Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The App You Need To Boost Truck Driver Retention

The App You Need To Boost Truck Driver Retention
As a member of the trucking industry, we know that one of your major concerns is driver retention. Poor truck driver retention rates are plaguing the industry.

We know you want to grow your business, and keeping your drivers is a large part of that. So what can you do to improve driver retention and become the best trucking company to lease onto?

Get the App Designed To Boost Truck Driver Retention

At Trucklogics, we understand the desire to grow while keeping costs down, which is why we built the #1 driver retention app specifically with the needs of your drivers in mind.

Many truck drivers list poor flow of information as a reason why they quit. TruckLogics eliminates miscommunications––if you and your leased owner-operator both subscribe to our cloud-based software and app, you can streamline your mutual record-keeping like never before.

Power In the Palm of Your Leased Operator

Your leased operators can track their income, run monthly and yearly Profit & Loss reports, and keep accurate, detailed compliance records relating to their maintenance and trip information. But, most importantly, it enables your driver to reconcile settlement statements.

TruckLogics aims to boost truck driver retention by offering your leased operators:

  • Unlimited Income and Expense Entry
  • Fuel Purchase Tracking
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Maintenance Recording and Automatic Reminders
  • Year-End Tax Reports
  • Address Book
  • Tax Compliance Reminders

How This Retention Tool Works for You

Just like we assisted Mercer, you too can be one step closer to being the best trucking company to lease onto. Reports and settlement integration will become a breeze when you subscribe to one of our fleet owner packages. Minimize miscommunications and record-keeping discrepancies by enrolling in TruckLogics and receiving features that enable you to:
    The App You Need To Boost Truck Driver Retention
  • Manage Dispatches
  • Have Unlimited Multi-User Access
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Generate and Send Invoices
  • Access Chart of Accounts
  • Address Book Capabilities
  • Create Profit & Loss Reports 
  • Unlimited Mobile Access

Combined with your leased driver’s TruckLogics app, these features become the ultimate retention tool.

Become the Best Trucking Company to Lease Onto

Poor truck driver retention can be a thing of the past with the settlement integration and tracking offered by TruckLogics!

Boost Retention Now

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