Thursday, 6 April 2017

How To Cope With Missing Home

Being a trucker gives you the freedom of the open road. For introverts the ability to have total privacy while blasting whatever music you want while trucking alone is addicting. However, trucking comes with a lot of alone time. As a result, some drivers end up feeling homesick and missing their families. Trucking is a huge career choice that you should enjoy, so use our tips to learn how to cope with missing home.

How To Fight Homesickness

First, before making a drastic career change and spending days or even weeks at a time away from your family on the road, talk to your spouse and see if they can handle it. If you miss your family, chances are that they really miss you too. Your relationship with your spouse has to be strong enough to handle the distance.

Next, make your cab feel like home. Make it feel cozy and comfortable so that sleeping in it won’t be so bad. A nicer cab mattress really goes a long way, plus you’ll feel a lot better when you get enough sleep.

Place a few posters up of your favorite things, like your favorite movie or sports team. Be sure to bring a cool coffee pot or crockpot to cook meals and brew coffee,  because being able to do that stuff in your truck will make it more exciting.

Also, bring your favorite pillow or blanket that maybe even smells like home or your spouse to comfort you as you drift to sleep.

Don’t forget to bring photos of your wife, kids, and pets to keep in your cab and show off to other drivers. Just looking at the photos from time to time will really put you in a better mood. You can also ask your spouse to send you photo updates throughout the day.

There are fun apps like SnapChat that have interactive photo filters for you and your kids to play with. Using those filters always guarantees a laugh, and they can even be used on your pets.

Make the time to talk to your family and friends. They’ll enjoy the updates. Call them and ask them how their day is going. Just remember to be positive and don’t weigh them down with how much the traffic jam sucked or how much you don’t like your new job. Tell them a funny story about something you saw on the road, like a seagull in the backseat of a car!
By making them laugh your mood and their moods will all improve. You can also use a device with a webcam or Skype, Facetime, or video chat with your loved ones to see them smiling from ear to ear when they get to talk to you.

To spend time with your kids you can set up a gaming console in your rig and log on to play games with them at night. Playing with them is an interactive way to bond with them and pass the time.

Speaking of passing the time, get a hobby to take your mind off of missing home. Listen to a fun podcast, check out the newest movies and shows on Netflix, or pick up a book to see how much you secretly enjoy reading.

Being social can help you stop feeling lonely, so reach out on the CB for a quick chat with fellow truckers. When you park at a truck stop make small talk with other truckers. Trust us, some guys will love talking your ear off about all things trucking.

Part of feeling less homesick involves feeling good so take the measures to eat healthier for more energy, work out a little to relieve stress and anxiety, and to get enough sleep. Feeling relaxed, yet energized makes a huge difference.

Also, think positive. Keep your spirits up by going over the good things that happened to you today. Maybe even write it down in a notepad or in your phone. Keeping a positive outlook will help you overcome bad moods.

Remember that it gets easier. Over time you and your family and friends will learn how to have a healthy long distance relationship and your homesickness will fade.

You Can Do It

Trucking has major rewards by providing you with an independent career on the open road. There’s a reason why truckers are so proud of what they do and that’s because they love it. If you find yourself to be a little homesick, don’t worry the feeling will pass while connecting with your loved ones.

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