Thursday, 18 May 2017

Knock Out Your Form 2290 Today!

Hold the phone! You haven’t pre-filed your 2290 yet? What in the world?! It’s dangerous to wait until the last minute to file. What if you can’t get your EIN or can't correct a mistake by the August 31st deadline? Then you might find yourself to be in some trouble. Luckily for you, we know how you can file your Form 2290 before everyone else.

Pre-File With TSNAmerica

Alright, we know we said hold the phone, but you actually need to use your phone so TSNAmerica can go ahead and file your HVUT Form 2290 for you. TSNAmerica is our trusted sister company that’s the market leading phone file provider. You can trust that your information will be safe with them as they transmit your Form 2290 directly to the IRS.
The process is easy, start by picking up your phone and calling TSNAmerica at 803.386.0320. Then TSNAmerica will send you the necessary consent forms to allow them to file your 2290 for you over the phone via email.

You can relax once this process is complete because your 2290 will be safely and securely transmitted directly to the IRS on July 1st. However, if want your 2290 transmitted on a later date you can arrange for TSNAmerica to send your form to the IRS on any day of your choice.

Instead of waiting around to get your stamped Schedule 1 in the mail you’ll receive your copy via email as soon as the IRS stamps it! You’ll instantly have it available to show the DMV! This filing method is as quick and easy as making a simple phone call so you can get your HVUT out of the way and focus on the road!

E-File With ExpressTruckTax

If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can file online with ExpressTruckTax. ExpressTruckTax, another sister company of ours, and it's the IRS Authorized, market leading e-file provider because they’ve streamlined the e-filing process to make it incredibly quick and simple. They really do make truck taxes easy! By the way, the pre-filing season for expressTruckTax begins on June 1st.
TruckLogics is integrated with ExpressTruckTax so you won’t have to enter in your truck information. You can simply import from TruckLogics into ExpressTruckTax, or vice versa, saving you time and hassle.

All you have to do to get started is create your free ExpressTruckTax account and follow the step-by-step guide to import your vehicle information and fill out your Form 2290 in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be presented with a summary of your information so that you can make sure all of your information was entered correctly, and ExpressTruckTax will perform an audit check on your form to catch any basic errors.

Then you can pay the amount of HVUT you owe and send your Form 2290 directly to the IRS. You’ll receive a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 back within minutes via email and can elect to receive it via text or fax as well.

Also, you don’t even need a computer to file. Download the free ExpressTruckTax app to complete your Form 2290 on your smartphone or tablet at any time, from any location. 

Got Any Questions?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact the amazing TruckLogics support team. We know taxes can be confusing, but luckily we’re here to help and will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Call us Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at 704.234.6946 or reach us via live chat. We also offer 24/7 email support at

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