Monday, 25 April 2016

Why Truckers Should Meditate on the Road?

Why Truckers Should Meditate on the Road?
Why Truckers Should Meditate on the Road?
When you’re out there hauling freight, it’s easy to lose your mind in the stress of life. Balancing paychecks, eating truck stop food, and meeting tax deadlines is enough to give you a headache.

So what can you do to ease the stress? You know we advocate for healthy eating and exercise, but your mind might still need some help afterwards.

Just as you take care of your body, it’s important to care for your brain! Which is why some truckers have turned to meditation to cure their cognitive woes.

The Meditating Trucker

Take Linda Squire, for example. As a trucker for over a decade, Squire has seen her fair share of delays, road raging four wheelers, and engine troubles. All this stress adds up, leading to anxiety and more.

While she’s a laid back person, Squire says seeing so many accidents on the road can be worrisome. All those accidents and broken down trucks get to you, and you find yourself tense and frustrated.

With her route taking her from Ohio to Oklahoma weekly, finding the time for stress recovery became difficult.

But after learning about meditation, Squire found she could stay calm by introducing the mindful techniques into her life.

“When I get upset or scared, I focus on breathing and it helps me to relax a lot quicker,” Squire says.

Instead of letting the stress of work get to her, she has positive thoughts about her home and her farm.

“Through meditation, I can take control of how I’m feeling,” Squire says.

How Meditation Helps?

By clearing your mind, you can focus on a particular situation.

And while you might not feel one hundred percent convinced, studies have shown that meditation can exercise your brain for better focus, while also lowering stress and increasing forgiveness.

How to Meditate?

How do you go about meditating? Well, it doesn’t take much!

All you need is NOTHING.

Well, you need a willingness to concentrate on what is happening and to slow your mind down while breathing. You can lie down to meditate, but finding a quiet, still place is best.

In a quiet place, you limit your sensory distraction, which will be a great help. With your eyes closed, you can block out visual clutter and draw your mind elsewhere.

Some people use music or guided relaxation to help with the process. Others might find the extra sounds distracting.

So how do you meditate? Check out this illustrated guide that tells you how to meditate.

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How do you clear your mind while on the road? Is meditation for you?

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