these places.

4. Stay Alert Of Deadlines

Making sure your taxes are done on time and properly can save you time and money. Who wants to pay unnecessary late fees? When mistakes are made they can affect how much you pay a tax preparer to correct your mess ups. The same goes for bills. As a long-haul trucker it’s hard to get home every 15th of each month to pay a bill on time, try opting to pay online to help with this.

TIP: Keep your receipts so that you can claim certain deductibles. Talk with a professional to make sure you are getting the most back.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For A Discount

There are a lot of places that offer discounts to truckers. Hotels are known for the awesome rates they offer drivers with their CDL, but there are slos places that offer them who may not have it advertised. Saving $5 here and $10 there will have your pockets fuller than usual when you reach your destination.

2. Fuel Your Stomach Correctly

Limit how much you spend on fueling your stomach by meal prepping. Yo can also cut down on your food expenses by choosing foods that are more filling. Choosing baked chicken over a bag of chips will in the end cost you less than sugar filled snacks. Research shows that the average cost per meal if you make it yourself is significantly lower at $1.05 to $3

Cut Cost

1. Budget, Budget, Budget

Creating a budget is probably the best way for you to cut cost. If done correctly you will always know what you have, or don’t have to spend. Physically seeing where your money is going will make you aware of what your awful spending habits do to your bank account. We all have guilty pleasures and it is okay to factor those into your monthly, weekly spending expenses.

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