Thursday, 30 March 2017

Avoid Repairs With Our Truck Maintenance Software

In life sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug and unfortunately, trucks break. You could be chugging down the highway making great time, when all of a sudden, something breaks. The best way to keep your trucks in top condition is by sticking to regular maintenance schedules, but sometimes remembering which vehicle needs service can get tricky, and maintenance gets a little neglected. This is where TruckLogics can help with automated maintenance reminders.


TruckLogics is the complete fleet management solution that specifically designed for members of the trucking industry like owner-operators and fleet owners. It has a ton of great features that help truckers save time while managing their entire business. A few of the features include invoicing, electronic driver logs, IFTA reporting, maintenance reminders, and more.

Maintenance Reminders

TruckLogics provides a place for you to quickly upload every detail about all of your drivers and trucks. Details such as your vehicle's make, model, serial number, odometer reading, mpg, and more will all be stored in one convenient location. You’ll also have your driver’s contact information and any notes would like to add about them as well.

Adding a maintenance schedule for your vehicle is easy. Log in to your TruckLogics account, then hover the ‘TruckZone’ tab and click maintenance. Then click ‘Add Maintenance’ and select your truck by unit number and include the current odometer reading.

You can then add the type of maintenance your truck needs to receive from a list of our options or add your own maintenance task. Then simply enter how often you need the maintenance task to occur. For example, you can say that you would like to change the air filters on your truck every 5,000 miles. Complete adding your maintenance task by adding any vendor details, if you would like.

Your maintenance schedule is totally customizable to you and your fleet’s preferences. Maintenance schedules can be tracked by date, hours, or miles. Then you can relax knowing that TruckLogics will notify you when it’s time for your trucks to be maintenanced again.

You can set email reminders to be sent to you a day, 5 days, or 7 days before the scheduled maintenance time. You’ll also see a maintenance reminder when you log on to your account on your dashboard.

With the help of electronic driver logs that allow drivers to quickly update their trip information on their tablets or smartphones, TruckLogics can track the hours and miles of each vehicle and driver.

TruckLogics also uses ProMiles to track information such as odometer readings. The amount of fuel purchased, used, and miles per jurisdiction will be recorded to correctly update the odometer readings for your maintenance schedules. These totals also provide you all of the numbers you need to quickly and correctly calculate your IFTA totals.

ProMiles also helps you improve your fuel efficiency by being able to provide you with the most fuel-efficient route for your trips. However, you can use ProFiles to plan the most direct route as well. By providing you with the cheapest fuel rates in the area ProMiles will show you where the best place to fill up is.

Keep That Maintained Vehicle Truckin’

There’s one thing after another in the trucking industry. One day you could be turning your jeans into a sweet pair of cut-offs because spring is coming, only to find out a major blizzard is about the slam the East coast.

You’re busy keeping up with your trucks, drivers, records, and more, so let TruckLogics handle your maintenance schedule. Sign up for your free 15-day trial with TruckLogics to instantly see how you can take advantage of their awesome features that will help you save time while managing your entire operation.

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