Thursday, 20 December 2018

Gift Ideas For The Trucker In Your Life

Gift Ideas For The Trucker In Your Life
The driver in your life deserves a relaxing break to celebrate any special occasion with their friends and family, so get them something great. Check out our list of the perfect trucking gifts for both the male and lady truckers.

The Best Trucking Gifts

1. Hands-Free Devices

We know you want to check up on the trucker in your life while they are on the road, but holding phones and other devices can be….. slightly dangerous. Consider getting them a wireless headset so they can talk to you hands-free. You could also get them a dash mount for their phone, and wireless headphones. This is especially important for the states that no longer allow devices to be on your person while driving.

2. Warm Gear

Winter is here, and many states have experienced snow. Your trucker will be up early in the morning and late at night doing pre-trip inspections in the cold. Make sure they can stay warm with utility gloves, a nice hat or coat, and a sturdy pair of work boots.

Also, it’s cold OTR. Make sure they stay warm in the cab once they park with a space heater or electric blanket. We suggest getting a throw-size blanket so it won't take up half the rig.

3. Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Trucking is exhausting, and your driver needs coffee to get their engines revved up and moving. Help them out by giving them the gift of instant coffee in their rig with a portable coffee maker. Also, get them a heavy duty thermos like a YETI. But no matter the brand, just keep in mind it should keep their drink warm for hours. You can even personalize the mug by adding a picture of the two of you or their family or their favorite sports team.

4. Trucking T-Shirts

Truckers like to ride in comfort and style, that means they don’t need just any t-shirt, but cool ones to flaunt at the truck stop. You can get trucking shirts with funny sayings like, “I just dropped a load.” You can also get them shirts from their favorite trucking shows like Ice Road Truckers, or sick truck shops like Jack’s Chrome Shop.

5. Gift Cards or Cash

You can give the trucker in your life the ability to pamper themselves by allowing them to shop for themselves. With a gift card or cash, they can buy exactly want they need or want. We know truckers are always wanting the latest tools or something cool from Wal-Mart.

6. Don’t Forget Their Pets

Gift Ideas For The Trucker In Your LifeMany drivers take furry pals along on the road, and they are more than best friends forever. They’re partners in trucking adventures. If your trucker has a dog, cat, bird or more, include them. Get them a new bone, catnip toy, sweater, bed, blanket, etc. Items that keep the pet entertained are best. The possibilities are endless, and your trucker will enjoy seeing their little buddy included in the festivities.

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