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Five Solid Tips Tired Truckers Use To Stay Awake

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There are many reasons to become a trucker that involve the freedom of the open road and traveling across the country. Only sometimes the appeal of trucking completely ignores the fact that driving long distances can be boring.

All of the sudden you feel like you’ve seen the same tree whizz by on the side of the road a billion times. There are no fun four-wheelers to watch around you, and the hum of your engine creates a relaxing melody that makes you want to doze off. However, you never want to fall asleep at the wheel so check out how to stay awake!

Five Solid Tips Tired Truckers Use To Stay Awake

1. Prepare For Your Trip

Before you get started on the road take the steps towards having an energetic drive by properly preparing for it. Take a small cat nap from 20 to 30 minutes to relax and destress. Catching a few Zs will help you stay awake and alert.

Correctly fuel yourself for the road. Eat a healthy meal with veggies, fruits, and whole grain for long lasting, steady energy. If you eat fast food or sweets your blood sugar will spike and then it will take a severe drop that makes you drowsy later.

2. Take The Right Items

While trucking you will get thirsty and hungry, but you don’t want to stop for snacks or ingest the wrong items. Set the chips and sodas aside for coffee and green tea. You can keep coffee warm for hours in a heated thermos or buy green tea in powder form to mix with cold water.

However, it may be best to go easy on caffeine, as it’s a diuretic and you don’t want to make multiple bathroom stops. Hydrating with water is a good way to stay awake and use the bathroom less.

You should also have plenty of snacks on hand to keep you energized and entertained. The act of snacking is fun on a subconscious level. Chew on some almonds or carrots. Also, apples are actually more energizing than coffee, so be sure to keep a few in your rig.

3. Crank Something Up

Don’t just listen to the soothing hums of your truck. Crank things up to feel awake and alive by turning up the volume. Find a radio station with your favorite music genre and rock out. Maybe you can even safely perform a drum solo on your steering wheel.

But if you aren’t feeling your usual jams then check out a podcast. There are interesting shows about everything, from trucking to murder mysteries. You could also give an audiobook a try, just avoid anything your high school teachers tried to make you read.

4. Be Your Worst Enemy

You know what annoys you so use those tactics on yourself. Pinch your arms, tickle your neck, scratch your ears. Do whatever makes you frustrated, but not so frustrated that you stop paying attention to the road.
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Also, roll down the windows to freeze yourself a little. The cold air will shock you bring you back to being fully awake. The fresh air will help you ward off drowsiness and sometimes the impending blast of air that’s about to hit your face can be exciting.

5. Take Breaks

If you’re too tired to drive don’t go past your limits. Take breaks when you need them. Driving tired is equivalent to driving drunk, it’s not worth it. Pull over and recharge with another cat nap.

Also, taking good long stretches and taking brisk walks to get your blood pumping will also help you feel alert and refreshed.

Stay Awake And Safe out There

Trucking is a rewarding profession, but it’s exhausting. Not only does driving make you tired, but the physical work that comes with it can be draining. Make sure you get your rest and stay energized. If you get bored or too drowsy behind the wheel wake yourself up or pullover!

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