Friday, 30 October 2015

IFTA Audit | Oh The Horror!

TruckLogics presents a haunted tale of an IFTA audit that will scare you past the 4th Quarter deadline. Three percent (3%) of IFTA accounts are required to be audited every year so it could very likely happen to you. This is a re-telling of one such audit that went terribly wrong.

In an office void of windows sits Bryan, the IFTA auditor, searching for his next victim. He slowly scrolls down the list, staring intently for the perfect IFTA account that will satisfy his need to instill blood curdling fear into the unsuspecting filers. When he reaches the account of Steve A. Wesome, the light bulbs blow out and the dimly lit computer screen puts an eerie glow on his face as he leans back and nods his head saying, “I have found him.”

One week later...

It was just a normal day for Steve and his wife Michelle. Steve was on his way home from being on the road for two weeks and Michelle was cooking up all his favorite foods to surprise him. A storm was on it’s way so Michelle called him, and let him know to be careful because the weather report was calling for strong winds and a lot of rain. Before the rain started, Michelle went to get the mail and she was taken back to see a letter from the International Fuel Tax Association with the dreaded Time Sensitive Open Immediately stamp on the front. She started reading the letter out loud…”You have been selected for audit.” A loud burst of thunder rolled across the sky and Michelle ran back in the house.

She knew their IFTA filing was done on time and she knew the numbers were correct because she used TruckLogics to generate her report. Michelle called her friend, Kay, who had been audited in the past to see what the process was all about. Kay told her to make sure and have:

-Detailed equipment list including the make, model, and gross weight for IFTA qualified units
-Copy of the monthly or quarterly summary
-Fuel purchases
-Copy of an actual Over-the-Road fuel receipt
-Completed copy of a bulk fuel withdrawal log
-Driver’s signature and/or name
-Trailer number
-Registrant’s number
-Vehicle fleet number
-Unit number or vehicle identification number
-Miles/kilometers by jurisdiction
-Total trip miles
-Route of travel and/or beginning and ending odometer reading of the trip
-Trip origin and destination-Completed copy of a driver trip record or trip sheet from one of the 12 most recent quarters.

Kay reassured her that if she had all her IFTA returns, registration documents, fuel receipts, and trip logs, she should be just fine. Kay also said the process doesn’t take long and it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, they just have to audit a certain amount of accounts every year.

Michelle was relieved and started getting everything together. She hadn’t told Steve yet because he was driving and she didn’t want to stress him out. Looking at the letter again, Michelle saw the number to arrange an appointment and went ahead and made the call.

A creepy smile curled on Bryan’s face when his phone rang.
Bryan: This is Bryan, how can I help you?
Michelle: Hi Bryan, I received a letter saying I was selected for an IFTA audit and I already spoke with Stacey from your department to ask a few questions, but she said I needed to make the appointment with you.
Bryan: Yes, I will be conducting the audit and would like to schedule the appointment as soon as possible. I have an opening on October 30th at 10:00 am.
Michelle: That will work.
Bryan: Bring all your paperwork and documentation with you and there is a checklist of information included in the letter you received.
Michelle: Ok, thank you.
Bryan: Have a nice day. -click-

Michelle sensed a strange tone in his voice, but didn’t really think anything of it. Steve walked in the door right when she got off the phone, and from the look on her face he knew it couldn’t be good. She told him to eat something first because bad news is never well received on an empty stomach. As he was enjoying his chicken n’ gravy, she told him about the audit and he seemed unphased by the letter. He told her, “we have nothing to worry about and everything will be fine.”

10:00 am October 30th

The IFTA office was cold and bad elevator music played as Steve and Michelle waited for Bryan to come out. She leaned close to Steve and told him the scene reminded her of the beginning of a horror movie. Steve looked around and agreed. They were very uncomfortable and were close to walking out the door when Bryan walked up and ushered them into a small conference room with dim lighting.

When the audit was finished, they emerged from the room and were practically sprinting for the door. They saw the sunlight outside and pushed the door open only to run back into the IFTA office. Again, and again they frantically ran through the door only to enter the office every time. Michelle was crying in fear, not knowing what was going on and as they tried one more time, Steve looked over his shoulder to the shadow coming out behind him. Bryan appeared outside of the room and let out a super villain laugh saying…

  “Thanks to TruckLogics your information was correct, but you will never escape the IFTA Audit.”

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

TruckLogics | Leased Driver Package

Leased drivers have very unique business management needs and TruckLogics has the solution with our Leased Driver Package. With Halloween coming up, we thought about filling up this blog with ghostly puns and ghoulish phrases, but we have a bit more respect for what y’all do and that deserves a certain level of seriousness. But don’t worry, we have one howling good time planned for Friday’s IFTA blog that will scare you right into the 4th Quarter.

When you are leased there are certain trucking business procedures you don’t have to fuss with like creating dispatches and sending invoices. What you do need to be concerned about is your expenses, maintenance schedules, settlements, and Profit & Loss reports to see where everything is going. TruckLogics does all that and you can enter expenses via our mobile app when on the road.


They come in every shape, infinite dollar amounts, and they are a necessary evil in business. A bit of a dramatic explanation of expenses, but it’s the truth. For your expenses to stay under control, you need to keep track of them. With TruckLogics, you can enter your expenses and the program will categorize and track each one - making your life easy at tax time. The TruckLogics mobile app is perfect for entering your expenses on the road with a receipt capture feature for thorough documentation. When you are ready to view your expenses for a specified date range, all you will need to do is log into your TruckLogics account.

Maintenance Scheduling/Tracking

Every trucker needs to keep up with maintenance, but the way it’s done makes all the difference. If you want stress-free maintenance tracking, TruckLogics is the solution. You can schedule your maintenance in advance so you always know what needs to be done based on miles driven or a time range.


Expenses need to be deducted from somewhere, and for most of us it’s our settlements. It’s good business to know where your money is going. In your TruckLogics account, you can enter your settlements and the program will do all the calculations for you and organize the information in a nice, neat Profit & Loss report. You will always have a record of your settlements saved in your account and you can compare what you entered in TruckLogics to what your company is actually paying you. It’s a great way to make sure you’re not missing any detention pay or other accessorials.

Profit & Loss Reports

Profit & Loss reports tell you a lot about your financial status. The most basic information you will receive from it is what percentage of your settlements is going to expenses. From there, you can pinpoint unnecessary expenses, plan a budget for the next month, and track your bottom line to make sure you are staying profitable.

TruckLogics Mobile App

We’ve mentioned it a few times above, but let’s really discuss it. The TruckLogics mobile app for leased drivers is the perfect solution for recording and documenting your expenses while on the road. The shoebox method for storing receipts is very inefficient and you can’t just open up the box and have a P&L report sitting on top with a clear view of your finances. You’re a professional and deserve a professional program that is designed for truckers. TruckLogics will up your professionalism and keep you business savvy no matter where the road takes you.

The future isn’t always certain, but with TruckLogics you will always know your financial status so you never stop moving forward.

Test drive TruckLogics with our 15-day free trial!

We’re Here For You

TruckLogics has everything you will ever need to manage your business including unmatched customer support. The TruckLogics Support Crew is prepped and ready for any question you have. Contact us at our Rock Hill, SC headquarters via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

TruckLogics Updates | See What's New!

It’s a beautiful day, Trucking Nation. Now if your spirits aren’t lifted, the TruckLogics Crew has some exciting news to help make yours a little brighter. TruckLogics just got new updates!

We’re more excited than a trucker getting cleared after a three hour inspection. We have a lot of stuff to go over and short time to do it in, so hang on ‘cause here we go....

Updates That Will Pump You Up Faster than the Rocky Theme Song

The term Orders has been changed to Loads
Truckers, we want to make sure everything is spot on for your business management needs and getting the lingo down is a big part of that. The term Orders has been changed to Loads within our program. Quickly create loads with custom load numbers that include customer/shipper/consignee information, freight details, and hauling/additional charges, all with a professional quality you won’t find anywhere else.

Create Trip Sheets Without Odometer Readings
We’re going the distance to make IFTA filing and mileage tracking as simple as possible. You can complete trip sheets for your dispatches without having to enter any odometer readings. See, the world is just a brighter place already and we still have a ways to go.

Driver Activities Included In Settings
You can view your driver’s activities on the mobile app from going to your Settings and then clicking My Activities. You can see if they have logged in to the app, opened a dispatch, updated a check call, or recorded an expense.

Updates for That Show Me The Money Moment You Have When Tracking Finances

Track Negative Settlements for Drivers
No two trucking businesses have the same management process. We want to have everything built right in to fit any management need. This update allows negative settlements to be recorded and displayed in the “Deductions” section of the driver settlement. Negative amounts will carry over week to week and you will never lose track of what your drivers owe.

Invoice Payment Terms
For your real business that makes real money, you need some real payment terms. You can now add your own payment terms to your invoices. This can be done in your Settings to have it auto-generate on your invoices, or you can create custom payment terms for your customers.

Profit & Loss Report Enhancements
We have added new terms and updated others on the Profit & Loss Report. When you generate a P&L report you will see miles, income, expenses, and revenue with breakdowns showing your cost per mile, revenue per mile, and profit per mile. You will know where every cent of your money is going and how it got there.

The You Asked For ‘Em, Now We Got ‘Em Updates

Dispatch Number Setting - Manual or Auto
Your suggestions made this update happen. Dispatch numbers can now be set to manual entry so you can enter in any number you want, or you can set a seed number and have them auto-generate.

Driver’s Name Displays with Active Dispatches on Dashboard
We’re all about making your life easier. You can now view which drivers are on active dispatch straight from your Dashboard page!

Well that was a fun ride on the TruckLogics Update Highway. It’s time to process everything, so we’re going to let you take a few minutes and check out the new stuff in your TruckLogics Account. If you don’t have one, there’s no better time for a test drive.

Sign up now and enjoy our 15-day free trial.

Talk to The Crew

The TruckLogics Crew has a gift for gab and knack for answering tough questions. Anything you want to know about TruckLogics, just call The Crew and we’ll hook you up with the knowledge. Contact us at our Rock Hill, SC headquarters via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Business Management Tips & Tricks for Owner-Operators

Joining the ranks of owner-operators in the trucking industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Your limits will be tested daily and once you learn how to survive, a prosperous future quickly follows. If you don’t have a solid business management plan, then the learning to survive part will be almost impossible to accomplish. TruckLogics is the complete business management program that will handle the organization, tracking, and planning of your business - all you’ll have to focus on is where to go next.


Like your truck, your business has a lot of moving parts that keep it going. Keeping everything organized and accessible is what will save you from becoming a stress fueled ball of fury. TruckLogics keeps all your dispatches, invoices, expenses, payments, customers, equipment, documents, maintenance schedules, renewal deadlines, and everything organized and accessible from any location.
One aspect of your business that can turn into a big mess real quick is your documents. TruckLogics has a document library where all your documents can stay organized and be quickly sent to customers or added to dispatches.


Who doesn’t want to know where their money is going, or the status of a dispatch/invoice? All the moving parts of your business need to be meticulously tracked so you always know what is going on. TruckLogics will track all your financial information so you can see where your business stands at any moment. Your miles are also automatically tracked from dispatch to dispatch, making IFTA filing a breeze. TruckLogics even has a wide-range of report features that allow you to quickly view reports including: Profit & Loss, Customer Revenue, Fuel Tax Summary, Unit License Expiry, Trip, Fuel, and so much more.

The TruckLogics mobile app makes recording and tracking your expenses a dream while on the road. For thorough documentation you can capture your receipts and the image will automatically save with the associated dispatch. The mobile app also displays your dispatch information, special instructions, routing, and check call updates.


You want to know what is coming up so you don’t get caught off guard, and more importantly so you don’t go unpaid. Your load history is going to tell you a lot about how to plan your loads for the future. With TruckLogics, you can view your past loads and income to pinpoint your most profitable routes. This information will also help you determine how much revenue per mile you will need to turn a profit for the rest of the year.

But planning doesn’t just stop at your loads. Maintenance schedules are one of those things that have to be planned out so you can keep your maintenance expenses under control. Generating a Profit & Loss Report, under the accrual basis of accounting, is going to show when income will be coming in so you can plan your larger maintenance expenses, know when to schedule longer hauls, and stay up-to-date on your cost/profit/revenue per mile. Planning out a month in advance or more seems tedious, but with TruckLogics, it’s simple.

Experience business management at it’s best with a 

Contact the Crew

Have questions? Want a personal demo of Trucklogics? All you have to do is contact the TruckLogics Support Crew and we’ll hook you up. Give us a call at 704-234-6946 or send us an email at

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Small Fleet | Custom Business Management

Competition among small fleets is insane in the trucking industry. For you guys, it’s all about having that competitive edge so you can one-up the competition and keep moving forward. TruckLogics is going to give you the competitive edge that puts you in front of the pack and it’s going to streamline your business all at the same time. Sound too good to be true? It’s real my friends, so enough writing about what it can do, let’s see how it works!

The Competitive Edge

Custom Business Management

Not every trucking business runs the same. TruckLogics allows you to customize your Load/Dispatch/Invoice numbers, create your own maintenance and deadline schedules with reminders, set your own accessorial fees, and so much more. You can customize your Dashboard to show exactly what you want to see, so you know what is active and when things are due right when you log into your account. Even your reports are customizable to show information for any date range, truck, customer, or anything else you want to see.

Financial Tracking

Tracking your finances is the key to success in business management. Income and expenses are meticulously tracked in TruckLogics. You can generate a Profit & Loss Report for any date range or for any truck to see where money is going and how you can increase profits. You also have the option to generate your P&L report based on accrual or cash accounting. Reminders can even be set for a multitude of things so you stay in-the-know on every active dispatch, invoice, and task.


You always want to be professional. How you present yourself, how your documents look when sent to clients, and how you communicate needs to have that professional element so you stand out. With TruckLogics, every quote, order summary, and invoice you send to clients will represent your business in the highest professional manner. You can even customize your documents with your company logo and specialized notes for clients to really make you memorable. TruckLogics makes sending and receiving information from clients incredibly efficient via email and fax options so your clients don’t have to work to do business with you.

Setting Up Your Account

TruckLogics is packed with everything you could ever need to manage your business. You can experience it today with our free 15-day trial! Check out how easy it is to set up your account and get started.

Contact the Crew

When you have questions, we have answers. Contact the TruckLogics Support Crew, located in Rock Hill, SC, via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

TruckLogics Features | Order Summary & Rate Confirmation

Ever agree to haul a load and have it cancelled at the last minute? You probably get The Godfather line - “it’s not personal, it’s business.” Jumping off track real quick, if a broker really did say that line and had the Corleone name, it would make for a great story.

Okay back on topic. The trucking industry is pretty rough and there are brokers out there that don’t have the best intentions. You need to protect yourself, and you can do that by sending a load-rate confirmation to be signed so you are guaranteed a certain amount of payment, ensuring your time is not wasted. With TruckLogics, you can quickly email or fax a rate confirmation with an order summary. You can even attach a cancellation clause to weed out those untrustworthy brokers and get paid a percentage if the order is ever cancelled before being picked up. Sending out your rate confirmation is as easy as 1,2,3…

Sending Rate Confirmation/Order Summary

1. Create the Order
Once you receive the load information with a pickup and drop off destination, you will need to create the order and TruckLogics will auto-fill the details into a rate confirmation. TruckLogics will automatically calculate the distance and payment amount based on your hauling fees. Click Create Order, then you will be able to review the rate confirmation.

2. Review Rate Confirmation
After you click Create Order, you will be brought to your Order Summary page. Select the Document Tab at the top of the page. From there you can review your load rate confirmation and order summary before sending it out.

3. Send via Email or Fax
When everything looks good, make sure the documents you want to send are checked. Then, all you have to do is click Send E-Mail.

Upload Your Own Documents

If you have your own rate confirmation template that you would like to send instead of the one provided for you, you can easily upload any document and attach it to your order summary to send out. This also goes for any additional terms and conditions, including a cancellation clause. From the Documents section of your order (step 2), select Upload New Document, and you can attach any document you want to the order and send it to your customer all at the same time.

When you have received your signed documents, the order can be quickly assigned and dispatched. Your driver will receive the dispatch information via our mobile app. The entire process, depending on how fast your received your signed load rate confirmation, takes only a few minutes, and then the wheels start turnin’ and you start earnin’.

Want to Learn More About Our Pro Features?

The TruckLogics Crew hosts live training sessions every month to give an in-depth look at all of the pro features we have to offer. Sign up today!

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
Check out our latest updates, including: accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, and so much more!

Contact the Crew

If you have any questions about TruckLogics, don’t hesitate to contact our amazing Support Crew located in Rock Hill, SC via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

Experience TruckLogics with a free 15-day free trial!

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Friday, 9 October 2015

TruckLogics IFTA | Mobile App, Trip Sheets, & ProMiles

The October 30th IFTA deadline is coming up quick! Thank goodness TruckLogics has a built in IFTA filing feature that makes generating your IFTA return quick and painless. We went over the basic process in the previous blog, TruckLogics | How It Works, but now we are going to go a little more in-depth into trip sheets, ProMiles, and the mobile app.

Trip Sheets

Trip sheets are the unsung heroes of our IFTA filing process. Each dispatch you create has a trip sheet, and when completed, will automatically forward your miles to your IFTA return. This way, you enter your mileage for each dispatch as you go instead of waiting until the deadline to enter everything at once, greatly decreasing the chance of errors. To quickly view all your trip sheets at once, head over to your Truck Zone (located at the top of your screen) and you can view the dispatch history for each truck. From there you can edit mileage and update your trip sheets all in one place.

Filling Out Your Trip Sheet

1. The first step to filling out your trip sheet is to make sure the start location and zip codes are set correctly. You can edit the start location by selecting the See The History Here option. There you can view a list of your most recent start locations for you to choose from.

2. Next, check over the routing details for your trip. You should see the start, pickup, and drop-off locations.

3. The most efficient way to fill in your trip sheet is to select the blue Enter Trip Sheet Using ProMiles button. You won’t have to manually enter any information, and the calculations are done using practical miles. Your miles will auto-generate accurately by simply clicking on Update Trip Sheet.

4. Once your trip sheet has been updated, review the information and then click Save at the bottom of the screen. Your miles will automatically transfer to your IFTA return for that quarter.


The TruckLogics IFTA filing process has been integrated with ProMiles for accurate tracking of your mileage. The ProMiles feature saves you time by only requiring a click of a button to complete your trip sheet, rather than you looking up the mileage and manually entering the information. If you find that you need to change the routing information, ProMiles will automatically recalculate your miles for you. ProMiles will calculate your mileage based on practical miles, but you do have the option to calculate mileage by shortest miles if you prefer. This feature makes your life so much easier because it’s just one click and you’re done.

TruckLogics Mobile App

When you’re on the road and need an efficient solution to record your fuel-up expenses so they automatically forward to your IFTA return for the quarter, the TruckLogics Mobile app is all you need. You can even capture the receipt image for complete documentation of your purchases. You only need to enter the fuel-up information once and TruckLogics will take care of the rest.

Contact the TruckLogics Support Crew

If you have any questions about completing trip sheets and generating an IFTA return using TruckLogics, contact The Crew via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

TruckLogics IFTA | How It Works

♫ If there’s something strange on your IFTA form

Who ya gonna call - TruckLogics

When the number’s off and not the norm

Who ya gonna call - TruckLogics ♫

GhostBusters has been playing on TV, so why not keep the fun rolling and make a special IFTA song parody. The Halloween season brings out our creativity. Now to the good stuff…

How are you, Trucking Nation? You all have an IFTA deadline coming up at the end of the month, October 30th to be exact, and the TruckLogics Crew would like to share some IFTA filing knowledge to help you survive the deadline.

TruckLogics provides an IFTA add-on feature with ProMiles integration that makes generating your IFTA return quick and easy. You really don’t even have to enter any information because TruckLogics tracks all your mileage for you through the trip sheets associated with your dispatches. The whole process involves a few clicks and then you’re done.

Trip Sheets Are Important!

Before getting started, make sure all your trips sheets for the 3rd quarter (July - September) are completed as TruckLogics will use these to generate you IFTA reports. Remember, you can create trip sheets super fast by using ProMiles.

How To Generate Your 3rd Quarter IFTA Return

Step 1: IFTA Dashboard
To open your IFTA Dashboard, select IFTA along the top menu. There you’ll see 3rd Quarter 2015. Click “Start New Return.” If all your trip sheets are complete, you will see an accurate summary of the total miles, total gallons of fuel, and MPG for the quarter.

Step 2: IFTA TruckList
Check off which vehicles you want included in the IFTA return. Mileage and fuel will pull from the trip sheets associated with the selected vehicles. You can view the trip data for each vehicle by selecting “View Log” next to each truck.

Step 3: Return Details & IFTA Tax Due
After you select the vehicles you want included on your IFTA return, you will see a summary total mileage, fuel use, and MPG for the quarter. Then you will be able to add any credits or refunds to your return if applicable.

Step 4: Review & Download
The final step is to review your return, and if everything is correct then you simply click “Next” to download your 3rd Quarter IFTA Return.

It really is just a few clicks and you’re done. IFTA filing is a dream with TruckLogics, and the Crew is standing by if you ever need assistance. Contact the TruckLogics Crew with any questions via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

If State Requires E-filing

Some states require IFTA to be e-filed, but don’t worry, TruckLogics makes that process easy too. You can quickly generate a fuel tax summary report and copy/paste it to their online form.

For More Information

Want to learn more about our IFTA add-on and other features TruckLogics provides? Join us for a live training session where we’ll show you everything TruckLogics has to offer and how it all works.

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
We’ll be going over how to set up your TruckLogics account, create orders, and how the workflow operates in your account.

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
Check out our latest updates, including: accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, and so much more!

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Make Way for New TruckLogics Updates!

They’re big...they’re bad...they’re the perfect solution to keep your trucking business organized! Wait, what? Okay, maybe big and bad weren’t the best ways to describe our newest updates, but hopefully we piqued your interest. What’s life without a little word whimsy, right?

The TruckLogics Crew has been hard at work turning your feedback and suggestions into our latest updates and they are finally here (insert roaring applause)! But this introduction is getting a little long, so let’s just get to the updates already.


This seemingly simple update has a major benefit. So major that it has been assigned its very own tab where you can quickly access uploaded documents straight from your Dashboard. Never again search through countless files to find that one BOL or warranty copy. Quickly upload documents and keep them organized and easily accessible all within your TruckLogics account.

Manual Order Numbers

You asked for it and now it’s here! Manually enter in any order number your heart desires. It’s a whole new level of organization, my friends. Set each order number to match your customer’s load, pro, or any reference number.


Setup Wizard

The TruckLogics Crew did an entire blog about this new update (check it out here). It’s so nice we had to talk about it twice. The new Setup Wizard makes getting started with TruckLogics super easy and really fast. If you already have a TruckLogics account, don’t worry, you can still experience the Setup Wizard and probably set preferences for features you didn’t even know were available, including: LTL and IFTA add-ons, accrual/cash basis for reports, reminders, and so much more.

We Want to Hear from You

One phone call is all it takes to learn more about TruckLogics and have all your questions answered. We’ll even hook you up with a 15-day free trial and personal demo. Contact the TruckLogics Crew via phone: 704.234.6946 or email:

Join our Live Training Session

A great way to see TruckLogics in action and learn about our latest updates is to join us for a live training session. Ask all your questions and get to know what TruckLogics is all about. Sign up today!

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
We’ll be going over how to set up your TruckLogics account and do a complete walk-through of how TruckLogics can improve your trucking business.

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
Check out our latest updates, including: accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, and so much more!
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