Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Turkey and Traffic, What To Expect This Thanksgiving

TruckLogics mentions Thanksgiving travel for truckers
Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is already here and Christmas is right around the corner. We hope you have time to celebrate with your families even though we know this is an extremely busy time of year for truckers.

As shopping increases so does the demand for supplies, so we thank you for doing what you can to deliver loads on time. If you will be on the road this week we know what you can expect turkey and traffic wise.

Turkey Day Food And Travel

The Travel…

Thanksgiving is one of the largest travel holidays of the year. People from all over drive hours and hours just to go back home for their momma’s cooking. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re good drivers. Oftentimes people drive tired and make mistakes resulting in huge Thanksgiving traffic jams.

Along with driving tired people will also be driving distracted. They will be holding their phones and using them to GPS directions. Also, they may be yelling at their kids in the back seat to calm down. Be sure to slow down a little and keep an eye out for these distracted drivers, who may also be driving with an escalated level of road rage.

There will be an estimated amount of 50.9 million Americans traveling at least an hour to their destinations this holiday and 89.3% of those travelers will be driving. Thanksgiving is historically the busiest holiday for road trips, but this year records are expected to be set.

Usually, the busiest day of travel is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as people get off work and head to the streets, but congestion can pick up as early as Monday afternoon. Keep in mind that the evenings are the busiest time, so travel in the morning if you can.

TruckLogics shares where OTR Truckers can get turkey
There should be less traffic on Thursday, but it will pick back up again for black Friday shopping and over the weekend as folks go home. Also, fuel prices are also expected to be at their highest rate since 2014, so if you see a cheap place to fill up go ahead and do it!

The Turkey...

Now that we have discussed the travel you can expect, what about turkey OTR? There are actually a number of great places for truckers to stop and eat a delicious turkey meal.

Some of my favorite places include Cracker Barrell, which will make you feel nice and at home and Denny’s because their special Thanksgiving meal doesn’t disappoint. Plus, a lot of Flying J’s have Denny’s!

There are also a few places where you can actually get a free turkey meal. The Boise Stage Shop in Boise, Idaho is offering a free turkey dinner with trimmings and the Cowboy Cafe in Lyman, Wyoming is also giving out free turkey dinners, complete with sides and even a slice of pie. All you have to do is show your CDL to redeem your meal.

Happy Thanksgiving Truckers

We are thankful for all that you do to deliver essential goods all across the nation. We sincerely hope so have time to celebrate with your families. Be sure to travel early to avoid traffic and take a break to enjoy a turkey lunch or dinner.

If you have any Thanksgiving travel tips please share them in the comment section below and visit TruckLogics for more trucking blogs. 

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