Monday, 1 May 2017

Time's Up, The IFTA Deadline is Today

Today is the big day! The IFTA deadline day! We know it seems like you just did an IFTA report yesterday, and man, time flies. However, it’s not the time reminisce, because you have your quarterly IFTA filing to do, again, already! If IFTA snuck up on you and you’re out on the road don’t worry, relax and quickly calculate your IFTA totals with TruckLogics.

File Your IFTA Return To Avoid Fees and Penalties

If you think IFTA can wait until you get home, think again. It’s best to meet the deadline to avoid getting hit with penalties and fees. Failure to file by midnight will result in a penalty of $50 or 10% of the liability tax, depending on which is more. Meaning $50 in the minimum fee! Also, interest accrues on a monthly basis of .4167% per month that your tax remains unpaid.

Those are the gentle penalties. Some states will actually revoke your license if your return is late, and you can’t get a new license until you’ve filed your report and paid your tax due in full. Now, don’t panic, in most cases, your license won’t be revoked if you’re a first time offender.

Although, you could get pulled over, and if your IFTA credentials aren’t up to date you could be written a ticket, or you could have to get a trip permit, or maybe even both. All of these headaches and fees can be avoided by filing on time.

So, to complete your IFTA or International Fuel Tax Agreement report you need your total miles traveled per jurisdiction including non-taxable miles, gallons of fuel consumed per jurisdiction, taxes paid on each fuel purchase, and the current tax rate per jurisdiction.
Luckily with TruckLogics, you can easily track all of this information per vehicle. Plus, by being completely mobile you can update your IFTA 
records from any location. 

Every time you make a fuel purchase while on the road you can enter the purchase right then and there before leaving the gas station. You can also take a photo of your receipt to store in TruckLogics for later.

The Fuel report lets you see the fuel purchased for a certain period of time, like your first IFTA quarter for example. It clearly lists the date fuel was purchased for which truck in what state, along with the fuel type, and the amount of fuel purchased.

The Fuel Tax summary report takes things a step further by providing the miles ran, fuel purchased, and fuel tax due for a certain period of time. This report includes your member jurisdiction, fuel type, total miles, taxable miles, taxable gallons, tax paid gallons, net taxable gallons, tax rate, tax or credit, interest, and total due, to thoroughly cover your IFTA bases.

Your drivers can update their trip sheets as they go to keep detailed records of the miles traveled and fuel purchased per jurisdiction, which is a great way to keep up with odometer readings. Or you can use ProMiles to automatically update your trip sheets, odometer readings, and more. ProMiles even updates the number of miles traveled when drivers change routes.

When you’re ready to file after all of your information has been entered into TruckLogics click IFTA in the dashboard and click start return for the corresponding quarter. Then you can calculate your IFTA totals and download a report that you can print or email that includes your IFTA totals. Use these totals to complete your 1st Quarter IFTA report in a matter of minutes!

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