Tuesday, 30 May 2017

TruckerTuesday - Summer Prep, Fun, and More

Welcome back to another TruckerTuesday where we've gathered tons of fun trucking news and entertainment from all across the web. It's getting hot out there so we are thinking about summer, and we bet you are too!

TruckerTuesday - What To Remember This Summer

Check Your Tires 

As the hot sun rises and starts to make the asphalt on the road sizzle, remember that the heat puts more wear and tear on your tires. Your tires wear out faster during the summer so keep an eye on their tread and be prepared to align them. If one tire wears out unevenly then extra pressure will be put on the other ones. Also, be sure to inspect your tires for cracks and bumps during your pre-trip inspection.

Have Fun, But Not Too much

Memorial Day just passed, so we hope you had time to relax and have some fun. Also, we thank all veterans for their service. However, summer fun can be taken a little too far sometimes. 

Bryan Brandt, a 40-year-old trucker from Reno, Nevada stole a rig from his previous employer and backed it into a brothel, causing major damage to the building. Luckily no one was hurt during this incident, and the entire event was caught on video. We support having summer fun by hanging at the lake, and grilling in the yard, but theft and destruction take things a little too far!

Use ProMiles To Save This Summer

As kids get out of school and more and more people hit the roads for vacations traffic increases and the price of fuel goes up. Don’t worry you can use ProMiles with your TruckLogics account to help. You can use ProMiles to either plan the fastest route possible for your trip or to plan the most gas efficient one. Do you want to save money or time?

Save on both. As you make your way through different states check ProMiles for the cheapest fuel around. You’ll be able to see a list of all the fuel stations nearby so you can get the cheapest price possible. You can also look for different routes in case you hit a sudden traffic jam.

Stay Cool This Summer

What do you do when the summer heat starts to set in? Find a place like Big Boy’s Truck Stop, in Kenly, NC, to park. Duke Energy of NC is planning to provide electrification services for truckers with IdleAir.

They will have 24 stations that truckers can use to avoid idling during overnight stays by plugging in. Drivers will live like kings with heating, cooling, electricity, and more!

Trucker Fitness

We appreciate this pin from Trucker Path because some truckers might not exactly have their summer body ready or care. Instead of looking good in that swimsuit they would rather be a master of driving. We’re down with drivers who can fit their trailer in the dock on their first try! It takes some patience and skill.

Also, we know what happens on vacation. Good food. Sometimes when you’re out enjoying a trip with your family diets get temporarily paused. Instead of gym fitness, you might fit an entire pizza in your mouth. It happens on vacation, just don’t ever do it and get back to your diet after your vacation ends.

That’ll Do It

Happy summer y’all. Thank you for tuning in for another TruckerTuesday with TruckLogics, your source of news and entertainment for truckers. Heck, we even find some great trucking memes for you! Be sure to check out next week’s TruckerTuesday for more!

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