Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What Truckers Are Thankful For

TruckLogics hopes OTR truckers enjoy turkey
Happy Thanksgiving to all of the hard-working professionals out there in the trucking industry. We can’t believe turkey day is here already and we have turkey, pie, and even more turkey on our minds.

We know that hard-working drivers are extremely busy out there and we thank you for your work. Without y’all delivering turkeys all across the nation we wouldn’t be able to sit down and enjoy this traditional meal with our families.

This would be a good time to go into the history of Thanksgiving, but we won’t bore you with that. However, if you like the story of Squanto and his pilgrim friends coming together to feast then we’re sure there’s a movie about it on Netflix for you to watch. Instead, we have a list of what truckers are probably thankful for.

What Truckers Are Thankful For

  • When a Prius driver doesn’t feel the need to tailgate 
  • When a Prius driver actually learns how to pass on the left side. 
  • If none of the other drivers around you have ‘Swift’ on your vehicles. 
  • When the rookie driver backs up to park beside you and doesn’t hit your rig. 
  • A full night of rest, without a single person knocking on your door while parked at a truck stop. 
  • When truck stop showers have stalls instead of just one big community shower. 
  • The moment of victory when you eat tons of Taco Bell and McDonald’s and your stomach doesn’t take personal revenge on your body
  • The rare occasion when your dispatcher calls just to say hi
  • When the cop speeding up on you with its lights on drives on by to pull someone else over. 
  • When someone actually takes a moment to appreciate all of the hard work you do and actually thanks you

Happy Turkey Day

Thank you again from TruckLogics. No matter where you are this week we hope you get to head home soon to spend time with your family and go to town on a huge turkey dinner. You’ve earned it!

Please share what you’re thankful for in the comment section below.

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