Thursday, 12 October 2017

Take A Load Off With These Hilarious Trucking Memes

TruckLoigcs lists the top trucking memes
Today we have decided to switch things up by bringing you some hilariously clever trucking memes from around the web. Without laughter we may cry and some days the trucking industry can make grown men weep, so it’s time to take our minds off all the trucking stress.

So much has been happening in the news lately with the ELD mandate, self-driving trucks, hurricanes, wildfires, and more! It’s time to take a load off with some gold ole fashioned trucker entertainment and no one gets the business like the people who made these! Check them out.

Top Trucking Memes

TruckLogics promotes trucker fitness

Trucker health has been in the spotlight for awhile. Some truckers could definitely stop smoking, make healthier eating choices, and work out a little more. But with all of the stress that comes with the industry at least they can celebrate their skills, which include backing their trailers up in tight spaces. This is something that can take rookies months to get right!

TruckLogics welcomes new drivers

Speaking of rookies where do they come from? It seems like new Swift drivers are hitting the road every day. Well if you thought drivers were being pumped out of CDL school think again! A few come right from the trucks. ;)
TruckLogics recommends safely passing semis

No matter how many times we explain it, sometimes four-wheelers don’t just get the basics of safely passing a semi. Sometimes truckers have to go to their extreme to try and get the point across. Pass them on the left, where less blind spots are and give them enough space!

Sometimes all the rules and regulations with trucking can really grind some gears. Even though most regulations are to promote driver safety, officers of the law and DOT inspectors can really get on our nerves. All we can do is poke fun at how ridiculous they are about logbooks.

There is nothing like sticking it to the man. Or woman… Truckers can stand tall and walk around proud, knowing that they work in the industry that they love and the nation depends on. If you ever had a teacher doubt you smile knowing that every stick of chalk, piece of paper they handed out, apple they ate, and more was on a truck at one point. Their job is made possible by the things you deliver. Also, we want to thank teachers for educating men and women to be smart and strong enough to become truckers.

Share A Laugh

Have a good one today. Wherever you travel spread humor along the way with your favorite trucker memes and jokes. We hope we were able to provide a laugh with these top trucker memes and appreciate all the hard work you do.

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