Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tips For Increasing Fleet Efficiency

In the trucking world, there’s always room for improvement and there are always ways to cut costs to improve your business. The ability to learn how to become more efficient and implement changes to help your fleet grow can be the difference between making it or crumbling in the industry, especially when times are slow. So, check out our tips on how to become more efficient to save here and there.

Increase Your Fleet’s Efficiency

Financial Tracking And Reporting

To improve your business you need to know every single detail when it comes to your finances as far as income and expenses go in order to know where improvement needs to be made.

Learning every aspect of your finances can be possible with the help of a management program where you can add all of your income, and expenses, and even handle invoices. There are trucking specific programs that will even help you with driver settlements.

This software should be like TruckLogics and include reports that you can run at any time, for any period of time to break down your costs so you can see exactly where your money is coming and going. A few examples of these reports include cost per mile, profit, and loss, driver payment, customer’s revenue report, etc.

Once you have an extremely clear idea about your expenses and profit you can create a budget and learn where to cut costs.

Cutting Costs

Unfortunately, cutting costs may involve not buying the fun, brand spanking new item that you want to. Remember you can always upgrade things for your business later. Start off by researching all of your options before making a purchase. For example, will buying an older truck or leasing one be more cost-effective than buying a brand new one?

Do you know how much your drivers are spending? Some trucking management programs allow drivers to upload their receipts for transactions so you can monitor their spending. They can take a photo of the receipt for your records or enter in every detail of the transaction. Also, with a fuel card like the ExpressTruckTax one, you can control driver spending and set a daily limit.

The number one expense you’ll face is gas, so teach your drivers to increase their fuel efficiency. Go over the basics of not flooring it and slamming the breaks, going the speed limit, correctly shifting gears, and more. Also, maybe offer a reward to the driver who is the most fuel-efficient on a monthly basis.

With a management program that includes route optimization software like ProMiles, you can plan the most fuel-efficient route to cut out unnecessary miles. You can also use ProMiles to find the cheapest fuel prices in the area.

You know what’s also expensive? Truck repairs. Truck repairs are not only expensive, they could also cost you business. Keep your trucks running in tip-top shape by providing them with regularly scheduled maintenance.

However, don’t worry about when your trucks need to be maintained. Use a trucking program with maintenance software to remind you based off of your truck’s odometer readings instead. For example, set a reminder to change your oil about every 15,000 miles.

TruckLogics Can Do It All

We know we keep mentioning finding a trucking management program to increase your efficiency, but the search is over. TruckLogics is the complete fleet management solution that will track your finances, generate financial reports, optimize your routes, remind you about truck maintenance needs, and more. Sign up for your free 15-day right now to instantly gain access to all of the efficient features that TruckLogics has to offer.

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