Friday, 5 February 2016

Break and Beware: Rules of the Fuel Bay

It’s bad enough that you have to be held up in traffic, how annoying is it to have to wait for someone who is taking far too long at the fuel bay? I get it - pretty annoying. It’s one of the few things that, as Peter Griffin would say, can really grind your gears.

This blog, however, is less about airing grievances, and more about teaching people the etiquette of the fuel bay. So let’s begin!

Etiquette Rule #1: Be Prepared

Just like you should have your clothes packed before you hit the road, you should have yourself ready before you pull into a fuel bay. If you have to make a call, have to find your wallet, or put your shoes back on, don’t do it while you’re at the bay, because ain’t nobody got time for that. And really guys? Don’t hop out of your truck, make a phone call, and then proceed to wait around. Seriously, just don’t do it!

Etiquette Rule #2: Card Reader Error

Even as a four-wheeler, I’ve experienced the dreaded card reader error where I had to go inside, hand my card to the cashier, or even give my credit card company a call to get it resolved. It can become a big waste of time for everyone involved (you, the cashier, and the guy waiting behind you). So my advice, if you have a problem with your card, pull your truck around and park it. And be sure to bring all of your information with you the first time, so you’re not running back and forth, wasting even more time.

Etiquette Rule #3: Fuel and Go

Just like for four-wheelers, there’s no need to park at the bay. And trust me, I get it. You think, “no one’s around me, I’m done fueling, I can run in just for a second to grab another coffee before I hit the road.” Well my friend, the moment you step away from your truck, someone’s going to pull in and be blocked by you. It becomes this bottleneck time waster that causes everyone to get mad. Do the trucker world a favor - pull through. But if you want to be a rebel raiser and leave your truck parked at the fuel bay, at least go check on it every once in awhile to see if it’s blocking someone.

Etiquette Rule #4: Saving the Wash for Another Time

Sure - what’s the point of a truck wash at Blue Beacon when you can just wash it there at the fuel bay? There’s a lot wrong with that actually. Washing your truck, spraying water everywhere, and holding people up makes for one big fuel bay fail. Just not a good look! Are you noticing a trend? Don’t block the fuel bay!

Etiquette Rule #5: Not Being Courteous

Just like you get annoyed when a four-wheeler isn’t courteous, don’t make your fellow truckers feel the same about you. No one needs to hear your entire conversation, your music, or anything else! Also, although you might think you’re an amazing driver who can handle any turn or fancy maneuver, other people probably don’t know that. So save the erratic driving for when no one’s around. Just remember to be a courteous driver when out on the road or in the fuel bay. 

Alright truckers, how many of you knew the fuel bay etiquette? If so, let us know in the comment section below!  And if you haven’t done so already, give TruckLogics a try! Because isn’t it time you stopped worrying about your business management and spent more time driving? So give TruckLogics a go; it’s free for the first 15 days.

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