Thursday, 14 December 2017

Cut These 4 Major Trucking Expenses To Save Money

Trucking is one place where you can’t fake it til you make it. You either have to know what you’re doing through tons of experience or hop out of the cab. This is true for both driving and running your own trucking company.

Sometimes new owner-operators think they can have instant overnight success, without considering to costs that go into managing a trucking business. Be sure to learn where to cut costs in order to help your operation stay afloat.

Four Major Trucking Business Expenses

1. Fuel

Fuel is your most expensive cost in the industry. It’s sort of ironic because you can’t operate without it. However, you can learn how to save! The first step to saving on fuel is to slow down! Go about 10 mph slower than usual, accelerate slowly, and gradually slow down. Aggressively accelerating and slamming on the breaks can really burn fuel.

Also, avoid out of route miles! Use a program like ProMiles to find the quickest routes for trucks. ProMiles will also show you the cheapest fuel rates around your location so you can figure out the best place to fill up.

Another great tip is to reduce idling time and avoid traffic. Take the backroads during rush hours or drive early in the morning or at night to prevent having to deal with congestion.

2. Maintenance Costs

You need to love your trucks and take great care of them. That means don’t skimp out on basic scheduled maintenance. Get your oil changed, replace your belts, check your AC lines, rotate your tires, and much more.

Doing this upfront will keep your trucks in working condition for a longer amount of time so you won’t have to replace them. Plus, this will reduce your risk of breaking down on the side of the road, which comes with a lot of expensive bills. You have to get towed, you have to get into a shop nearby, you’re delivery will be delayed, and more.

You’ll save much more in the long run by taking care of vehicle maintenance on a regular schedule.

3. Food and Lodging

Other huge expenses for truckers are the costs of food and lodging. Cut out the major expense of lodging by opting to sleep in your rig instead of in motels. Also, consider packing food and beverages for your trips.

Go to the store and buy your own groceries and snacks before hitting the road. Buying your favorite items in bulk can actually provide major savings. Plus, by making your own healthier options in your rig you’ll cut calories and won’t have to buy expensive fast food meals every time you get hungry.

4. The Wrong Trucking Software

In order to manage your business, track your expenses, and more, you will need a trucking software. There are tons of programs to choose from, which can be problematic. Not every program includes everything you need, so some owner-operators use multiple programs and their subscription fees add up!

Also, some programs are extremely overpriced for no good reason. Shop around to find your best option. Make sure the program has good dispatching software, expense tracking, account reporting, driver communication, an app, and more.

Try TruckLogics

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