Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Losing Sleep? 3 Truck Driver Tips for Better Sleep

3 Truck Driver Tips for Better Sleep
3 Truck Driver Tips for Better Sleep
Let’s face it, sometimes sleeping is the hardest part of this job.

Yeah, the work itself ranges from back-breaking to leg-numbing, but afterward we find ourselves on uncomfortable beds, tossing and turning in our sleep.

We’ve talked about it before, and we know it impacts truckers daily - yeah, that’s right. We’re back with another sleep tips and tricks post.

Now, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may still be reviewing their thoughts on sleep apnea, but we have some of our own ideas to help improve trucker sleep.

Food Affects Sleep

With a day’s full of hard work, it’s tempting to finish off with a big, hearty meal. But since fatty, unhealthy foods take longer to to digest, you’ll find it harder to sleep while your stomach is digesting.

Instead, eat vegetables and lean proteins, and stay away from sugary, fatty foods. You should also keep away from sugary, caffeinated beverages, too!

Keep It Cool

According to Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel, “the body starts to lose heat from its central core and that brings on increased feelings of tiredness in normal healthy adults.”

It’s tough to stay cool in your cab.

Our suggestion? Get a cooling memory foam mattress that can change your entire sleep routine!

Turn Off the Lights

It’s not hard to lose sleep these days. In fact, with computers and cell phones, it’s down right easy. That’s because the glow of digital screens tricks the brain into thinking it's seeing daylight.

This can mess with your circadian rhythm, which is already threatened by the trucking lifestyle.

So when it’s time to turn in for the night, you need to put away your mobile devices, block any invasive light, and enjoy the dark. 

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