Thursday, 2 March 2017

How To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Part of being a trucker is being gassy. You need fuel to get from point A to B and what’s crazy about it is the fact that fuel is your number one expense! You can’t drive without it, but you need your business to be profitable. So, what do you do? Just forget about it and keep on trucking? No way! Learn about how to be more fuel efficient with the fuel saving tips from TruckLogics.

How To Be Super Fuel Efficient

Step one, slow the truck down. Literally drive slower. Driving at a slower speed can save you a lot of fuel. Just try to go the speed limit. Don’t think of them as rules telling you how fast you can drive, think of them as informative signs telling you at what speed you’ll save the most fuel for this road. Also, don’t think of driving slow as being a granny, pride yourself in saving gas instead.

Did you know that when you drive at 65 mph instead of 75 mph you’ll save about 25% more fuel per gallon? Those numbers will add up quickly!

Also, pay attention to traffic so you can use your clutch like a pro and minimize changing gears. If traffic ahead of you is slowing down simply ease to a stop. You’ll save a lot more fuel by slowing to a stop instead of slamming on brakes.

Try to gradually increase your speed instead of flooring it. Why it’s nice to know that your truck has power, and it’s fun to use it, but use it responsibly to cut down on fuel costs.

Use your truck to coast whenever you can. By using its own momentum to carry you down a hill that's less gear shifting you have to do and less gas pedal mashing. Plus, coasting to a stop helps you hit the brakes less.

When it comes to gear shifting to save fuel try to minimize gear changing, and skip gears when you can. It’s best for your fuel consumption to ride in a higher gear and always remember to keep your RPMs down.

At truck stops try to park in ways that limit maneuvering. You don’t want to have to turn around and drive around the entire truck stop to park and leave. Also, avoid idling, as your truck can burn a lot of fuel as it sits and avoid overfilling your tank. Plus, you can keep your warm ups and cool downs brief to avoid idling time.

When driving stick to the interstate to coast longer without having to stop, unless you could hit rush hour traffic, then stick to the back roads. Also, keep going. Drive as much as you can without making a stop for food or to use the bathroom. The hassle of pulling off the interstate and parking really uses more fuel than you think.

Take care of your truck. Make sure that the tires aren’t worn down too much and that they’re properly inflated. Also, change your oil, filters, and make sure your engine is properly lubed so that everything can work smoothly. By taking care of your truck you’ll get the most fuel efficiency out of it.

Sign up with TruckLogics and get ProMiles! ProMiles is the best fuel management program. It will plan your routes for you based off of fuel efficiency or the fastest route. Plus, ProMiles will show to the best fuel prices in the area so you’ll always know where to go in order to save money.

You know what involves fuel? IFTA does and ProMiles can help you out with your IFTA report by automatically tracking your total miles, fuel purchased, fuel consumed, and fuel tax per jurisdiction. 

Happy Trucking

TruckLogics is here to save your gas so you can make more of a profit. No matter what you’ll always need fuel, so why not use a few of our proven tips and tricks to keep on trucking with maximum fuel efficiency?

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