Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Truck Accounting Software: Track of All Your Income and Expenses

Track Your Income and Expenses with TruckLogics
Track Your Income and Expenses
One of the toughest aspects of running a business is the tracking. Whether you’re following your income and expenditures, or tracking customer happiness, you’re bound to have a stack of notes if you take this on the old fashioned way.

Heck, even with a spreadsheet system like Excel, you’re going to find yourself losing track of your income and expenses eventually.

But with TruckLogics, we aim to simplify every aspect of trucking management that can set you back. As you grow your truck fleet with TruckLogics, you’ll come to love all of our income and expense tracking features.

Fuel Expenses

With TruckLogics, you can quickly record details from every fuel purchase by logging each time you purchase fuel, the vehicle that was filled, the number of gallons, fuel type, and total cost of the sale, the odometer reading, and the location of purchase. You can also upload an image of the receipt of that transaction itself!

Driver Settlements

Instead of bogging yourself down with complicated driver settlements, TruckLogics helps you calculate pay with deductions, reimbursements, or advances within minutes.

  • Hauling Charges: Calculate driver pay based on your settings. You can choose how you will pay your driver, and the hauling charge will be determined instantly.
  • Fuel Surcharges: Determine your fuel surcharge based on mileage, a percentage of the revenue, or a flat rate per trip.
  • Add Accessorial Fees: Add accessorial fees by choosing the fee type from the drop-down menu or choose your own custom fee type. 
  • Add Reimbursements & Deductions Amount: Reimburse drivers for expenses by adding the total and reason to the settlement, and our software automatically adds the reimbursement to their balance.
  • Advance pay for the Driver: Calculate deductions for advance pay and late deliveries from the final settlement balance by adding the cost and reason for the deduction.

Equipment Expenses

Running your company means you need to balance the books… which means you need to watch your equipment expenses! When you need to track your expenses, as well as your repairs, you need to get truck maintenance software. You need to check out TruckLogics.

I mean, spreadsheets are helpful, but they lack the insight, efficiency, and mobility you need to run a successful company. No matter how mobile your business is, you need the ability to track and manage all your expenses from anywhere.

With TruckLogics, you can record payment details by information, method of payment (cash, check, credit card (or) EFT), and total amount of the transaction. You just select the expense category from the drop-down menu, or add your own custom categories for your business. You can also split an expense between categories by clicking "split."

Invoice Creation

Need truck invoice software? After you create and dispatch a load in TruckLogics, your invoice is ready to go. All you need to add is a fuel surcharge, then send it to the client.

We don’t believe in wasting time and money, so our automated reminders will remind you when and how you’ll get paid.

No matter what your business needs are, TruckLogics is here to make it easier. If you’d like to start a 15-day free trial, let’s do this!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

5 Steps for Easier Dispatches: Fleet Management Software

5 Steps for Easier Dispatches
5 Steps for Easier Dispatches
Whether you’re part of a small fleet or an Owner Operator, there are plenty of difficulties when it comes to fleet overhead. That’s one of the reasons we made TruckLogics, after all.

Since so much in this industry is getting more and more complicated, we’ve aimed to make TruckLogics even easier. As far as fleet management software goes, TruckLogics is ahead of the curve when it comes to ease of use.

How easy is TruckLogics? It’s simple enough that you can create a dispatch in 5 easy steps!

Create Your Dispatch

After you create an order in the system, you just need to click the button that says “Create Dispatch.” We told you it was easy! After that, you just choose new dispatch, or add to dispatch. After that, assign your drivers!

Assign Driver & Equipment

Your next step is to click assign. From here, you simply need to select a driver from the list - you can also select two drivers at this point. After that, choose your truck and trailer, and then it’s all a matter of clicking assign.

Shipper/Consignee Details

At this point, you can choose a default pick-up and drop-off location for each client to save time creating loads. You can also add a custom pick-up or drop-off location if needed. TruckLogics also allows you to enter specific instructions for the driver, or contact information for the pick-up and drop-off points.

Freight Details

The next few steps will walk you through what it takes to calculate your hauling fees (per mile, per ton, manually, etc.), fuel surcharge, and accessorial fees for lumper, stop off, tarp, (or) custom charges. Not only that, but with the TruckLogics fleet management software you also get to integrate our dispatching feature with your address book and the Truck Zone.

Complete Your Dispatch

This integration makes sending a dispatch a fast, effortless process - going as far as auto-filling most of the fields for you. That’s right - TruckLogics eliminates time-wasting data entry and gets the job done quicker. So go ahead and complete the rest!

Once you finish creating your dispatch with our fleet management software, remember that you can track your new dispatch and keep in touch with your driver using our Check Call feature.

Once the load is delivered, you’ll be able to pay your driver easy with our driver settlement software.

Thankfully, our dispatch process is so simple you shouldn’t run into any issues. But if you have any questions, we’re always able to answer your call from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from our Rock Hill, SC offices!

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fleet Management & Maintenance: Brake Safety Week

Fleet Management & Maintenance: Brake Safety Week
Fleet Management & Maintenance: Brake Safety Week
We talk a lot about truck drivers around here, but we don’t discuss fleet managers nearly as much as we should. What are fleet managers? A better question would be, what aren’t fleet managers?

It’s the kind of position that carries many hats, and no matter how much they do, there is always more to get done.

The roles and responsibilities of fleet managers can range from vehicle financing, to vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, and health and safety management.

So why should fleet managers choose Trucklogics - trucking software?

Brake Safety Week

If you haven’t heard, Sept 11-17, 2016 is Brake Safety Week! As part of CVSA’s Brake Safety Week, law enforcement agencies across North America will inspect trucks to find out-of-adjustment brakes, as well as brake-system and anti-lock braking system (ABS) violations.

If you get pegged for brake violations, or you just want to avoid getting pegged for bad brakes, you need to consider TruckLogics.

Vehicle Maintenance Management

With TruckLogics, you have access to an effective system for managing, planning, and maintaining accurate repair records, as well as service schedules, and even upcoming truck maintenance.

Simply add your maintenance and repair schedule to our hassle-free log screen, and then add any and all equipment details possible. Everything from year, make, model, and serial number can be added here.

With this information in the system, you can create your own maintenance schedules based on your own requirements for your fleet. You can then track your brake maintenance schedule by date, mileage, and hours.

Versatile Trucking Management

You can also schedule dispatches, track income and expense reports, and create LTL orders, as well as report your IFTA returns.

Not only can TruckLogics help you track your brake management, it can also help you out with driver management, driver payment reports, and fuel management.

Are your brakes good to go? Let us know on Facebook!

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How Can Fleet Management Software Help Your Small Fleet?

Fleet Management Software for Small Fleet
Fleet Management Software for Small Fleet
We want to start off by thanking every trucker in this nation of ours for all the hard work that you do. While it may feel like your work goes unnoticed, we here know that the entire nation runs thanks to you.

This National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to thank you, truck drivers everywhere!

So you want to take your small fleet to the next level with fleet management software but you don’t know how?

We’ve assembled this guide to let you know why we’re the best option available for your small fleet.


With custom invoicing, you can create professional-looking invoices with just a few clicks. Generating directly from your load details and settings, we’ll calculate and autofill most of the fields.

You just need to make sure the details are correct, and then save it to the system - it’ll even be branded with your company logo and information!

Full Truckload / Less Than Truckload

Not only does TruckLogics, the premier truck dispatch management software, support Full Truckload shipping, we also fully support Less Than Truckload (LTL).

As a small fleet, you might be running multiple loads per truck. With our LTL feature, you can assign multiple loads to a single driver, then dispatch them in a single step. With ProMiles integrated, routing multiple stops is easier than ever.

Driver Settlements

If you’re looking for truck accounting software that comes with a driver settlement feature, look no further! WIth TruckLogics, paying your drivers is simplified - you can calculate pay with deductions, reimbursements, or advances in a fraction of the time other systems use.

But we’re not just driver settlement software! There’s so much more to TruckLogics.

IFTA Fuel Tax

You already know that the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between the 48 contiguous United States and 10 provinces of Canada for the taxation of fuel usage within said borders.

But you might not know that TruckLogics is a fully functioning IFTA reporting software that is ready to help you file your IFTA report! We will automatically calculate your mileage with ProMiles, not only improving your recordkeeping, but also letting you correctly complete your IFTA return in no time.

If you have any questions about how TruckLogics can help your small fleet, reach out to experts at 704.234.6946.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

6 Ways Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Trucking Company

6 Ways Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Trucking CompanyInvoice factoring also referred to as freight factoring, is a funding solution many trucking companies use to obtain steady cash flow.

Invoice factoring works by selling your invoices to a factoring company in exchange for immediate payment. The factoring company advances you up to 95 percent of your invoice, same-day. Once payment is received from your customer, the remaining balance is remitted to you, minus a small fee for the services.

6 Benefits of Invoice Factoring

Same-Day Cash: Instead of waiting for 30, 60 or even 90 days or more for customer payment, invoice factoring pays you same-day on your invoices.
Cash for Fuel: Since invoice factoring eliminates the cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers, you’ll have a cash to fuel your trucks. 

Many factoring companies, including TCI Business Capital, also offer fuel card programs. This helps you save money and makes fueling up your trucks even easier as the funds from your invoices are deposited directly into your fuel card account. 

Catch-up on Bills: When you’re waiting for customer payment, it can be challenging to keep up on your bills. Invoice factoring speeds up your cash flow, giving you the ability to meet your business obligations such as bills and payroll.

Ability to Grow: With many factoring companies, the programs are designed to give you the ability to grow. 

For example, TCI Business Capital’s programs range from $10,000 a month all the way up to $20 million a month. The more loads you haul and the more contracts you accept, the more cash they’ll provide. This gives you the ability to hire more drivers, purchase more trucks or invest in any other resources you may need.

No Debt is Created: Unlike business loans and lines of credit, invoice factoring does not create debt on your balance sheet.

Back-Office Support: The best factoring companies offer back-office support services. These services allow you to focus on your business while the factoring company handles your accounts-receivable management and collections.

TCI Business Capital offers several other services at no extra charge. These include:

  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Professional account collectors
  • Credit analysis and risk assessment
  • Full treasury department
  • Fuel card programs

Learn More About Invoice Factoring and TCI Business Capital

Since 1994, TCI Business Capital has provided cash-flow solutions to thousands of trucking companies all across North America. As one of the top sources of operating capital, TCI prides itself on providing “Best in Class” service to every customer. Learn more by clicking here (or) by calling 800-707-4845.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet

3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet
3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet
Small fleet owners have one of the toughest jobs in the industry.

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They’re not just managing a single truck with a single driver (as in, only them). They can be handling anything from two trucks to a dozen or more trucks! While you are earning more than a lone owner operator, you don’t have the same deep coffers a large fleet has.

So we’ve gathered a few tools to help you manage your small fleet!

Dispatch Tools

With TruckLogics in your tool-belt, you can run dispatches with the efficiency of the largest fleet in town.

Using TruckLogics, you can assign drivers and equipment, as well as shipper and consignee with just a few clicks. If you need to notify your clients of load progress and location, you can use our Check Call feature, and send the bill of lading, and proof of delivery.

Plus with our mobile app, dispatching has never been easier!

Smarter Invoicing Tools

Once you’ve created a dispatch proposal, you can convert them to invoices with a single click. From that point, you can email, print, or mark an invoice as delivered with another click of a button.

You can select the factoring company option by choosing “yes” or “no” from the choices given. Select “yes" if the invoice has been claimed by a third party, and their rate will apply.

Communication Tools

We recently introduced a new set of communication tools to TruckLogics, which includes chat and messaging, and even a broadcast feature.

As a small fleet, you want the best communication possible to get the job done. With these features, you can message your drivers directly from TruckLogics for a one-on-one conversation, or broadcast important information to everyone in your fleet—they just need to have the TruckLogics app on their phone.

So go ahead and upgrade the efficiency of your small fleet with these 3 tools. Not a member of TruckLogics? When you’re ready to take your small fleet to the next level, head over to TruckLogics.com and sign up!

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Friday, 2 September 2016

The Trucklogics Mobile App Now has Chat!

Trucklogics Mobile App
Trucklogics Mobile App
Here at TruckLogics, we’re always pushing to bring you the latest technology that can improve your trucking business. That’s why we created our trucking management software in the first place!

As you may already know, TruckLogics provides the best solution for owner-operators, fleet and carrier managers, as well as company drivers. As we like to say around here, one app fits all!

Introducing TruckLogics Chat

Wait, a chat feature? Why do we need to chat with our fleet managers? Can’t we just text?

Well, as a trucker’s app, we’re always looking to simplify how you maintain your business.

What TruckLogics’ new feature does is let truck owners, fleet managers, and drivers directly chat with each other. They can share important photos (truck condition, delivery locations, freight itself), as well as the location of the truck.

This is all through the TruckLogics app, allowing you to keep all of your business in one nice, direct location.

What are the TruckLogics Chat Features?

Really, this feature is only useful for Fleet Users and their multi-user accounts - set up for dispatchers, accountants, and drivers, of course.

In order to use the chat feature, each multi-user account must install the TruckLogics App on their mobile device.

As a one-to-one chat app for truck drivers, truck owners, and fleet managers, TruckLogics aims to streamline discourse between management and drivers on the road while centralizing all your business communication in one app.

As a driver app, users can easily communicate by sharing trip documents, invoices, videos, and images. Anything that you need to get the job done!

Thanks to the broadcast feature, the main user account can also communicate with all of their sub-users at once.

How Can a Chat Feature Benefit Your Fleet?

First of all, you’ll ease the burden of truck management for yourself, your drives, and your clients.

You can also keep tabs on the load status, with the option to see it at any time. Best of all, truck owners can get touch with drivers, fleet managers, and other staff to point them in right direction.

Are you ready to take your fleet communication to the next level? Download TruckLogics from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store today!

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