Thursday, 19 October 2017

Save Sanity and Time With the TruckLogics App

Easily Manage Dispatches with the TruckLogics App
Even though trucking gives you the independence of driving solo on the road it doesn’t free you from your phone. You may not have coworkers invading your personal space, but you do receive a lot of phone calls during the day, especially if you run your own trucking business.

You will have your dispatcher, clients, and drivers checking in with you all day. They will want to discuss their location, your location, load descriptions, rates, and more. If only there was a way to get off the phone to save sanity and time.

Oh wait, there is with the TruckLogics app! Check out what all it can do for you and your drivers!

Save Sanity and Time

The TruckLogics app is designed to be as mobile as you are with innovative features to help you save time and simplify managing your entire operation. All you have to do is download the app to your smartphone or tablet to get started.

This app might as well be named as your dispatch assistant because you can use it to easily manage them. After you’ve created a dispatch with just a few clicks you can assign your drivers to it and they will see details such as the pickup and drop off location, load details, any special instructions, and more.

Your drivers will also have the contact information for the pickup and drop off locations as well as the ability to make instantly check calls to keep your clients up to date on their location and progress. They won’t have to call you if they have any questions because they can simply check the app.

The TruckLogics App also has a multi-user access, meaning you can grant your team access to your account and allow them to help manage your business. They can assist with managing dispatches and more.

Connect with your drives with the TruckLogics App
The app also quite handy for storing your documents and tracking your trucking expenses. For example, every time you or your drivers purchase fuel simply use the app to snap a photo of the receipt and it will be uploaded directly to your account.

If you have documents such as a bill of laden simply use the app to take a photo of it, then you can email it to your recipients. This way you don’t have to be back at the office to send a document where it needs to go.

Forget about your logbook. Use the TruckLogics app to document your trips with details such as the date, place, and time frame. You can even log your hours with the electronic driver log feature and instantly create a driver graph by simply dragging your finger.

The TruckLogics app also allows your team to stay connected with a mobile chat feature. You can send messages to your team, share documents, send videos, and more at any time.

TruckLogics understands that you travel all over and some areas may not have service. That’s why the app works offline. You will be able to check in on your business at any time, from any location from the comfort of your own cab, regardless if you have good phone service or not.

We’re Here To Help

If you need any assistance with TruckLogics please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated, US-based support team. We’re available over the phone Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6946. We also offer live chat and 24/7 email support at

If you would like a full overview of the program schedule a product demo and we will walk you through it. Also, you can get started now with your free 15-day TruckLogics trial.
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Trucker Terms

trucking terms

Our friends at Trucker Path shared a complete list of their favorite trucker terms! Now for rookies and pros alike sometimes it can be easy to get the jargon mixed up. The trucking community has one of the most unique communication styles out of any industry. 

Some days you may hear your fellow truckers use slang you’ve never heard of both in person and floating over the CB, so check out this list of terms you’ll want to remember. 

Trucker Terms

Being a trucker is not only a unique way of life, it also comes with a unique way of communicating that only those in the trucking industry probably can decipher and understand. 
10-4 – acknowledging something
10-6 – busy right now
10-8 – en route
20 – location
4-Wheeler – automobile
APU – authorized pick-up
Backhaul – retuning load to home location
Bear Trap – speed radar trap
Bill of Lading – document that details information regarding the goods being hauled by a carrier from a shipper
Chicken Coop – Weigh Station
Chicken Lights – Added lights on and around a truck
Chocks –blocks placed in front and behind wheels to prevent truck from rolling
Cosignee – person who receives the goods
Cosignor – person who ships the goods
County Mounty – – county sheriff
Deadhead – miles driven with no load
Dry Van –standard enclosed truck trailer
ETA – estimated time of arrival
Freightshaker – Freightliner truck
GCW (Gross Combined Weight) – combined weight of tractor/trailer and load
Gear Jammer –speeding driver
Hammer Down – drive faster
Hopper – truck that empties load through bottom that opens
HOS –hours of service
Intermodal – shipping container freight
Jack-Knife –when trailer is pushed to the side of the tractor
K-whopper – Kenworth truck
Kingpin – pin where the axle wheel pivots
LTL (Less Than Truckload) – load less than 10,000 lbs.
Motor Carrier – person or company that is responsible for transporting goods via a commercial motor vehicle
P&D Driver – pickup and delivery driver locally
Payload – weight of the load
Peddle Run – route with lots of deliveries
Pete – Peterbilt truck
RC (Rate Confirmation) – the rate shipper or broker agrees to pay carrier to haul a load
Reefer – refrigerated truck trailer
Shiny Side Up – top of truck; don’t crash or rollover
Sliding Fifth Wheel – fifth wheel that can be slid back to redistribute weight on the axels
Trucking Authority –FMCSA approval to haul loads
Willy Weaver – drunk driver

We thank our friends at Trucker Path for sharing this guest blog today. Hopefully, you learned a few new terms to use on the road. If you have any trucking terms to add please mention them in the comment section below and visit for more trucking blogs. 

Trucker Path

America's most popular app for truckers. Right now thousands of truckers all over the country use the app to discuss the best truck stops, available parking nearby, weigh stations status, fuel prices, and more. Join the community of 600K+ drivers! Click here.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

3 Major Secrets To Keeping Brokers Happy

Improving broker relationships with TruckLogics
You may have heard of the lesson happy wife happy life and you may have learned that lesson the hard way… Either way abiding it generally makes your entire life easier. Today we have an even more important lesson for you, happy broker happy trucker life.

Brokers can make or break trucking companies because they do all the connecting between carriers and shippers to find competitive rates. In some cases, brokers really help to keep freight moving by helping truckers find work. You can really get a leg up on the competition by keeping your broker happy, so here’s how to do it.

Secrets To Broker Happiness

1. Build and uphold your reputation

You know how you want to work with a quality broker? Well, brokers want to work with quality carriers, so it’s a two-way street. Treat people with respect and how you want to be treated. Generally, it’s best to speak professionally without the use of profanity.

It’s also important to follow through and complete any work that you have agreed to and try not to lose your freight. Brokers can actually find qualified drivers in TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) and report about your reputation.

They can add information about your record such as no-shows, and more, so be aware that you will build a reputation in the trucking industry with every action you take, so make the right decisions and be respectful.

2. Have Good Communication Skills

It’s important to know that brokers can’t read your mind. You will have to tell them what type of loads you’re looking for and what works best for you. Then they will be able to pick out specific loads to try and meet your preferences.
TruckLogics supports good communication with brokers

Don’t be hard to reach or put off telling your broker things until the last minute. Answer your phone if they call you. If you have something important to tell them don’t do it via text or email. It’s always best to go ahead and call them.

Also, try to be direct. Time is money, especially in the trucking business, so don’t be indecisive. Let your broker know if you can deliver the load or not ASAP. Don’t worry, It won’t hurt their feelings if you say no.

You don’t need to carry on with long stories or excuses if you can’t deliver that load either. Simply say “No, I’m too busy” or “No, but thank you.” and let your broker go about their day.

3. Don’t Freak Out About Rates

While it’s perfectly fine to be clear about the rates you desire so breakers can find certain work for you, don’t get mad if you get hit with a lower rate every once and awhile. It’s not necessarily your broker’s fault.

Rates are set depending on market value and they often change. You can look at load boards for an idea about how load rates are, and you can also negotiate. Just keep a cool head while doing so and don’t get upset if your broker isn’t willing to come up a little.

Happy Trucking

When it comes to brokers and other professionals in the trucking industry everything will go a bit more smoothly with the right, professional attitude. Your trucking reputation will start to build, so make sure it builds in the right ways. Be direct, respectful, and follow through. Then before you know it you will have a great relationship with your broker.

If you have anything to add about brokers please post your comments in the section below and visit TruckLogics for more trucking blogs.
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Take A Load Off With These Hilarious Trucking Memes

TruckLoigcs lists the top trucking memes
Today we have decided to switch things up by bringing you some hilariously clever trucking memes from around the web. Without laughter we may cry and some days the trucking industry can make grown men weep, so it’s time to take our minds off all the trucking stress.

So much has been happening in the news lately with the ELD mandate, self-driving trucks, hurricanes, wildfires, and more! It’s time to take a load off with some gold ole fashioned trucker entertainment and no one gets the business like the people who made these! Check them out.

Top Trucking Memes

TruckLogics promotes trucker fitness

Trucker health has been in the spotlight for awhile. Some truckers could definitely stop smoking, make healthier eating choices, and work out a little more. But with all of the stress that comes with the industry at least they can celebrate their skills, which include backing their trailers up in tight spaces. This is something that can take rookies months to get right!

TruckLogics welcomes new drivers

Speaking of rookies where do they come from? It seems like new Swift drivers are hitting the road every day. Well if you thought drivers were being pumped out of CDL school think again! A few come right from the trucks. ;)
TruckLogics recommends safely passing semis

No matter how many times we explain it, sometimes four-wheelers don’t just get the basics of safely passing a semi. Sometimes truckers have to go to their extreme to try and get the point across. Pass them on the left, where less blind spots are and give them enough space!

Sometimes all the rules and regulations with trucking can really grind some gears. Even though most regulations are to promote driver safety, officers of the law and DOT inspectors can really get on our nerves. All we can do is poke fun at how ridiculous they are about logbooks.

There is nothing like sticking it to the man. Or woman… Truckers can stand tall and walk around proud, knowing that they work in the industry that they love and the nation depends on. If you ever had a teacher doubt you smile knowing that every stick of chalk, piece of paper they handed out, apple they ate, and more was on a truck at one point. Their job is made possible by the things you deliver. Also, we want to thank teachers for educating men and women to be smart and strong enough to become truckers.

Share A Laugh

Have a good one today. Wherever you travel spread humor along the way with your favorite trucker memes and jokes. We hope we were able to provide a laugh with these top trucker memes and appreciate all the hard work you do.
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Only 6 Check Calls You Need

An important part of trucking for everyone involved including dispatchers, shippers, carriers, and more is knowing where the actual truck is during a trip. How do they do that? They are updated with a check call. The driver calls to check in with their company and dispatcher once or twice a day to update them on their location, progress, and to receive any important instructions.
truck driver makes check call
Easily Make a Check Call
Your business can simplify this process with 6 check calls. Eliminate needless phone calls and save your dispatchers time when you streamline your trucking business by putting everything online. Making check calls an instant and hassle-free process that drivers can do easily from the road and dispatchers can manage without a phone call is important!

The Only 6 Check Calls You Need

  1. Starting Trip 
  2. At Shipper 
  3. Pickup Complete 
  4. Enroute 
  5. At Consignee 
  6. Drop-Off Complete 

Using your TruckLogics app, you an make 6 check calls: Starting Trip, At Shipper, Pickup Complete, Enroute, At Consignee, and Drop-Off Complete. The Starting Trip check call can only be made once by the driver. The At Shipper, Pickup Complete, At Consignee, and Drop-off Complete check calls can only be made once per shipper/consignee. The most useful check call is the Enroute check call, which can be made as many times as the client wishes and will pull the device's location when the check call is made through a mobile/gps enabled device.

Instantly Simplify Your Check Calls with TruckLogics Easy-to-Use App

All you have to do to instantly make a check call is log in to your TruckLogics account and click on the Dispatch tab to get started. Then click on ‘Assigned Dispatches” from the menu on the left and click the Check Call Tab.

Next, you will select which truck you’re driving and your activity such as if you have completed picking up a load or if you are at the drop off location. You can also add your current location, time of the check call, your odometer reading and any notes you would like to provide.

You can then save the check call and send it to your clients via email or text message. This entire process can be completed in about a minute and gets rid of the need to call tons of different people.

Also, your TruckLogics account has a nifty multi-user access feature so you can add multiple users to your account, like your drivers for example. You can also give them varying levels of access in your account to complete and manage different tasks for you and make their own check calls.

However, a lot of truckers don’t carry computers in their rigs, so how can they update their location on the road? The solution is simple. They can download the TruckLogics App in order to make check calls from any location at any time right from their smartphones or tablets.
Truckers stay connected with the TruckLogics App

More App Features

If you think that mobile check call feature sounds cool, just wait and see what else the TruckLogics app can do! This app helps track everything you need for your business from the comfort of your own cab.

You and your drivers can access your dispatch details at any time to see the pickup and drop off location, any special instructions, refer to the route, and more. You can also track your expenses with the document capture feature.

Everytime you or your drivers make a business-related purchase, like fuel, for example, use the app to snap a photo of it and it will be uploaded to your account. Also, documents can be printed and emailed from the app.

The TruckLogics App also offers mobile chat so you can stay connected with your team at all times. You can instantly message each other about your location, share files such as trip docs, broadcast to all of your contacts, and more.

Try TruckLogics Today

We have only slightly scratched the surface when it comes to mentioning everything that TruckLogics can do. It’s the complete trucking business management solution with innovative features for sending instant check calls, creating dispatches in just a few clicks, effortlessly tracking your expenses, and more. Sign up for your FREE 15-day trial with TruckLogics today to see how it will help you streamline your entire operation.
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Thursday, 5 October 2017

The ELD Compliance Date Is Getting Closer

truck driver worries about ELD compliance
Time is really starting to fly. You may have already planned your Halloween party and started thinking about what to do for Thanksgiving. However, all of your planning for the holiday season may not be blissful, because the ELD compliance date arrives smack dab in the middle of it! What a damper on all of your holiday cheer.

ELD compliance date is on December 18, 2017 and it will be here before you know it. 

That means you only have about 2 ½ months to implement ELDs in your trucks. It’s best to go ahead and get started now because, despite the efforts to protest the mandate, the compliance date remains intact.

A Look At The ELD Mandate

An ELD is an electronic logging device that plugs directly into a truck’s engine to record a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS). They will help track, manage, and share RODS data. They will completely replace paper log books.

The ELD mandate was put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order improve driver safety and cut down on hours of service (HOS) violations. Currently, many fleets have onboard electronic devices or paper logs that can be easily forged.

Not only can drivers lie about their HOS, but they can easily be pushed towards driving over the daily limit. This is something that will hopefully be addressed by ELDs, even though they are met with major resistance.

OOIDA, the Owner-Operator Independent Driver’s Association has been in the long haul in the fight against ELDs. They have taken their case to the supreme court, saying the ELD mandate violates trucker’s fourth amendment rights. It’s believed that truckers won’t have protection against unreasonable searches and seizures when they are stopped.

The supreme court denied OOIDA’s claim, but that did not put out the flames. OOIDA is still working to stop ELDs and now has the help of the Coalition on their side. The Coalition is a group made up of 30 Owner-Operator Independent Driver Associations and other transportation-related groups. A few members include the United States Cattlemen’s Association, Mid-West Trucker’s Association, New England Fuel Institute, and more.

The coalition supports bill H.R. 3282, the ELD Extension Act of 2017, which would delay the ELD mandate for another two years. They also believe the mandate should be delayed until issues such as security issues, lack of connectivity in rural areas, law enforcement’s ability to access this data, and more are solved.

However, when you consider the benefits of ELDs, do they outweigh the bad? Their claim to fame is that they will cut down on driver fatigue, wrecks caused by fatigue, and give law enforcement the ability to enforce compliance. They will reduce paperwork by eliminating paper logs that need to be processed back at the office. Also, they have to potential to improve communication and document driver safety in the event of an accident.

Still, though, ELDs will be costly to implement, and truckers will have much less privacy. Drivers are also concerned that will won’t be able to drive as long or be as productive.

What Do You Think?

The ELD mandate is well on its way, and implementation delays are highly unlikely. Will you be ready to comply with the mandate by December 18th or are you joining the fight to delay it? Please share your thoughts about ELDs and the mandate in the comment section below.
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline Is Almost Here

Generate Your IFTA report with TruckLogics
Happy October! It’s actually most people’s favorite month because they get to eat candy and wear costumes without being judged...depending on how far they take things. One of our favorite things about October along with candy binging is carving pumpkins to ward off evil.

One of these evils is actually IFTA and the third quarter deadline is on October 31st!!! You have just heard scary organ music and the sounds of thunderstorms while reading that, but that’s normal because IFTA can be a filing nightmare for some truckers. However, there’s no need to worry with TruckLogics here to help simplify IFTA reporting.

All About IFTA

For those rookies who need a little refresher about IFTA, it’s the International Fuel Tax Agreement. It’s an agreement made between the lower 48 United States and the Canadian provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel used by heavy vehicles that operate in more than one jurisdiction.

Trust us, IFTA actually has made things simpler. Before IFTA was put in place each state had their own rules and regulations for reporting, meaning you had to follow the reporting rules for each jurisdiction you traveled in! You also needed decals for each jurisdiction you traveled in.

If you own an IFTA qualifying vehicle that complies with the law you will need an IFTA license and two decals which much be clearly displayed under the driver side window.

Your vehicle qualifies for IFTA if it’s used, designed, or maintained for the transportation of people and property and:
  • Has two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight greater than 26,000 pounds and or 
  • Has three or more axles regardless of weight and or 
  • Is used in combination and the weight is greater than 26,000 pounds or the gross registered vehicle weight is greater than 26,000 pounds. 
In order to complete your return you need to file with your base jurisdiction (the state where your vehicle is registered) and provide the following information:
  • Total miles traveled per jurisdiction
  • Total gallons of fuel purchased per jurisdiction 
  • Tax paid on all fuel purchases 
  • And the current tax rate per jurisdiction. 
Now that may seem like a lot, but with TruckLogics tracking those totals is simple! By planning your trip with ProMiles not only will you be finding the most fuel-efficient route, but you’ll be recording precise mileage per trip for your IFTA report. The miles will be accurately recorded per jurisdiction.

Track your IFTA totals online with TruckLogics
Also, with TruckLogics expense tracking feature, you can easily record your fuel purchases at any time from any location. You can even take a photo of your fuel receipt and upload it to TruckLogics for your IFTA records.

You can also enter your IFTA information at your own pace, per trip or for multiple trips at a time and all of your information will be compiled into IFTA reports with accurate calculations based on the information you provide.

Best of all, all of your IFTA information will be stored in your account in quarterly IFTA reports. This provides a central location for you to keep all of your IFTA information online! They organize all of your IFTA calculations in an easy to read report and automatically calculate the amount of IFTA tax you owe. Also, the reports can be emailed or printed and easily used to instantly complete your IFTA return!

Knock Out IFTA Today!

What are you waiting for? The deadline is only getting closer. Sign up for your free 15-day TruckLogics trial right now to see how easy IFTA reporting can be. Also, if you have any questions we’re here to help. Give us a call Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EAST at 704.234.6946. We also offer live chat and 24/7 email support at
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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Truckers, Enjoy National Coffee Day

Truck Drivers love National Coffee Day
National Coffee Day

Truckers, Enjoy National Coffee Day 

You know that you rely on many different forms of caffeine to stay alert, from coffees, teas, to neon-colored energy drinks, and more. However, coffee seems to take the lead as the most popular beverage to get your day started with, particularly for truck drivers. Something about its warm awakening embrace and bold soothing flavors get you prepared to handle everything.

Coffee is so great that it even has its own day! National Coffee Day is September 29th, and as an added bonus for truckers, many truck stops and other businesses across the Nation have special deals going on to celebrate coffee as well as appreciate drivers. Check out where you can find the best coffee deals! (We are not affiliated with any of these companies, we just want you to get the best deals!)

National Coffee Day Deals

Flying J

Head on over to the hook for a free small cup of coffee or any hot beverage including a cappuccino or tea. That’s right, Flying J isn’t discriminating against the tea lovers out there! All you have to do to get your free beverage is display their online coupon on your phone at the time of purchase. The coupon can be found here

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme is taking this coffee event pretty seriously because they are extending it all weekend long. At anytime Friday the 29th - Sunday, October 1st, you can get a free cup of hot coffee in any size and a free small iced coffee, no coupon or purchase necessary.

If you're a truck driver who prefers to brew your coffee in your own rig, you can still benefit from National Coffee Day all weekend long because Keurig is offering 15% off of most of their boxes of coffee pods, and 20% off of their recyclable pods. This deal lasts from the 29th through October 2nd so you have a lot of time to take advantage of the savings. Just use the discount code ‘GREENSAVINGS’ when you check out.

Love’s Travel Stops

At Love’s your coffee will help save a life because of all proceeds from 24 oz. hot beverages will result in a dollar donation to Children’s Network Hospitals to help sick and injured children. Also, all day long 24 oz. coffees and cappuccinos will be available for a dollar! Drivers in the My Loves Rewards program can also redeem a free drink refill on a coffee, and Love’s will still donate a dollar for you.

Coffee For Your Trucking Health

If you don’t like plain coffee or tea tomorrow may be a good day to at least try a cup for free because coffee and tea are both much healthier options compared to sugar-loaded sodas and chemical filled energy drinks. While tea is great, today we're focusing on the health benefits from black coffee for trucker health. 

TruckLogics will celebrate National Coffee Day
The health benefits of coffee include:
  • The caffeine in coffee can help your body burn fat as it boosts your metabolism. 
  • Coffee improves your performance as it stimulates your nervous system and breaks down your body fat for fuel, making you more energized and alert. 
  • Coffee is incredibly nutritious and contains Vitamin B, Potassium, Manganese, Niacin, and more. Coffee also includes multiple antioxidants. 
  • Coffee drinkers are linked to having a much lower risk of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Coffee makes people happy and greatly reduces rates of depression and the risk of suicide. 
At the end of the day when comparing coffee to soda, your waistline can rejoice by avoiding tons of unhealthy chemicals and tons of sugar. Plus, coffee is good for your body, brain, and energy levels. Try switching to coffee for a healthier way to stay alert and enjoy reaping the health benefits.

Happy National Coffee Day

Thank you for all your hard work out there on our Nation's highways. We hope you enjoy your free hot beverage. We will definitely be celebrating around here in South Carolina with a variety of coffee and teas to choose from!

Did we miss a good deal?! Comment below and tell us how you take your coffee! 
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Is Your Trucking Business Forgetting To File An Important Tax Form?

File Form 941 with IRS authorized ExpressTaxFilings
Taxes just seem to keep on coming all year long! You just filed your HVUT Form 2290 so you can relax knowing that’s out of the way. However, get too comfortable and let other tax deadlines slip your mind because more are on the way!

As a business owner, you have more taxes to file than the average person and you have an important deadline coming up that's almost less than a month away! You need to file Form 941 by the 3rd quarter deadline, which is on October 31st, but don’t worry you can easily file with ExpressTaxFilings.

What’s Form 941?

Form 941 is the Quarterly Federal Tax Return and the report that’s used to disclose employment taxes for those who own and operate a business with employees. This means any person or business that pays wages to an employee must file Form 941 on a quarterly basis, just like IFTA.

As a trucking business owner, you are responsible for withholding federal income tax, Medicare tax, and social security tax from your employee’s paychecks and you are responsible for sending that amount to the IRS. Form 941 is used to report the amount withheld from your employees during the quarter and to pay the employer’s portion of social security and MEdicare Tax to the IRS.
Quickly e-file form 941 with ExpressTaxFilings

How Do I File Form 941

Simply head to our IRS-authorized sister company, ExpresstaxFilings to quickly and easily knock out your Form 941 online! It’s easy, It’s easy, all you have to do is create your free account and follow the step-by-step e-filing guide to complete your form and transmit directly to the IRS! in a matter of minutes.

Also, we’re here to help. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated, US-based TruckLogics support team. We’re available on the phone Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST at 704.234.6946. You can also reach us via live chat and take advantage of our 24/7 email support at
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How Trucking Businesses Efficiently Manage Independent Contractors

How Trucking Businesses Manage Independent Contractors
Within your fleet, you have a lot to keep up with. Drivers, bills, loads, and more. You can start to go a little mad trying to remember everything yourself. Don’t let deadlines and payments slip through the cracks or you might lose your independent contractors.

Instead use the incredibly simple way to manage your independent drivers all within a single program, with TruckLogics. TruckLogics is the complete business management solution that’s designed to help you save time with managing your entire operation online with innovative features for accounting, driver settlements, effortless dispatches, and more.

Managing Independent Contractors With TruckLogics 

When you set up your TruckLogics account you can grant multi-user access to your employees with different levels of permissions in their accounts so they can access different aspects of your business to either help complete work or access their records. This way your drivers can access their settlements at any time to know how much they were paid and when.

Driver Settlements

It’s also extremely quick and easy to create driver settlements. The pay will be automatically calculated based on your settings. You can choose to pay your drivers per mile, loaded mile, with a percentage of the revenue, or manually and the hauling charge will automatically be calculated.

Your fuel charges can be calculated based off of mileage, percentage of revenue, or from a flat fee, You can also add accessorial fees. To save time we have listed a few to choose from, but you can also create a custom fee.

You can also add reimbursements and deductions to the settlement at any time and we will automatically calculate the balance for you. If you need to advance your driver’s pay you can deduct the cost and add the reason for the deduction to keep clear and concise records. 


Need to charge someone for your services? No problem. You can instantly create a professional invoice with TruckLogics. Based off of your settings the invoice will be auto-filled for you and the calculations will be automatically totaled to save you time.

You can also edit the load, rates, and add memos at any time. Your invoices can be downloaded and shared with your clients, printed, and sent via email, so you can easily get them to where they need to go.

You’re a busy person, you shouldn’t have to worry about remembering each of your invoices, that’s why TruckLogics provides reminders when your invoices are approaching their due date, are due, and past due.

Effortless Dispatching

Assigning loads to your employees can be done with just a few clicks with the ability to instantly create dispatches online. You can assign drivers to dispatchers that include the pickup and drop off location as well as any special pickup instructions and contact information for the pickup and drop off points so the drivers have everything they need.

Plus, with TruckLogics check calls have never been easier. You can instantly update your clients on your progress and location, and you can capture and send your BOL and proof of delivery to simplify your daily check-in.

Try TruckLogics Now

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your FREE 15-day trial with TruckLogics today to see this innovative trucking business management program can help you save time and simplify running your entire operation, especially when it comes to independent contractors.

Join Us For Our Webinar 

Learn how to save money and time while efficiently manageme your trucking business by using TruckLogics to it's full potential. Join our "Stop Wasting Money, Start Efficiently Managing Your Trucking Business Today" today, September 26, at 3 PM.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

How To Properly Use Load Boards

Need to find a loads fast to keep your trucks moving? Well, Then you could always use a load board. There are hundreds of them all over the internet that post loads for you to book. It sounds easy enough, right? You find the load, you book the load, you pick up and deliver the load! Then you get paid.

Well actually, load boards can be a little tricky and like everything else in the trucking industry you should research your options before just diving in. Luckily we have your back with advice on how to efficiently utilize load boards to get the best bang for your work.

Get A Load Of This

You can’t marry the first load board you find. You could, but who knows what other loads you might be missing out on? Research different load boards to find a few different ones to use on a regular basis. Keep in mind that some have a monthly subscription so you will have to add the charge into your monthly budget. If the fee is over $30 then move on, you can do better.

When shopping around look at the load boards with the most loads and the best rates in the lanes your serve. It can be easy to settle for low rates in the lanes you don’t serve if you get tired of looking, but stay focused and take your time. Also, always have more than one load board.

Don’t go in blind. Before calling a load know your break-even point and your lowest possible rate per mile, that will at least let you break even on the load, even though, of course, you want to make a profit. Also, if a shipper or broker has no credit or low credit avoid them.

Be aware that with load boards you will be working with strangers, so you will have to feel comfortable contacting a lot of different people. When you call them, be firm and ready to negotiate, but don’t get frustrated when they try to hit you with lower rates. Loads have a lot of competition for them. Remember that you can always walk away from a load if it doesn’t suit your needs. Hold out for the right one for your business.

If you’re tight on funds see if the broker can give you an advance, and if they can’t you can always consider factoring your freight bills to get by until your next load. Factoring is a great way to get started as an owner-operator until you have enough cash flow to support your business.

Calculate the distance of your load in order to keep your deadhead miles to a minimum. Is your return trip too expensive? Maybe there is another load close by to deliver close to home base. This is where referring to multiple load boards can help you, just remember to never overbook your business.

As you work with brokers and shippers your reputation will start to build. People in the transportation industry will talk, and you can’t control what they say but you can have a hand in if the conversation is good or bad by being professional and reliable. Once you have a positive reputation shippers and brokers will choose you over other truckers and may even come to you with loads.

So how do you do that? Deliver loads on time, and follow through with the work you agree to. Have good communication skills and call a shipper as soon as you know about a potential problem so they can help solve it. Maintain your appearance and shower often. It also doesn’t hurt to wear jeans and a polo or button-down shirt instead of a t-shirt with gym shorts and slides. Also, be polite and carry yourself confidently without the use of profanity.

Get Those Loads

Load Boards are becoming increasingly popular as a way for owner-operators and fleets to find business. They can really help you get your business off the ground and find business fast as long as you take the time to find the right load for your needs. Just research your options and know your financial requirements before picking one and running with it.

If we left anything out about load boards please fill in the blanks in the comment section below, and on another note:


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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sleep Apnea, The Silent Killer For Truckers

Driving tired kills truckers
As a trucker are you getting enough sleep? Is your rig outfitted with blackout curtains and a comfortable mattress so you can get the rest you need? You may be thinking that you do get about 8 hours of sleep of night, but still, wake up feeling tired and groggy.

That’s because if you’re affected by sleep apnea then you may not even know you have it. Unless you record yourself sleeping or someone tells you that you snore extremely loudly this condition could go completely missed.

You might wake up coughing, irritated, with headaches, and worst of off exhausted. This is a problem because sleep apnea is filling our nation’s highways with danger because driving tired is the equivalent of driving drunk. So, please help truckers spread awareness about his condition by taking a moment to learn about sleep apnea today.

The Dangers Of Sleep Apnea In Truckers

First of all, driving tired is dangerous because it can slow down your reaction time, impair your judgment, and affect your vision. It can also make it more difficult to process information and decrease your short-term memory. When you drive tired your performance is greatly decreased while mood swings and aggression can be increased, leading to higher rates of road rage. However, at the end of the day driving tired simply leads to more wrecks and fatalities.

You may think you aren’t at risk for sleep apnea because it’s more common among larger truckers, but the unhealthy lifestyle can make you gain weight without noticing and lead to conditions like sleep apnea. It can also affect smaller people for reasons such as an airway obstruction or due to having constricted airways.
Driving tired kills truckers
If you have sleep apnea it’s important to get screened because it can lead to even more dangerous conditions aside from driving tired. Conditions that sleep apnea can lead to include heart disease and an increased risk of a heart attack, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, acid reflux, asthma, and more.

Now a few of these conditions like high blood pressure, weight gain, and heart disease can be caused by the sedentary trucker lifestyle already and made worse by sleep apnea, so getting tested for the condition the sooner the better so you can get your life back.

Those who have been screened and started their treatments rejoice in the fact that not only do they have their lives back, but their quality of life is greatly improved. Treatments may include working out and living a healthier lifestyle, surgery, and getting a CPAP machine.

If you aren’t sure that you need to be tested check out Aeroflow’s sleep apnea screening questionnaire. All you have to do is honestly answer the questions and submit the form and they will assess your sleep apnea risk for you, for free. Then you can take further actions based on the results.

Catch Sleep Apnea, Save Lives

If you feel constantly exhausted then maybe it’s time to see your risk for sleep apnea. Trucking is currently the most dangerous profession, so we need to eliminate driving tired to make our roads safer and to get more truckers home with their lives.

If you have anything to add about sleep apnea please share it with us in the comment section below and for more trucking blogs please visit
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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Maximize Profits By Running Your Trucking Business Online

Increase Trucking Business Profits
In the trucking industry, it’s always good to figure out where you can cut costs, as it’s a difficult industry to break into. Saving a little here and there can help your business stay afloat until it really gets established.

One way to maximize profits involves reducing paperwork and the need for an office administrative representative to handle paperwork for you by managing your business online. This is where TruckLogics, the complete trucking business management solution can help because it makes your business just as mobile as you are.

With TruckLogics you can eliminate time-consuming paperwork and save time while managing your entire operation right at your fingertips with innovative features for accounting, online dispatching, IFTA reporting, and more.

Managing Your Trucking Business Online

First of all, it’s important to mention that TruckLogics provides multi-user login access, so you can grant different levels of access to your employees to improve productivity and streamline business management. You can allow your staff to access dispatches, the TruckZones, loads, IFTA reports, and more.

Driver Logs

With the TruckLogics app, you can also eliminate tons of paperwork and the need for your drivers to carry logbooks in their rig with electronic driver logs. This makes it incredibly easy to comply with DOT without having to spend hours going through paper logs.

Drivers can simply update their hours of service with just a few clicks on their smartphone or tablet. Plus, with the use of auto location creating a driver log graph is incredibly easy! Also, the driver logs can be instantly printed or emailed to go wherever they need to.

Invoice, Billing, and Expenses

Where do you currently track all of your business expenses? Do you keep up with what you spend in an excel sheet? Do you keep all of your receipts in a folder? Well, there is a better way. Instantly record all of your expenses in TruckLogics. 
Online Trucking Business Management Program

Whenever you make a purchase, like on fuel, for example, you can record the quantity, type, cost, and even upload a photo for your records. If you add a monthly bill as a recurring expense then it will automatically be added to your records on a monthly basis so you don’t have to keep manually adding it month after month.

You can also create a professional invoice in a matter of seconds to email your clients. Instantly add or edit load details, rates, and memos. You can also set the due date and will receive reminders when the due date is near or has passed.

Once you receive the payment for your invoice you can post it in your TruckLogics account for your records with details such as if the payment was full or partials, the payment mode from cash, check, credit, EFT, and any notes if needed.

Maintenance Schedules

Keeping your trucks regularly maintained will extend their life and reduce costs and keeping up with their maintenance schedule doesn’t have to be a paperwork filled hassle. Simply use TruckLogics to make sure your trucks are maintained with accurate record keeping.

All of your equipment can be tracked in your account with the company, year, make, model, and serial number. Simply search for the vehicle you need and you will instantly be able to find its information.

Create a maintenance plan based on the custom needs of your fleet. The maintenance tasks can be scheduled by date, mileage, or hours. The maintenance task can be recorded and every time you log into your account head to the TruckZOne to see your scheduled maintenance, completed maintenance, upcoming maintenance, and past due maintenance.

Go Ahead, Cut The Paper Work!

Ring ring, the 21st century is calling. It’s time to reduce costs and cut hours spent processing paperwork by using TruckLogics to simplify managing your entire business online. Take advantage of your free 15-day trial now to see how TruckLogics can be used to help you save time and maximize your profits.
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Thursday, 14 September 2017

How To Build Quality Relationships With Shippers

Trucker and shipper relationship
Load Boards are a great way to get started in the trucking industry but they don’t give you the most pay for your work. The loads posted offer incredibly low rates and have a lot of competition.

As soon as you get a load you better start planning and looking for the next one! To make it as an owner operator or fleet owner you and your drivers might be much better off by building quality relationships with shippers, so we have a few tips on how to do exactly that.

Building Quality Relationships With Shippers

It’s time to be a shark and find the shipper you want to deliver for. They don’t necessarily have to look for drivers because other owner operators are also looking for work. However, don’t just pick the first shipper you see, research your options.

You will want to work with the same shipper for a while, so look up their company reviews. Make sure their previous employees left positive comments to get an idea if you will be happy working there for a while or not. The transportation industry has a high turnover rate, so if you have a history of staying with shippers long term then that will give you a leg up.

If you contact a shipper and don’t hear back from them right away then don’t give up. Follow up within the next few days. Also, make sure your pitch is clear, organized, and to the point.
Grow Your Trucking Business
Present yourself well. When picking up and delivering loads make sure that you wear something a little nicer than sweatpants and flip-flops. Make sure you’ve showered recently and comb your hair. Grocers will report back to your shipper about you, so it’s important that you make a good impression.

Also, speak well. Use your manners and be polite. You have no idea how far a few please and thank yous will go. If you get frustrated try your best to stay calm and keep your language clean.

Speaking of speaking, it’s also a great practice to have good communication. There are many hands-free ways you can contact your shipper. They will appreciate being kept up to date on your progress.

It’s really important to contact your shipper as soon as you know your delivery is going to be delayed. That will give your shipper time to notify the grocery and make arrangements. Waiting til the last minute could cause tensions to rise.

You are responsible for yourself, shippers won’t make excuses for you. Communication will solve a lot of issues. If you are nervous about facing a shipper you could text them, but it’s much better to call.

Remember shippers are also trying to get loads delivered at the lowest rate possible, so be aware of the supply, demand and current market rates when it comes to your pay. Don’t be afraid to negotiate rates, but don’t get upset when you get offered a lower rate. As you spend time in in the business getting experience to build a good reputation you can get higher rates.

Build Those Shipper Relationships

If you’re ready to take your trucking business to the next level then it might be time to move away from load boards to build quality relationships with shippers. Go get ‘em, tiger. Be smart, responsible, and respectful and you will quickly be on your way towards earning more for your work.

Please share any tips you have towards building relationships with shippers in the comment section below.
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Truckers Are Crucial For Providing Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

Truckers HOS suspended
Harvey just made a huge splash in Texas and before the relief effort could even finish Irma the category 4 hurricane slammed Florida. The entire state was covered by the massive wind and rain storm.

Just like truckers did their part to help with Harvey you can get in your rig and head down to the sunshine state to help out. Just remember to be prepared in case of emergencies and to get enough rest in order to safely contribute. Here’s what you can expect if you pitch in with Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Efforts

As Irma arrived the Department of Transportation issued a Regional Emergency Declaration for 7 states, including Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and of course, Florida.

As a result of the declaration HOS or hours of service regulations were suspended for drivers and carriers in those states providing direct assistance to the impacted areas. Now because those helping with relief efforts can drive past the normal HOS regulations we urge you to not go past your limits. Take the time to rest if you need to, driving tired is incredibly dangerous because it’s the equivalent to driving drunk.

Even though loads for the relief effort may be offering extra rates per mile, keep in mind that helping out may not be easy. You will be entering a disaster area after all. Before heading down to Florida be sure to have a few emergency items packed in your cab.

You should take some extra clothes because you may not have an area to shower or do laundry for a few days You should also take a flashlight, batteries, power inverter, hand crank radio, utility knife, and a first aid kit. You never know when these items could come in handy and they are actually beneficial to carry in your rig at all times.

Truckers helping with hurricane irma
Hurricanes make areas flood, causing them to be extremely wet, so make sure you take water proof items with you. You’ll want to be totally protected from flood water as it’s generally contaminated with chemicals and feces, so bring your water bib if you have one.

If your route is flooded don’t push your truck’s limits. You don’t want to get stuck in the water or swept away. Remember, turn around, don’t drown.

Be prepared to wait. When you get to a disaster zone the people there may not be able to tell you where to go or give you further instructions for hours. As you wait you might get hungry but there might not be a place for you to grab some food, so be sure to pack non-perishable food for your trip, along with some bottles of water.

You may want to bring extra food and water in order to give out to those in need if you happen to rescue someone. If you have any coffee or soda that you can’t live without take some of it with you too.

It’s a good idea to carry some extra fuel with you and to top off where you can. The evacuation caused many fuel shortages all around the state, and some places might not have been able to refuel yet.

When you stop to rest try to find a safe well lit area. Even though police are stopping looters they may not be able to catch everyone and the last thing you will want is to be bothered by someone trying to take your stuff.

Are You Helping With Hurricane Irma Relief?

If you’re heading to Florida to deliver emergency items to those in need and to provide aid, thank you for your hard work. Just remember to stay safe and don’t go past your limits. If you aren’t driving to provide assistance you can donate to the cause here.

Please share any tips about providing hurricane disaster relief in the comment section below and for more trucking blogs visit
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