Monday, 18 December 2017

The ELD Compliance Deadline Is Here

Ready or not, the ELD compliance deadline is here. That means all of your trucks need to have FMCSA approved ELD or AOBRD devices installed. We hope you already have your hardware, as there are major ELD shortages across the nation.

Many truckers have been protesting the ELD mandate with the ‘ELD or ME’ slogan and said they would quit if the mandate took place. However, all we can do is wait and see if how this mandate will shape the trucking industry. But how will it affect you?

The ELD Compliance Deadline Is Here

You can still operate your truck today even if you don’t have an ELD device because the Commercial Safety Vehicle Alliance (CVSA) has giving truckers a little extra time to comply with their out-of-service-safety-criteria (OOSC).

Under their criteria, vehicles will not be placed out of service for failing to comply with the ELD mandate until April 1, 2018. However, roadside personal and inspectors will be checking for ELD devices beginning today, December 18th, and have the right to issue expensive citations. Just like when a cop pulls you over, you never know if you will get a warning or a hefty ticket.

First day of the #ELDmandate, and there's more red on DAT van-map than on a cell phone coverage map. Can you hear me now?! 

Now if you had a grandfathered AOBRD device installed before today, December 18, you can continue using it until December 16, 2019, as long as it meets the requirements of 49 CFR, 15. You have until that day to comply with the ELD mandate. If you still need equipment, check out the ELD/AOBRD device Amil Freight has to offer and watch their informative demos on how to use it.

Even though many truckers were against this mandate, the deadline day is here, so we might as well look at the silver lining. ELDs can save trucking businesses tons of time and money by reducing paperwork.

Many drivers are excited that the ELD devices will cut down on the amount of paperwork they will have to do because ELDs eliminate logbooks. Drivers no longer have to write down their odometer readings when they cross state lines or manually fill out trip sheets because it will all be automatically recorded.

Then fleet managers will save hours by not having to process these log books. An assistant to take care of all of this paperwork may no longer be needed. Plus, instead of storing all these logbooks in a warehouse they will be stored in one convenient location online for you to reference.

Plus, you can save fuel and improve communication by always knowing your driver’s location. You can find shorter and faster routes for them and instantly make check calls at any time. Also, dispatchers will have the ability to make more accurate ETAs without having to distract the driver.

Are You Ready For The ELD Mandate?

We hope you have your ELD device ready to go, but if you don’t you still have some time before you will be placed out of service. As this ELD compliance date will go down in history in the trucking industry, please share your thoughts in the comment section below and visit TruckLogics for more trucking blogs.

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