Friday, 4 March 2016

5 of the Healthiest Smoothies Every Trucker Needs to Try

So, everyone is on your case about being healthy, aren’t they? What with the passing of e-logs to monitor your driving and rest time - who knows when you’ll have to provide information on healthy eating and exercising? But hey, what’s wrong with trying to eat healthier? And we know, sometimes you’d rather just keep driving and pick up a snack instead of stopping to cook something healthy. But what if we told you there’s an easier way to eat healthy while still driving? Introducing smoothies!

We have five of the healthiest smoothies every trucker should be drinking while on the road. All you need is a couple ingredients and a blender. Not so complicated, right?

Ginger and Banana

If you have digestion issues, heartburn, or nausea, then you need more ginger in your life—and we’re talking about the root in this case.

Blend a banana, ¾ vanilla yogurt, 1 tbsp honey, and ½ tsp grated ginger together to make a healthy, 157 calorie smoothie.

The World’s Best

It’s called the world’s best for a reason - this drink is packed full of healthy ingredients, and is a great choice to have in the morning.

Blend 1 cup plain yogurt, a banana, ½ orange juice, and six frozen strawberries. This might take a little longer to blend, so keep your blender going for at least 45 seconds. Enjoy your 300 calorie morning smoothie.

Ice Cream Killer

Craving ice cream? I get it, it’s easy to pull over and grab some McDonald’s soft-serve, chocolate-dipped ice cream, but don’t do it. Try this pineapple ice cream killer smoothie instead!

Blend together 1 cup plain yogurt and 6 ice cubes until the ice is broken down into large pieces. Add in 1 pineapple chunk and blend until smooth. Ice cream with only 283 calories? Sign me up!

Southern Love

Thinking about the days you were in Georgia? Grab yourself a spoonful of this protein packed peach smoothie.

Mix 1 cup of 1% milk, 2 tbsp of vanilla yogurt, ½ cup frozen peaches, ½ cup strawberries, ⅛ tsp ginger (powdered), 2 tsp protein powder, and ice cubes. It’s like Georgia, without the calories.

The Workout Smoothie

So if you’re doing what our other healthy blog posts have suggested, you’re going to need a good smoothie to drink after your workout. And we’ve got one perfectly designed for you.

Blend 1 ½ cup chopped strawberries, 1 cup blueberries, ½ cup raspberries, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tsp fresh lemon juice, and ½ cup ice cubes.

So truckers, no more excuses for why you chose the bag of potato chips over a healthier meal. These smoothies are easy to make and even easier to drink. Give them a try and enjoy the healthy.

Do you make smoothies or healthy snacks for the road? Let us know in the comment section below or share with us on our Facebook page.

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