Thursday, 19 May 2016

Is Your Truck Destroying Your Back?

Is your Truck Destroying your Back?
Is Your Truck Destroying Your Back?
Out there on the road, there are a lot of dangers you’re going to have to deal with.

And in your cab, there’s an even bigger danger. With prolonged sitting, engine vibrations, and the internal stress of a sedentary lifestyle, the dangers just pile up.

What can you do to prevent these back issues? Grab a seat and let’s cover the basics!

How Sitting Hurts You

This whole industry is based around prolonged driving, unfortunately. Not only is it common, it can also be very dangerous.

Prolonged sitting can affect the posture and condition of your body. Your bones, ligaments and muscles will face wear and tear from slouching in a rounded, C-shaped posture.

When you’re sitting and driving, your back curves in a way that causes your head to push forward. This forces the neck muscles to hold up the head, and causes strain within those muscles.

The strain shoots down your back, and can create muscle contractions leading to fatigue and limited blood flow.

With all the stress of driving and engine vibrations, drivers will face more stress and discomfort in their vertebrae.

What should you look for to help you prevent or alleviate back pain?

How to Prevent Back Pain

First of all, fitness and sleep can always help out with your health—especially in a sedentary lifestyle.

But most important might be the seat you rest in. They might be pricy, but you should invest in an ergonomic seat designed to alleviate and protect your back.

If you are not looking for a full seat replacement, look into a good seat cushion.

Most of your modern truck seat cushions will be designed with back and body pains in mind. When you’re looking for seat cushions, you want one that will help your circulation, ease your back pain, and give you comfort for the ride.

What else can you do? Try these seat tips:

  • Adjust your depth and height so that your feet can reach everything and are comfortable when at rest. 
  • Your backrest should allow you to reach the steering wheel with slightly angled arms.
  • Use lumbar support to support your lower back and avoid hunchback postures.
  • Sit with your back all the way down pressed to the back of the seat, with the upper body in an upright position.
  • Alter your seat position slightly throughout the day to vary the stress on your body. 

You’re going to have to be proactive - but it is worth it to preserve your back.

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So let TruckLogics worry about your business, and you take care of that back!

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