Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Safe Ways to Avoid Drunk Drivers This St. Patrick's Day

March 17th is the day of celebration for Maewyn, the patron saint of Ireland. But for most Irish and Irish-loving-people, March 17th is a day known for its bar hopping and obscene amount of alcohol consumption.  And although all holidays have their fair share of drunk drivers, St. Patrick’s Day is notorious for its drunk drivers.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent drunk driving from occurring (although we wish we could), but we do have some tips to help keep you safe on the road during St. Patty’s Day.

Signs of Drunk Driving

Sometimes avoiding drunk drivers can be difficult, especially during inclement weather or at night. But it’s not impossible if you know the warning signs to watch out for. Check out this list of drunk driver traits:

  • Weaving from one of the lane to the other. At first, when you see a car weaving continuously back and forth, you might think it’s a driver searching for something, eating, or on their phone. But be extra careful—these weaving drivers might be drunk.
  • Sudden Braking. If you are behind someone who suddenly brakes (and does it continuously) you might want to watch out. This is a common sign of drunk driving.
  • Tailgating. So it might be a jerk driver behind you or a drunk driver. Why take the risk? Try to move over to the the next lane and out of their way.
  • Other signs. Failing to use headlights (at night), passing cars too closely, random stops, or lack of attention to traffic signals.

How to Drive Defensively

Before St. Patty’s Day celebrations even begin, ask yourself, “can this load wait until tomorrow?” No delivery is worth risking a run-in with a drunk driver. And one of the best ways to avoid impaired drivers is to avoid driving at night or anytime during this holiday. Night accidents happen over four times more than daytime accidents.

However, if you have to get a load delivered, and the only possible way is by driving at night, be prepared for the unexpected. Always watch what other drivers are doing, and never assume they are going to obey traffic laws—for example, wait three seconds before pulling through a red light. And try your best to plan routes that take you on highways—not backcountry roads.  

What to do When you Spot a Drunk Driver

If you catch yourself in the surroundings of a drunk driver, don’t panic. There are several ways you can protect yourself, and others around you, from this driver. 

-Ensure that your (and your passenger’s) seatbelt is fastened.
-If you can, pull over or slow way down to let the drunk driver pass you.
-Do not follow.
-To protect the other drivers on the road, try to note the license plate numbers or a description of the car, and report the incident to the authorities.  
-Do not try to stop the vehicle yourself. 

We hope you stay safe this St. Patty’s Day! Watch out for signs of drunk drivers and do your part to not drink and drive.

And before you go, can you tell us why the shamrock is the symbol of St. Patrick’s day? Let us know your answers (or guesses) in the comment section below or share them with us on our Facebook page.

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