Friday, 30 October 2015

IFTA Audit | Oh The Horror!

TruckLogics presents a haunted tale of an IFTA audit that will scare you past the 4th Quarter deadline. Three percent (3%) of IFTA accounts are required to be audited every year so it could very likely happen to you. This is a re-telling of one such audit that went terribly wrong.

In an office void of windows sits Bryan, the IFTA auditor, searching for his next victim. He slowly scrolls down the list, staring intently for the perfect IFTA account that will satisfy his need to instill blood curdling fear into the unsuspecting filers. When he reaches the account of Steve A. Wesome, the light bulbs blow out and the dimly lit computer screen puts an eerie glow on his face as he leans back and nods his head saying, “I have found him.”

One week later...

It was just a normal day for Steve and his wife Michelle. Steve was on his way home from being on the road for two weeks and Michelle was cooking up all his favorite foods to surprise him. A storm was on it’s way so Michelle called him, and let him know to be careful because the weather report was calling for strong winds and a lot of rain. Before the rain started, Michelle went to get the mail and she was taken back to see a letter from the International Fuel Tax Association with the dreaded Time Sensitive Open Immediately stamp on the front. She started reading the letter out loud…”You have been selected for audit.” A loud burst of thunder rolled across the sky and Michelle ran back in the house.

She knew their IFTA filing was done on time and she knew the numbers were correct because she used TruckLogics to generate her report. Michelle called her friend, Kay, who had been audited in the past to see what the process was all about. Kay told her to make sure and have:

-Detailed equipment list including the make, model, and gross weight for IFTA qualified units
-Copy of the monthly or quarterly summary
-Fuel purchases
-Copy of an actual Over-the-Road fuel receipt
-Completed copy of a bulk fuel withdrawal log
-Driver’s signature and/or name
-Trailer number
-Registrant’s number
-Vehicle fleet number
-Unit number or vehicle identification number
-Miles/kilometers by jurisdiction
-Total trip miles
-Route of travel and/or beginning and ending odometer reading of the trip
-Trip origin and destination-Completed copy of a driver trip record or trip sheet from one of the 12 most recent quarters.

Kay reassured her that if she had all her IFTA returns, registration documents, fuel receipts, and trip logs, she should be just fine. Kay also said the process doesn’t take long and it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, they just have to audit a certain amount of accounts every year.

Michelle was relieved and started getting everything together. She hadn’t told Steve yet because he was driving and she didn’t want to stress him out. Looking at the letter again, Michelle saw the number to arrange an appointment and went ahead and made the call.

A creepy smile curled on Bryan’s face when his phone rang.
Bryan: This is Bryan, how can I help you?
Michelle: Hi Bryan, I received a letter saying I was selected for an IFTA audit and I already spoke with Stacey from your department to ask a few questions, but she said I needed to make the appointment with you.
Bryan: Yes, I will be conducting the audit and would like to schedule the appointment as soon as possible. I have an opening on October 30th at 10:00 am.
Michelle: That will work.
Bryan: Bring all your paperwork and documentation with you and there is a checklist of information included in the letter you received.
Michelle: Ok, thank you.
Bryan: Have a nice day. -click-

Michelle sensed a strange tone in his voice, but didn’t really think anything of it. Steve walked in the door right when she got off the phone, and from the look on her face he knew it couldn’t be good. She told him to eat something first because bad news is never well received on an empty stomach. As he was enjoying his chicken n’ gravy, she told him about the audit and he seemed unphased by the letter. He told her, “we have nothing to worry about and everything will be fine.”

10:00 am October 30th

The IFTA office was cold and bad elevator music played as Steve and Michelle waited for Bryan to come out. She leaned close to Steve and told him the scene reminded her of the beginning of a horror movie. Steve looked around and agreed. They were very uncomfortable and were close to walking out the door when Bryan walked up and ushered them into a small conference room with dim lighting.

When the audit was finished, they emerged from the room and were practically sprinting for the door. They saw the sunlight outside and pushed the door open only to run back into the IFTA office. Again, and again they frantically ran through the door only to enter the office every time. Michelle was crying in fear, not knowing what was going on and as they tried one more time, Steve looked over his shoulder to the shadow coming out behind him. Bryan appeared outside of the room and let out a super villain laugh saying…

  “Thanks to TruckLogics your information was correct, but you will never escape the IFTA Audit.”

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  1. So funny, but so true! You always have to be prepared! TruckLogics is just great for tracking all the IFTA info. I wouldn't be without it. Bring on Bryan the Evil IFTA Auditor! I'm ready!