Thursday, 22 December 2016

You've Gone Nose blind In The Cab

For most trucker’s their cab is their home. They practically live in it. Truckers laugh in it, they get road rage in it, they eat in it, sleep in it, and perform a few bodily functions like burping and passing gas. They’re totally comfortable in their beloved cab and go nose blind to its smell.

This can be a problem because cabs are also seen as a trucker’s office. If it’s kept messy or nice and neat can reflect how a trucker does their job, and so can the smell. Plus, what do you do if you’re leasing a truck and trying to sell it and it smells bad without you even knowing it? Luckily TruckLogics has the knowledge to help you beat nose blindness in the cab.

A Look at Nose Blindness

Now you may think that going nose blind is something made up by Fabreeze and candle adds to make you buy their flowery scented stuff, but they’re actually on to something. Haven’t you ever noticed that when you’ve been away from your cab on vacation and return to it, it smells a little funky? But then in a few hours, you don’t notice a thing?

That’s because your brain can actually get used to smells. Over time your brain will realize that a smell is just coming from you and the way you happily live so it won’t alert you about it. When your brain declassifies a scent as dangerous or necessary to live, you still smell it but your brain doesn’t notify you about it. So, everything you’re nose blind to is there without you even knowing.

Common Causes of Less Than Desirable Smells

Smoking can fill a cab up quick, even with the window cracked. Now we know it’s impossible to pull over and hop out every time you want to smoke, so we aren’t asking you to do that. Just consider how it makes the inside of your truck smell as smoke clings to fabrics and gets a musty stench to it.

Body odor and smells that come from sitting for hours on end can also fill a cab up quickly with a bad smell. As you sweat your seat absorbs it and the smell stays stuck in the fabric and stuffing. Also, burps and sulfuric gas from eggs and burritos can stick around for longer than you would like.

We understand that you need to eat in the cab to save time and deliver a load on time, but smells from various greasy burgers and fries can collect, especially when spills happen. Often times ketchup and grease stains go unnoticed and left to smell old and moldy.

Also, when you spill a drink like a soda, coffee, or water you probably don’t have time to stop and clean it up right away, so they really sink in and can start to smell ripe.

Gas and oil are other culprits that stink up the cab due to spills or from justing being tracked in from your hands and clothes.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

First, if you aren’t sure if your truck smells ask your wife of a nontrucking buddy to stick their head in the cab and take a whiff. Their reaction will give you a good indicator if your truck stinks or not. You can go in and get up close to your seats to sniff them yourself, but that could be a dangerous activity.

Then clean up. Get all of the fast food bags, snack wrappers, and cups out from behind or under the seats. They could be responsible for most of the odor in the cab. Try to make a habit of clearing out any trash you have at every truck stop to prevent the buildup of clutter and odors.

You can place a cup or tin of coffee grounds and baking soda somewhere in the cab and it will absorb smoky odors, as well as provide a natural fresh and energizing scent. A bag of cedar chips will do the same thing as well.

Try sprinkling some granulated carpet cleaner on the seats and carpet and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then come back and vacuum it up. Your truck will smell brand new!

Also, wipe down the cup holders, dash, and other non-carpeted or cloth materials in the cab with an all purpose cleaning spray to get rid of any sticky messes or spills.

To really deep clean your seat cushions you can rent a little steamer and wash them. This will get stinky smells that are set in pretty deep out.

Last but not least, you could always get some fabreeze. ;)

Avoid a Smelly Cab

Now you have everything you need to know about being nose blind in your cab and how to get deep odors out. Keep checking TruckLogics for more trucking tips and tricks, and be sure to share your tips on how to keep your cab smelling clean in the comment section below.

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