Thursday, 29 December 2016

Effortlessly Keep Track Of Your Recurring Expenses

Bills, bills, bills, am I right? They’re always rolling in, and like the in-laws, they can’t be avoided forever. Plus, it sure does turn into a mess when you miss a payment and get hit with a late fee. As an owner operator, if you’re busy and signing off on monthly bills that your accountant handles you can miss out on where you’re hemorrhaging money away.

Here at TruckLogics, we want to help you stay on top of your finance game by making it easy and simple to manage your recurring expenses with their expense managing tools.

But What’s TruckLogics?

We’re glad you asked. TruckLogics is the total business management solution specifically designed for owner operators and fleet managers to help them save time and effectively manage their business.

TruckLogics has a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, so you can even check in on your business while on the road. You don’t even need wifi!

Best of all, TruckLogics has tons of innovative features for dispatch management, driver settlements, electronic driver logs, compliance logs, recurring expenses, and more. 

Recurring Expenses With TruckLogics

So, it’s a pretty basic concept, recurring expenses are the charges you incur on a regular, scheduled basis. They’re there every month around the same time. They could consist of fuel charges or your monthly insurance fee. Then you experience the hassle of having to account for those expenses and add them to all of your reports and records.

However, TruckLogics allows you to create a recurring expense that will automatically be calculated in your reports. This way you’ll save time without having to add the expenses to your reports manually each month and you’ll never forget to add it either.

It’s extremely easy to add your recurring expense in a matter of seconds. Simply log into your TruckLogics account click ‘Accounts’ then click ‘Expense Transactions” and click ‘Add Recurring Expense’.

You can then add details about your recurring expenses such as the name of the expense, how often it occurs, and the date that it occurs. You can also add who you pay, how much, and any additional details necessary, like the category that the expense falls under, who it was paid by, and their method of payment.

Recurring expenses can be added from your smartphone or tablet so you don’t even have to be back at your office when a new repeating charge comes along. Add it while on the road or while in the convenience of your own home, right from the palm of your hand.

After you’ve added your recurring expenses you’ll see them automatically get updated in your financial reports. It’s a good way to track your monthly expenses and look at where a lot of your income is going. 

Get Started with TruckLogics

Along with recurring expenses, TruckLogics will also help you creating invoices, keep up with your bills, and manage all of your expenses. TruckLogics also has a ton of easy-to-use features for integrating your QuickBooks, maintenance, IFTA, and more.

Sign up for your free 15-day TruckLogics today to see how it will instantly help you save time while effectively managing every aspect of your business.
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

You've Gone Nose blind In The Cab

For most trucker’s their cab is their home. They practically live in it. Truckers laugh in it, they get road rage in it, they eat in it, sleep in it, and perform a few bodily functions like burping and passing gas. They’re totally comfortable in their beloved cab and go nose blind to its smell.

This can be a problem because cabs are also seen as a trucker’s office. If it’s kept messy or nice and neat can reflect how a trucker does their job, and so can the smell. Plus, what do you do if you’re leasing a truck and trying to sell it and it smells bad without you even knowing it? Luckily TruckLogics has the knowledge to help you beat nose blindness in the cab.

A Look at Nose Blindness

Now you may think that going nose blind is something made up by Fabreeze and candle adds to make you buy their flowery scented stuff, but they’re actually on to something. Haven’t you ever noticed that when you’ve been away from your cab on vacation and return to it, it smells a little funky? But then in a few hours, you don’t notice a thing?

That’s because your brain can actually get used to smells. Over time your brain will realize that a smell is just coming from you and the way you happily live so it won’t alert you about it. When your brain declassifies a scent as dangerous or necessary to live, you still smell it but your brain doesn’t notify you about it. So, everything you’re nose blind to is there without you even knowing.

Common Causes of Less Than Desirable Smells

Smoking can fill a cab up quick, even with the window cracked. Now we know it’s impossible to pull over and hop out every time you want to smoke, so we aren’t asking you to do that. Just consider how it makes the inside of your truck smell as smoke clings to fabrics and gets a musty stench to it.

Body odor and smells that come from sitting for hours on end can also fill a cab up quickly with a bad smell. As you sweat your seat absorbs it and the smell stays stuck in the fabric and stuffing. Also, burps and sulfuric gas from eggs and burritos can stick around for longer than you would like.

We understand that you need to eat in the cab to save time and deliver a load on time, but smells from various greasy burgers and fries can collect, especially when spills happen. Often times ketchup and grease stains go unnoticed and left to smell old and moldy.

Also, when you spill a drink like a soda, coffee, or water you probably don’t have time to stop and clean it up right away, so they really sink in and can start to smell ripe.

Gas and oil are other culprits that stink up the cab due to spills or from justing being tracked in from your hands and clothes.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

First, if you aren’t sure if your truck smells ask your wife of a nontrucking buddy to stick their head in the cab and take a whiff. Their reaction will give you a good indicator if your truck stinks or not. You can go in and get up close to your seats to sniff them yourself, but that could be a dangerous activity.

Then clean up. Get all of the fast food bags, snack wrappers, and cups out from behind or under the seats. They could be responsible for most of the odor in the cab. Try to make a habit of clearing out any trash you have at every truck stop to prevent the buildup of clutter and odors.

You can place a cup or tin of coffee grounds and baking soda somewhere in the cab and it will absorb smoky odors, as well as provide a natural fresh and energizing scent. A bag of cedar chips will do the same thing as well.

Try sprinkling some granulated carpet cleaner on the seats and carpet and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then come back and vacuum it up. Your truck will smell brand new!

Also, wipe down the cup holders, dash, and other non-carpeted or cloth materials in the cab with an all purpose cleaning spray to get rid of any sticky messes or spills.

To really deep clean your seat cushions you can rent a little steamer and wash them. This will get stinky smells that are set in pretty deep out.

Last but not least, you could always get some fabreeze. ;)

Avoid a Smelly Cab

Now you have everything you need to know about being nose blind in your cab and how to get deep odors out. Keep checking TruckLogics for more trucking tips and tricks, and be sure to share your tips on how to keep your cab smelling clean in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Introducing Our Honk Worthy Invoicing and Billing Tool

As a manager of a small or large fleet, you’re pretty busy. You have a lot on your mind from your truckers, dispatches, and truckloads that are either full or less than full. Not to mention all of the maintenance reports and paperwork to keep up with. Sometimes even the most important paperwork, like invoices and bills can get lost or forgotten.

That’s why you should consider using TruckLogics, the trucking management solution that wants to help you cut down on the paperwork and headaches by helping you easily keep track every aspect of your business, especially your bills and invoices.

But Wait, What’s TruckLogics?

TruckLogics is the trucking management solution that's specifically designed to help fleet managers save time while keeping up with their entire business. It can be used on a computer, phone, or tablet, so you can keep track of your business from any location, and check in on it at any time.

Plus, TruckLogics is full of easy-to-use features for managing your trucker’s driving logs online, creating dispatches and tracking loads, pro miles, compliance logs, online billing and invoicing, and more.

Billing and Invoicing With TruckLogics

Leave it to the experts at TruckLogics, because after creating and dispatching a load the invoice will be automatically created for you. Sit back and relax because all you’ll need to do is add the fuel surcharge and send it to your client.

However, you can also create custom online invoices for your clients. With just a few clicks your invoices will have a professional look and based off of your settings, rates, and load details most of the fields will be auto-filled.

The invoices can be uploaded and created at any time, with special notes and reminders added about your clients. The invoices can be shared with them via download or email and can be printed and mailed.

You’ve got a lot on your mind, so don’t worry about tracking payments. TruckLogics has your back with automated reminders. You’ll be reminded every time an invoice is coming up, due, or past due. Also, with the invoice reminder system you’ll never forget to send out your invoices.

An important part of business is getting paid, so TruckLogics makes it easy. When you receive a payment from a client or carrier you can instantly post the payment in your TruckLogics account. You can add details about if the payment was full or partial.

Details about each payment can be added. For example, you can list the type of payment from check, cash, credit, or EFT. The payment can also be posted towards multiple invoices or frequent clients, with any additional notes that you may need.

When it comes to factoring simply click ‘yes’, and if the invoice has been claimed by the factoring company then their rate will apply. Your client’s invoice will not show the factoring rate or percent, but it will appear on reports generated for your records.

Give TruckLogics a try!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free 15 day trial with TruckLogics in a matter of seconds to gain instant access to a ton of helpful tools that can be used on your mobile devices. Receive invoice reminders, add a maintenance report, create dispatches, and more right from the palm of your hand, to help you save time while effectively managing your business.
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Friday, 18 November 2016

TruckLogics Updates

TruckLogics Updates
TruckLogics Updates
You may have missed it, but we’ve updated TruckLogics! We’re going to run you through the process, beat-by-beat.

QuickBooks® Software Integration

You can now sync your address book between TruckLogics and QuickBooks®. It’s as simple as opening your address book and clicking “sync.” After that, you just need to click “Connect to QuickBooks®.”

By synchronizing your address book, you can share details such as customers, drivers, brokers, vendors, carriers, factoring and staff between QuickBooks® and TruckLogics.

Recurring Expenses

You can now add recurring expenses from the accounts! Add a recurring expense by clicking "Add Recurring Expenses" from the Expense Transactions menu. Your expenses will get automatically added to your account at 5 AM EST based on the frequency selected.

Multiple Trucks, Single Dispatch

While the average person might think one truck treks across the entire continent, you know better than anyone that sometimes you’re using multiple trucks to take one load. While this could create a headache, that’s not the case with TruckLogics.

Planning a haul that involves multiple trucks? You can now add up to 3 trucks for a single dispatch! Once the route for all the trucks are entered, all other features of the dispatch, like routing, check call, expense, trip sheet, and settlement, will have its reflections.

  • Routing: Each route map will differ per truck based on the route they are assigned.
  • Check Call: The specific activity and location will be listed based on the truck selected. You can add a separate starting trip for each of the trucks assigned.
  • Expenses: You can choose the specific truck for a particular fuel up or other expense.
  • Trip Sheet: Each truck will have a different Trip Sheet. Once you add the complete route separately for each truck, you just need to generate a Trip Sheet.
  • Dispatch Board: You can also see all of your changes reflected in the Dispatch Board widgets.

Driver Logs

Unless you live under a rock, you know that TruckLogics now has an electronic driver log system!

While our new driver log feature is designed for our app, you can access the logs themselves from the web. You are able to download and email logs as a driver or a fleet manager.

Export to Excel Option

With our latest update, you can now export your expenses, loads, invoices, and dispatches to an Excel file.

Fleet One Integration

Using our Excel file import option, you can directly upload your Fleet One exported Excel file into TruckLogics. You can find this by going to Accounts >> Expense Transactions >> Upload Fuel Up.

Ready to try these new updates? Login and get started!

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

5 Must-Do Pre-Trip Inspection Checks

5 Must-Do Pre-Trip Inspection Checks
5 Must-Do Pre-Trip Inspection Checks
Every truck driver knows that a truck isn’t just a vehicle - it is also a business, and sometimes your home away from home. You expect your house and your job to be safe, so you should also expect the same from your truck.

How do you ensure your truck’s safety? Well, it’s pretty simple - thoroughly complete your pre-inspection and driver vehicle inspection reports!

But what should you do during an inspection? Here are 5 tips to help you during your truck inspections.

Where's the Safety Equipment?

The safety kit is one of the key safety measures any truck can have. But if you’re using a company truck shared by drivers, not everybody will keep the same consideration for emergency kit.

While you’re required to have certain items in your safety kit, you’ll do best to stock your emergency kit with reflective, hazard triangles, flags, flares, fire extinguishers, spare bulbs, and fuses.

Illuminate Your Truck

When you check your truck, you need to make sure you have clean, functional lights and reflectors. This is crucial for increasing your visibility at night, and bad reflectors can increase hazardous conditions for your ride.

Examine your truck from front to back, checking your clearance lights, headlights (both high and low beams), taillights, turn signals, four-way flashers, brake lights, and red reflectors and amber reflectors.

Be thorough, because visibility is one of the most important safety precautions you can take.

Under Pressure

Let’s face it, tires are ALWAYS a big deal. When you check out your tires, you need to inspect the air pressure, look for cuts or damages, correct mismatched sizes, and identify badly worn treading.

If you see your wheels have damaged rims, shiny, metallic threads, or any other indicators of bad tire health, now is the time to fix it. You do not want a blowout while you’re driving! Trust us on that one.

Give It the Brakes

As far as your brakes go, you need to look out for cracked drums, brake pads covered in oil, grease, or brake fluid, and brake shoes worn thin, missing, or altogether broken.

Brake inspections may seem like a no-brainer, but a comprehensive check has a lot of steps. But think about it, brakes are one of the hardest working devices in your vehicle. So check your brake adjustment with the slack adjuster, so that you know your brake chamber air lines are secure and flexible. Don’t forget to look for line leaks, mechanical damage, and healthy seals on your equipment.

Upgrade Your Truck’s Logs

At the end of the day, you need to make sure you have your paperwork in order. You already know that TruckLogics is key in reducing your carbon footprint, but you can now also have a digital DVIR on your iPad or Android tablet, allowing you to do away with the annoyance of paper logs. Hey, let’s just leave that behind us, shall we?

If you want to enter the modern age of logs, TruckLogics will be there to help your fleet transition into the digital paperwork. If you have questions about TruckLogics, give us a call or request a demo.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

TruckLogics New Feature: Electronic Driver Logs

Electronic Driver Log
Electronic Driver Log
It’s no surprise that truckers are going to have to abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration (FMSCA) electronic logging devices (ELDs) mandate by the end of 2017.

While there are many debates over the rules and regulations of such a mandate, as of now it is staying in place. We get why some in the industry show resistance, but we also wanted our TruckLogics users to be ready for the mandate as it approaches.

So we went ahead and built an e-log system directly into TruckLogics!

What's the Deal With E-Logs?

Why do we need e-logs? That’s a big question, and some people even think we don’t need them.

But the biggest arguments tend to be, a reduction in the difficulties of maintaining paper driver logs, and better upkeep of hours of service, as well as avoiding driver coercion.

The upcoming mandate has plenty of reasons behind it, and we’ve done our research. We’re not looking to get lost in the details, either.

The Benefits of Going Electronic

First of all, what are the benefits of our electronic driver log feature?

  • With our system, you’ll have an easier transition to ELDs 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch system and manual entry
  • Notified if you’re non-compliant on your hours of service
  • Accountability and protection against coercion

Now that we’ve added an electronic driver log to our native apps, you can view the recorded driver logs directly from our cloud-based software. Whether you’re a company driver, a leased operator, an independent Owner Operator, or a fleet manager looking at your driver records, our software will simplify the e-log process.

Let’s Get Started

Using our driver log feature is easy! Start off by allowing the TruckLogics app to use your location, and then proceed into the e-logs feature.

You can manually enter the details of your log intuitively with our manual system, and also enter your hours of service with the drag of a finger!

Electronic Driver Log on TruckLogics Mobile App
Electronic Driver Log

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

According to the FMCSA, drivers need to prepare a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) upon completing your haul on a daily basis. Afterward, drivers must submit their reports to their motor carrier. However, the motor carrier does not get relieved from the responsibility of managing repairs.

Any items listed on the DVIR will need to be certified in order for the motor vehicle to be deemed safe for operation. You’ll still need an annual inspection from a qualified inspector (who meets the requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation). Let’s get you to pass your inspection without worry.

Note: Your mechanic can also sign off on your DVIR using our system, too.

Best of all, our digital DVIR system allows you to manage, and store your DVIR paperwork electronically. With TruckLogics, you can up your organizational skills while reducing your liability!

We’re here to make your transition from paper logs as easy as possible - which is why we’re embracing an electronic system that works to meet YOUR needs!

If you have questions about the new e-log system, reach out to the awesome support team at TruckLogics for help!

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Monday, 17 October 2016

5 Common Mistakes Made by Fleet Managers

5 Common Mistakes Made by Fleet Managers
5 Common Mistakes Made by Fleet Managers
Ask any fleet manager what their biggest headaches are, and you’ll probably hear a handful of frustrations. Between managing fuel, drivers, trucks, and customers, there will always be something they have to handle.

What are the mistakes that fleet managers are making and how can you avoid them? Let’s talk about it!

Being Irresponsible with Your Fleet

You might be thinking, me? Irresponsible? Never!

But sometimes we are irresponsible in our ways without even thinking about it. Perhaps you get complacent in vehicle maintenance, or you just want to stretch out your repair schedules until the next few checks clear - it might sound reasonable, but think about it. You’re just risking your fleet’s integrity!

Whether you’re loaning out equipment or keeping lackadaisical records, don’t risk the business with irresponsible decisions!

Not Being Accountable for your Employees

There are plenty of mistakes we can make as managers, but one of the worst is how we treat our employees - specifically drivers. Now, we don’t mean how we treat them on an interpersonal level, but more so how we treat them in a professional way.

First of all, you can’t just let your drivers roll in and work however they want. Set (and keep) standards for your drivers, in order to raise the bar on how your fleet functions. Something like making sure your truckers clean their cabs could seem like a nuisance, but research shows a clean cab equals a happier trucker.

Sometimes we’re tempted to cut corners, and if we need a new driver, we may bring one on the team without fully vetting their driving records. While you need that load taken, there’s nothing worse than having someone out and finding out they’re ineligible to drive because of their records.

Don’t cut corners! Trust us on this one.

Not Balancing Life and Work

This might sound funny, but try not to take work home with you. Every now and then, you just need to relax, kick your feet up, and take it easy.

Sometimes drivers, managers, and dispatchers may find themselves working extra hours. While a little bit of overtime can help pad the coffers, it can also leave you drained and eat up all your free time.

One way you can improve your quality of life is with a good trucking management software system to ease the burden of paperwork, scheduling, accounting and routing.

Not Watching Where You’re Going

Knowing where you’re headed makes all the difference for a trucker - which makes us wonder if you know where your freight is headed?

Roads can change from time to time, and depending on where you go, construction can be a constant thorn in your drivers’ sides. Sure, you can check Google Maps and look for traffic hotspots - but we also recommend cross referencing something like ProMiles in order to check the truck friendly routes, too.

By being proactive and keeping tabs on every route your drivers take, you will know where every bit of freight is and ends up.

Expanding Too Fast

Between managing your company’s finances and growing your trucking business, you have plenty to worry about. But as you grow, the last thing you want to do is stretch your resources too far.

Maybe it’s buying too many trucks, or maybe you’ve lost track of your maintenance schedule for the amount of trucks you have - regardless, you simply need a strong system to keep up with your finances and trucks.

As far as trucking software, our recommendation would be TruckLogics - because truck management and fleet communication shouldn’t be complex. With TruckLogics, you have access to truck routing with ProMiles, QuickBooks software integration, and maintenance schedules, plus much more.

Interested? Contact us for a demo (or) sign up for a free 15-day trial!

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How Can You Keep Track of Recurring Expenses?

Add Recurring Expenses
Add Recurring Expenses
There’s no shame in admitting it, Trucking Nation - running a business is difficult!

Whether you’re an office manager at a carrier or an owner operator, you need to make sure your expenses are calculated right. Especially when it comes to the recurring expenses you will face.

With TruckLogics as your fleet management software, you can take your business management to the next level by implementing recurring expenses.

What are Recurring Expenses?

Recurring expenses are the charges you incur on a regular, scheduled basis. This might be the cost of your trucks, utilities, or repeating maintenance fees at a fixed cost.

Instead of having to manually add these to your expenses on a regular basis, TruckLogics trucking software now allows you to create a recurring expense that will automatically calculate into your reporting.

How Can Recurring Expenses Help Trucking Companies?

Since adding repetitive charges takes time, allowing you to create a recurring expense means you can save time, and ensure that you never forget an expense that you need to account for.

As you run your transportation business, you will have plenty of recurring expenses you need to account for. This could be anything from a truck payment to the cost of fuel to any other truck expense.

Tracking software needs to meet your needs, and TruckLogics can do just that.

Creating Recurring Expenses in TruckLogics

It’s simple - you enter the information for a recurring expense within TruckLogics, and this expense will automatically calculate depending on the frequency of the expense.

With recurring expenses, you can accurately track and report your revenue and expenses month after month.

Instead of manually adding your expenses, TruckLogics lets you streamline the process by adding and managing recurring expenses instead.

When you’re looking for truck accounting software, TruckLogics is the only stop you need to make. Not only do we offer recurring expenses, we also have QuickBooks® integration, routing tracking with ProMiles, and easy-to-use invoicing tools that will take the hassle out of managing your trucking business.

Have questions? We’re always here to answer anything you might be wondering!

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Partnership Spotlight: TCI Business Capital

TruckLogics is proud to call TCI Business Capital a trusted partner in serving the trucking industry.

TCI Business Capital logoWe promote TCI as a valuable factoring company for all size fleets. We want our customers to know TCI as well as we do, so we recently interviewed Bill Fuesz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TCI, and here’s what he had to say about the company.

Partnership Spotlight: TCI Business Capital

Q: What is TCI?

A: TCI is a factoring company that has provided accounts-receivable invoicing for over-the-road trucking companies for 22 years. We also support other industries such as oil field services, telecommunications and renewable energy.

Q: How did the company get started?

A: Our founder Daniel Robbins, who started his professional career as a certified public accountant, realized that drivers were facing financial challenges waiting 30, 60 and even 90 days to receive payment from customers. He decided to offer factoring options for trucking companies to get paid now and keep their business in motion.

Q. What is your company’s vision?

A. The vision is simple we help our clients get paid for the hard work they do. If you think about the service we provide, we are really keeping their cash flow in operation.

When they have to wait for payment it creates financial stress, because they need to pay drivers, purchase fuel and schedule regular truck maintenance. They have a tough job and we are here to help simplify the process.

Q. Why should trucking companies factor with TCI?

A. We focus on collecting payment from our clients’ customers, so the trucking company can move on to the next dispatch. We factor 95 percent of the invoice amount upfront and have our collections department respectfully procure payment from the debtor. Once payment is received, we charge a nominal fee and hand over the remaining payment to the trucking company.

We also provide a solution that prevents our clients from getting into a contract with companies with questionable credit or lax payments terms through access to our free credit rating website called

Last, we are known for our quick turnaround. We can factor an invoice within hours; whereas, it can take days or longer with our competitors.

Q. What made TCI interested in partnering with TruckLogics?

A. You guys provide another service to the trucking industry that is complementary to our vision. We both focus on alleviating stress on the trucking company by providing quality products that improve their bottom line. Philosophically and strategically, it’s a good fit.

If you’re interested in factoring with TCI, visit their website for more information.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Profit & Loss Reporting: Revenue Tracking Software

Profit & Loss Reporting: Revenue Tracking Software
Revenue Tracking Software
Reports - if you’re like me, you shudder at the word. But they don’t always have to be hard work. With TruckLogics, you can simplify your whole reporting system with our easy-to-use business reports feature.

In just a few clicks, you can create monthly and quarterly reports, as well as reports for individual trips. On top of that, you can implement a great revenue tracking system through your reports.

How Can Revenue Tracking Help You?

Not that you are unaware, but revenue is the income received from your business activities. You can’t run a business without revenue, so you’re going to have to pay attention to it.

In order to do that, you need software that can handle revenue tracking. You need truck accounting software you can count on - you need TruckLogics.

How Do You Measure Your Trucking Business Growth?

Your company's profit and loss reports (P&Ls) for a particular month can be seen by selecting the quarter of the year.

TruckLogics calculates your total income and expenses from all account's categories, as well as the total loaded and empty miles from your uploaded trip sheets.

You can also view the "Cost Per Mile' and "% of Total income" from all income and expense categories.

When you measure your business growth with reports, you have a set way to view your accountability from month to month.

Why Should You Use Our Revenue Tracking Features?

Unless you have a photographic memory, impeccable organizational skills, or a never-ending filing cabinet, you probably need some assistance with your records.

Using the P&L detail reports in TruckLogics allows you to view the detailed info for total miles, income, and expenses for the quarter. We break down miles by Miles Loaded versus Empty Miles. We also list the the default income and expense categories for each month, as well as the custom categories you can create in TruckLogics yourself.

With our advanced invoicing features, sending customized invoices to your customers and clients has never been so easy. Add that to our revenue tracking features, and you’ll see just how good our truck tracking software can be.

When you’re in need of easy-to-use truck profit and loss reporting software, look no further than TruckLogics.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Truck Accounting Software: Track of All Your Income and Expenses

Track Your Income and Expenses with TruckLogics
Track Your Income and Expenses
One of the toughest aspects of running a business is the tracking. Whether you’re following your income and expenditures, or tracking customer happiness, you’re bound to have a stack of notes if you take this on the old fashioned way.

Heck, even with a spreadsheet system like Excel, you’re going to find yourself losing track of your income and expenses eventually.

But with TruckLogics, we aim to simplify every aspect of trucking management that can set you back. As you grow your truck fleet with TruckLogics, you’ll come to love all of our income and expense tracking features.

Fuel Expenses

With TruckLogics, you can quickly record details from every fuel purchase by logging each time you purchase fuel, the vehicle that was filled, the number of gallons, fuel type, and total cost of the sale, the odometer reading, and the location of purchase. You can also upload an image of the receipt of that transaction itself!

Driver Settlements

Instead of bogging yourself down with complicated driver settlements, TruckLogics helps you calculate pay with deductions, reimbursements, or advances within minutes.

  • Hauling Charges: Calculate driver pay based on your settings. You can choose how you will pay your driver, and the hauling charge will be determined instantly.
  • Fuel Surcharges: Determine your fuel surcharge based on mileage, a percentage of the revenue, or a flat rate per trip.
  • Add Accessorial Fees: Add accessorial fees by choosing the fee type from the drop-down menu or choose your own custom fee type. 
  • Add Reimbursements & Deductions Amount: Reimburse drivers for expenses by adding the total and reason to the settlement, and our software automatically adds the reimbursement to their balance.
  • Advance pay for the Driver: Calculate deductions for advance pay and late deliveries from the final settlement balance by adding the cost and reason for the deduction.

Equipment Expenses

Running your company means you need to balance the books… which means you need to watch your equipment expenses! When you need to track your expenses, as well as your repairs, you need to get truck maintenance software. You need to check out TruckLogics.

I mean, spreadsheets are helpful, but they lack the insight, efficiency, and mobility you need to run a successful company. No matter how mobile your business is, you need the ability to track and manage all your expenses from anywhere.

With TruckLogics, you can record payment details by information, method of payment (cash, check, credit card (or) EFT), and total amount of the transaction. You just select the expense category from the drop-down menu, or add your own custom categories for your business. You can also split an expense between categories by clicking "split."

Invoice Creation

Need truck invoice software? After you create and dispatch a load in TruckLogics, your invoice is ready to go. All you need to add is a fuel surcharge, then send it to the client.

We don’t believe in wasting time and money, so our automated reminders will remind you when and how you’ll get paid.

No matter what your business needs are, TruckLogics is here to make it easier. If you’d like to start a 15-day free trial, let’s do this!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

5 Steps for Easier Dispatches: Fleet Management Software

5 Steps for Easier Dispatches
5 Steps for Easier Dispatches
Whether you’re part of a small fleet or an Owner Operator, there are plenty of difficulties when it comes to fleet overhead. That’s one of the reasons we made TruckLogics, after all.

Since so much in this industry is getting more and more complicated, we’ve aimed to make TruckLogics even easier. As far as fleet management software goes, TruckLogics is ahead of the curve when it comes to ease of use.

How easy is TruckLogics? It’s simple enough that you can create a dispatch in 5 easy steps!

Create Your Dispatch

After you create an order in the system, you just need to click the button that says “Create Dispatch.” We told you it was easy! After that, you just choose new dispatch, or add to dispatch. After that, assign your drivers!

Assign Driver & Equipment

Your next step is to click assign. From here, you simply need to select a driver from the list - you can also select two drivers at this point. After that, choose your truck and trailer, and then it’s all a matter of clicking assign.

Shipper/Consignee Details

At this point, you can choose a default pick-up and drop-off location for each client to save time creating loads. You can also add a custom pick-up or drop-off location if needed. TruckLogics also allows you to enter specific instructions for the driver, or contact information for the pick-up and drop-off points.

Freight Details

The next few steps will walk you through what it takes to calculate your hauling fees (per mile, per ton, manually, etc.), fuel surcharge, and accessorial fees for lumper, stop off, tarp, (or) custom charges. Not only that, but with the TruckLogics fleet management software you also get to integrate our dispatching feature with your address book and the Truck Zone.

Complete Your Dispatch

This integration makes sending a dispatch a fast, effortless process - going as far as auto-filling most of the fields for you. That’s right - TruckLogics eliminates time-wasting data entry and gets the job done quicker. So go ahead and complete the rest!

Once you finish creating your dispatch with our fleet management software, remember that you can track your new dispatch and keep in touch with your driver using our Check Call feature.

Once the load is delivered, you’ll be able to pay your driver easy with our driver settlement software.

Thankfully, our dispatch process is so simple you shouldn’t run into any issues. But if you have any questions, we’re always able to answer your call from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from our Rock Hill, SC offices!

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fleet Management & Maintenance: Brake Safety Week

Fleet Management & Maintenance: Brake Safety Week
Fleet Management & Maintenance: Brake Safety Week
We talk a lot about truck drivers around here, but we don’t discuss fleet managers nearly as much as we should. What are fleet managers? A better question would be, what aren’t fleet managers?

It’s the kind of position that carries many hats, and no matter how much they do, there is always more to get done.

The roles and responsibilities of fleet managers can range from vehicle financing, to vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, and health and safety management.

So why should fleet managers choose Trucklogics - trucking software?

Brake Safety Week

If you haven’t heard, Sept 11-17, 2016 is Brake Safety Week! As part of CVSA’s Brake Safety Week, law enforcement agencies across North America will inspect trucks to find out-of-adjustment brakes, as well as brake-system and anti-lock braking system (ABS) violations.

If you get pegged for brake violations, or you just want to avoid getting pegged for bad brakes, you need to consider TruckLogics.

Vehicle Maintenance Management

With TruckLogics, you have access to an effective system for managing, planning, and maintaining accurate repair records, as well as service schedules, and even upcoming truck maintenance.

Simply add your maintenance and repair schedule to our hassle-free log screen, and then add any and all equipment details possible. Everything from year, make, model, and serial number can be added here.

With this information in the system, you can create your own maintenance schedules based on your own requirements for your fleet. You can then track your brake maintenance schedule by date, mileage, and hours.

Versatile Trucking Management

You can also schedule dispatches, track income and expense reports, and create LTL orders, as well as report your IFTA returns.

Not only can TruckLogics help you track your brake management, it can also help you out with driver management, driver payment reports, and fuel management.

Are your brakes good to go? Let us know on Facebook!

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How Can Fleet Management Software Help Your Small Fleet?

Fleet Management Software for Small Fleet
Fleet Management Software for Small Fleet
We want to start off by thanking every trucker in this nation of ours for all the hard work that you do. While it may feel like your work goes unnoticed, we here know that the entire nation runs thanks to you.

This National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to thank you, truck drivers everywhere!

So you want to take your small fleet to the next level with fleet management software but you don’t know how?

We’ve assembled this guide to let you know why we’re the best option available for your small fleet.


With custom invoicing, you can create professional-looking invoices with just a few clicks. Generating directly from your load details and settings, we’ll calculate and autofill most of the fields.

You just need to make sure the details are correct, and then save it to the system - it’ll even be branded with your company logo and information!

Full Truckload / Less Than Truckload

Not only does TruckLogics, the premier truck dispatch management software, support Full Truckload shipping, we also fully support Less Than Truckload (LTL).

As a small fleet, you might be running multiple loads per truck. With our LTL feature, you can assign multiple loads to a single driver, then dispatch them in a single step. With ProMiles integrated, routing multiple stops is easier than ever.

Driver Settlements

If you’re looking for truck accounting software that comes with a driver settlement feature, look no further! WIth TruckLogics, paying your drivers is simplified - you can calculate pay with deductions, reimbursements, or advances in a fraction of the time other systems use.

But we’re not just driver settlement software! There’s so much more to TruckLogics.

IFTA Fuel Tax

You already know that the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between the 48 contiguous United States and 10 provinces of Canada for the taxation of fuel usage within said borders.

But you might not know that TruckLogics is a fully functioning IFTA reporting software that is ready to help you file your IFTA report! We will automatically calculate your mileage with ProMiles, not only improving your recordkeeping, but also letting you correctly complete your IFTA return in no time.

If you have any questions about how TruckLogics can help your small fleet, reach out to experts at 704.234.6946.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

6 Ways Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Trucking Company

6 Ways Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Trucking CompanyInvoice factoring also referred to as freight factoring, is a funding solution many trucking companies use to obtain steady cash flow.

Invoice factoring works by selling your invoices to a factoring company in exchange for immediate payment. The factoring company advances you up to 95 percent of your invoice, same-day. Once payment is received from your customer, the remaining balance is remitted to you, minus a small fee for the services.

6 Benefits of Invoice Factoring

Same-Day Cash: Instead of waiting for 30, 60 or even 90 days or more for customer payment, invoice factoring pays you same-day on your invoices.
Cash for Fuel: Since invoice factoring eliminates the cash-flow gap caused by slow-paying customers, you’ll have a cash to fuel your trucks. 

Many factoring companies, including TCI Business Capital, also offer fuel card programs. This helps you save money and makes fueling up your trucks even easier as the funds from your invoices are deposited directly into your fuel card account. 

Catch-up on Bills: When you’re waiting for customer payment, it can be challenging to keep up on your bills. Invoice factoring speeds up your cash flow, giving you the ability to meet your business obligations such as bills and payroll.

Ability to Grow: With many factoring companies, the programs are designed to give you the ability to grow. 

For example, TCI Business Capital’s programs range from $10,000 a month all the way up to $20 million a month. The more loads you haul and the more contracts you accept, the more cash they’ll provide. This gives you the ability to hire more drivers, purchase more trucks or invest in any other resources you may need.

No Debt is Created: Unlike business loans and lines of credit, invoice factoring does not create debt on your balance sheet.

Back-Office Support: The best factoring companies offer back-office support services. These services allow you to focus on your business while the factoring company handles your accounts-receivable management and collections.

TCI Business Capital offers several other services at no extra charge. These include:

  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Professional account collectors
  • Credit analysis and risk assessment
  • Full treasury department
  • Fuel card programs

Learn More About Invoice Factoring and TCI Business Capital

Since 1994, TCI Business Capital has provided cash-flow solutions to thousands of trucking companies all across North America. As one of the top sources of operating capital, TCI prides itself on providing “Best in Class” service to every customer. Learn more by clicking here (or) by calling 800-707-4845.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet

3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet
3 Tools to Help Manage Your Small Fleet
Small fleet owners have one of the toughest jobs in the industry.

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They’re not just managing a single truck with a single driver (as in, only them). They can be handling anything from two trucks to a dozen or more trucks! While you are earning more than a lone owner operator, you don’t have the same deep coffers a large fleet has.

So we’ve gathered a few tools to help you manage your small fleet!

Dispatch Tools

With TruckLogics in your tool-belt, you can run dispatches with the efficiency of the largest fleet in town.

Using TruckLogics, you can assign drivers and equipment, as well as shipper and consignee with just a few clicks. If you need to notify your clients of load progress and location, you can use our Check Call feature, and send the bill of lading, and proof of delivery.

Plus with our mobile app, dispatching has never been easier!

Smarter Invoicing Tools

Once you’ve created a dispatch proposal, you can convert them to invoices with a single click. From that point, you can email, print, or mark an invoice as delivered with another click of a button.

You can select the factoring company option by choosing “yes” or “no” from the choices given. Select “yes" if the invoice has been claimed by a third party, and their rate will apply.

Communication Tools

We recently introduced a new set of communication tools to TruckLogics, which includes chat and messaging, and even a broadcast feature.

As a small fleet, you want the best communication possible to get the job done. With these features, you can message your drivers directly from TruckLogics for a one-on-one conversation, or broadcast important information to everyone in your fleet—they just need to have the TruckLogics app on their phone.

So go ahead and upgrade the efficiency of your small fleet with these 3 tools. Not a member of TruckLogics? When you’re ready to take your small fleet to the next level, head over to and sign up!

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Friday, 2 September 2016

The Trucklogics Mobile App Now has Chat!

Trucklogics Mobile App
Trucklogics Mobile App
Here at TruckLogics, we’re always pushing to bring you the latest technology that can improve your trucking business. That’s why we created our trucking management software in the first place!

As you may already know, TruckLogics provides the best solution for owner-operators, fleet and carrier managers, as well as company drivers. As we like to say around here, one app fits all!

Introducing TruckLogics Chat

Wait, a chat feature? Why do we need to chat with our fleet managers? Can’t we just text?

Well, as a trucker’s app, we’re always looking to simplify how you maintain your business.

What TruckLogics’ new feature does is let truck owners, fleet managers, and drivers directly chat with each other. They can share important photos (truck condition, delivery locations, freight itself), as well as the location of the truck.

This is all through the TruckLogics app, allowing you to keep all of your business in one nice, direct location.

What are the TruckLogics Chat Features?

Really, this feature is only useful for Fleet Users and their multi-user accounts - set up for dispatchers, accountants, and drivers, of course.

In order to use the chat feature, each multi-user account must install the TruckLogics App on their mobile device.

As a one-to-one chat app for truck drivers, truck owners, and fleet managers, TruckLogics aims to streamline discourse between management and drivers on the road while centralizing all your business communication in one app.

As a driver app, users can easily communicate by sharing trip documents, invoices, videos, and images. Anything that you need to get the job done!

Thanks to the broadcast feature, the main user account can also communicate with all of their sub-users at once.

How Can a Chat Feature Benefit Your Fleet?

First of all, you’ll ease the burden of truck management for yourself, your drives, and your clients.

You can also keep tabs on the load status, with the option to see it at any time. Best of all, truck owners can get touch with drivers, fleet managers, and other staff to point them in right direction.

Are you ready to take your fleet communication to the next level? Download TruckLogics from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store today!

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Friday, 26 August 2016

5 Tips to Help Keep Truck Drivers Awake

5 Tips to Help Keep Truck Drivers Awake
5 Tips to Help Keep Truck Drivers Awake
Sleeping is always a concern for truckers — but on the flip side, so is staying awake.

While truckers are out on the road, the danger of falling asleep at the wheel is ever present. While we normally give you sleeping tips, today we’re going to focus on tips to help keep truck drivers awake!

Exhaustion Awareness

Yeah, you’re gonna get exhausted working on a flatbed all day. Really, any job will tire you out.

Make sure you’re awake and alert before you start driving, and you’ll be in a better place throughout. If you do find yourself exhausted, follow some of the other tips in this blog.

Get Better Sleep

As we’ve said before, sleeping can be hard. But if you plan on a long haul, do your best to get 7-8 hours of sleep before and every time you’re parked for the night.

Of course, if you need to knock out a pre-drive nap shortly before taking off, that’s also not a bad idea.

Being Mindful

Like we said for meditation, being at peace in your mind will help you a lot.

When you’re out on the road, you can find yourself angry or sad at your co-workers, family members, and friends. But that kind of emotional stimulation can lead to exhaustion.

Keep yourself even tempered and focus on the job at hand.

Change the Conditions

Sometimes blaring the volume on your satellite radio or music player can give you the jolt of energy you need to make a drive. If you’re listening to talk radio droning on, maybe turn it off, or change the station.

It’s the same with your cab’s temperature. If you’re too cold, you may get sleepy, and you run the same risk when it is too warm.

Finding the right balance with your volume, your temperature, and even your seat placement can change your alertness during the drive.

Caffeine Levels

Everybody knows, if you’re tired, drink some coffee. But could there be a negative trade off to drinking coffee?

If you’re in a pinch and need to stay awake, it’s your best bet.

But if you drink too much coffee in a day, you will negatively impact your sleep schedule with that much caffeine.

So while you want to stay awake, you don’t want to lose sleep.

Coffee can stay in your system for up to 14 hours, so keep that in mind when you down a cup a few hours before calling it a night.

Of course, there are always other things you can do to help yourself stay awake. With a good fitness routine and a better planned diet, you’re going to find your energy levels skyrocketing.

So let’s not fall asleep at the wheel on our health, or in our trucks! At least you know, no matter how tired you get, as the premier trucking management software, TruckLogics will help you sleep easier at night.

Do you have a healthy way to stay awake when you drive? Let us know in the comments!

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

TruckLogics Spotlight: Trucking Jobs

Truck Driving Jobs
Truck Driving Jobs
Do you know the ins and outs of truck driving careers in America? Not many do, and even some in the trucking industry have no idea.

So we decided to shed some light on trucking jobs in this post! Whether you’re thinking about getting into the trucking industry, or you’re a seasoned veteran, this post has something for you.

What's the Outlook for Trucking Jobs? 

While the economy will ebb and flow over the years, employment in the trucking industry is projected to grow 5% over the next decade - which is as fast as any industry.

In 2015, the median pay of heavy and tractor-trailer drivers was $40,260 annually, and $19.36 per hour. In 2014, the number of jobs was around 1,797,700.

The trucking industry isn’t going away anytime soon. Sure, it’s going to change as an industry - but it’s not going away.

Types of Trucking Jobs

There are several paths to take within the trucking industry. Sure, there are dispatchers and office managers, but even as a driver there are plenty of gigs.

Like what? Well, here are a few options according to life as a trucker:

  • Dry van
  • Reefer
  • Flat Bed
  • Tankers
  • Bull haulers
  • Auto haulers
  • LTL freight

No matter what, there’s a job for you - you just need to decide if it's the one you want!

Local Trucking Jobs

Some people say they love driving, but wish they were near their family more.

According to TruckingTruth, finding the right job will take you balancing home life with work life. If you’re young with less attachments, being OTR might be right for you, at least for right now.

If you have a family that you would like to see, you have to decide between a higher paying OTR gig and a local company. Now, a local company might pay as well as an OTR, but you’re also not guaranteed to see your family as much as you’d like. They’re a bit harder to get, because the market is always more competitive.

Yet those jobs do exist, and we know plenty of truckers who are excited to have them. Like we said, it’s all about finding the right balance.

Best Trucking Jobs

Well, what are the best paying trucking jobs? According to Trucks Training, here are the top 5 paying truck driving jobs!

  • Liquid hauling: Gas, chemicals, other hazmat are dangerous. That’s why this pays so well!
  • Oversized loads: Sure, you need a special license and training, but it pays at a higher rate!
  • Ice road trucking: It’s not just about being a TV star, it’s more about keeping a cool head on dangerous road conditions.
  • Specialty Car Haulers: Whether it’s a damaged car or a luxury car, you can get higher pay hauling automobiles.
  • Dump truck driving: This is a nice gig because you can stay local while earning bigger bucks. Not bad!

Whatever you end up doing, just make sure you have a strong trucking management software system - like TruckLogics - in place so that your trucking life doesn't quickly become a nightmare.

What do you do in the trucking industry? We’d love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Losing Sleep? 3 Truck Driver Tips for Better Sleep

3 Truck Driver Tips for Better Sleep
3 Truck Driver Tips for Better Sleep
Let’s face it, sometimes sleeping is the hardest part of this job.

Yeah, the work itself ranges from back-breaking to leg-numbing, but afterward we find ourselves on uncomfortable beds, tossing and turning in our sleep.

We’ve talked about it before, and we know it impacts truckers daily - yeah, that’s right. We’re back with another sleep tips and tricks post.

Now, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may still be reviewing their thoughts on sleep apnea, but we have some of our own ideas to help improve trucker sleep.

Food Affects Sleep

With a day’s full of hard work, it’s tempting to finish off with a big, hearty meal. But since fatty, unhealthy foods take longer to to digest, you’ll find it harder to sleep while your stomach is digesting.

Instead, eat vegetables and lean proteins, and stay away from sugary, fatty foods. You should also keep away from sugary, caffeinated beverages, too!

Keep It Cool

According to Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel, “the body starts to lose heat from its central core and that brings on increased feelings of tiredness in normal healthy adults.”

It’s tough to stay cool in your cab.

Our suggestion? Get a cooling memory foam mattress that can change your entire sleep routine!

Turn Off the Lights

It’s not hard to lose sleep these days. In fact, with computers and cell phones, it’s down right easy. That’s because the glow of digital screens tricks the brain into thinking it's seeing daylight.

This can mess with your circadian rhythm, which is already threatened by the trucking lifestyle.

So when it’s time to turn in for the night, you need to put away your mobile devices, block any invasive light, and enjoy the dark. 

What do you do to fall asleep? Let us know on Facebook!

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

One App Fits All: Owner-Operators, Fleet & Carrier Management

Owner-Operators, Fleet & Carrier Management App
With custom features and tools designed to simplify business management in the trucking industry, TruckLogics offers solutions for owner-operators, fleet managers, and company drivers.

Best of all, our trucking software exists in the cloud and doesn't require any downloading and installation at all! You simply create an account - and then you can access TruckLogics from anywhere you have Internet.

Being a cloud-based application frees up our users to really take advantage of all the features TruckLogics offers. After all, it’s the features that set us apart from the rest.

What features can you expect?

TruckLogics Features

As the core of your TruckLogics account, the dashboard is your first stop to better trucking management. Each aspect of your company is represented in the dashboard, giving you access to the following features:

TruckLogics Mobile App

You’re always on the go - whether you’re managing a fleet or you’re an owner-operator, you’re never standing still.

Why would you want your business management software to stay in one place?

With the TruckLogics app, you can access your dispatches, expenses, maintenance, reminders, and trip sheets from your iOS and Android devices.

Download TruckLogics App from App Store:

Download TruckLogics App from Google Play Store:

If you have any questions about using our mobile app to manage your business, shoot us an email at (or) a phone call at 704.234.6946.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

TruckLogics: Business Basics

TruckLogics: Business Basics
TruckLogics: Business Basics
Wondering what are the business tools that we offer at TruckLogics? The Quick Tour will run you TruckLogics features that make us the most trusted business management app in the industry! through all the different.

And best of all, our business tools are some of our most popular TruckLogics features—and we've perfected them to make your life easier.

Income Account & Expense Accounts

Whether you’re looking for an app to help you manage expenses or expense tracking, TruckLogics is designed for you.

With the chart of accounts, you can see your income accounts and expense accounts. Whether you want to compare the gross receipts of your fuel surcharges or your leased income, (or) compare two different bonuses, TruckLogics simplifies the process for you.

Income Transactions

When you need to examine income and expense transactions, it’ll only take a few minutes when you’re in the app.

TruckLogics lets you sort your income by categories including payment modes, amount, and descriptions.

Expense Transactions

You won’t have to worry about mismanaging expenses when you use TruckLogics to manage your expenses. With the TruckLogics App, expense management is easy.

We support expense tracking with our Expense Transactions feature.

Receive Payments

Once you've received a payment from a client (or) a carrier, you can post the payment directly in the app. Use TruckLogics - trucking business management app to record full (or) partial payments and payment method, adding additional notations if needed.

You can even post a single payment towards multiple invoices for frequent clients!

Whatever needs your trucking business needs, we’re here to make it work for you! With 24/7 email support, you know we’ll answer any questions you may have. Want to try TruckLogics? Sign up now for a 15 day free trial!

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Top 3 Cities for Truck Driving Jobs

Top 3 Cities for Truck Driving Jobs
Top 3 Cities for Truck Driving Jobs
No matter what job you have, it’s crossed your mind - is this the best quality of living I can get, based on income and cost of living?

Well, after analyzing the top metro areas with the most truck driving jobs, as well as the most job availability, average annual salary for truckers, median home price and median annual rent, the good folks at SpareFoot are saying these three cities are the best for truckers.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is the home of the Braves - and the capital of Georgia. As the most populous city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is a cultural and economic hub of the southern state.

Atlanta has the highest share of jobs available for truckers - but more importantly, the highest paying jobs - with an average salary reaching $64,000. Overall, the rent is the most affordable, too.

  • Average annual salary: $64,000
  • Median home price: $274,250
  • Median annual rent: $15,576

Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte area is a great choice for truckers, with the pay and rent allowing for a quality lifestyle.

And we gotta say, we’re big fans of Charlotte! We’re a small town company, sure, but we’re just a short drive from the Queen City, and you can find most of our customer support specialists rocking Panthers gear come football season.

  • Average annual salary: $55,000
  • Median home price: $204,100
  • Median annual rent: $14,976

Columbus, OH

Who doesn’t love Columbus? Not only is it the 15th largest city in the U.S., it’s the capital and largest city in Ohio.

Columbus has parks and events, a vibrant food scene, and something for everyone - whether you’re a hipster, a family man, or heck, even a trucker!

  • Average annual salary: $49,000
  • Median home price: $139,940
  • Median annual rent: $15,732

No matter what city you’re based in, TruckLogics, a trucking software, can help you manage your transportation business in online. Whether you need an easy IFTA reporting solution, an easy way to generate a bill of lading, or just want to route your hauls with ProMiles - TruckLogics is your best bet.

What city are you based out of? Let us know on Facebook!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

3 Steps to Prepare Yourself for 2nd Quarter IFTA Deadline

3 Steps to Prepare Yourself for 2nd Quarter IFTA Deadline
3 Steps to Prepare Yourself for 2nd Quarter IFTA Deadline
Alright, an IFTA deadline is just around the corner. You know what that means!

It’s time to talk about how we can make IFTA super easy for our TruckLogics users out there.

First things first, make sure you gather all of your necessities. What are necessities? Well, have access to your records and your trip sheets.

The cool thing is, TruckLogics provides an IFTA add-on feature with ProMiles integration that makes generating your IFTA return quick and easy. Basically, TruckLogics tracks all your mileage for you through the trip sheets associated with your dispatches.

Before you get started, make sure all your trip sheets are for the 2nd quarter (April - June) are completed, as TruckLogics uses these to generate your IFTA report. Remember, this is easy when you’re using ProMiles.

Step 1: It Starts with the Dashboard

When you’re in TruckLogics, start by selecting IFTA along the top menu. You’ll see that it is 2nd Quarter 2016, which means you can click “Start New Return.”

If your trip sheets are all complete and your fuel is counted in your expenses, you will see an accurate summary of the total miles, total gallons of fuel, and MPG for the quarter.

Pro Tip: TruckLogics also supports bulk uploading! It’s the fastest way to upload fuel data from a fuel card.

Step 2: Details, Details, Details

First, you need to select which vehicles you want included in the IFTA return.

Once you choose, you’ll see a summary of total mileage, fuel use, and MPG for the quarter. After that, you can add any credits or refunds to your return if applicable.

Step 3: Review & Download

With TruckLogics, you finish things off by running your report by our error check, reviewing your return, and if everything checks out - click “Next” to download your 2nd Quarter IFTA return.

*If your state requires e-filing, don’t worry! TruckLogics simplifies that process, and you can quickly generate a fuel tax summary to input into the state’s online system.

If you have any questions about your generating your 2nd Quarter IFTA return with TruckLogics, reach out to us by phone at 704.234.6946 or by email at

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