Wednesday, 30 September 2015

TuckLogics New Feature | Setup Wizard

In the magical realm of fantasy, wizards offer guidance and wisdom to get you through Middle Earth, or protection as King Arthur’s main dude for defending against a Saxon invasion. Why not have wizards exist in real-life, but with technically-advanced flare instead of a magical staff? The TruckLogics Crew (Meet the Crew) have turned fantasy into reality with the latest TruckLogics feature - the Setup Wizard.

Let’s be real, when setting up any type of program to manage your business, there’s a decent amount of information you need to enter before you create the first dispatch. The entire setup journey is simplified to streamlined perfection with our new Setup Wizard feature that quickly guides you through the initial data entry process. Let’s take a closer look…

Step 1 - Enter Business Details

The first step is easy. Since you entered most of your business details when creating the account, just add your address and contact information.

Step 2 - Add-Ons

This step is the beginning to customizing your account. There are also help videos available for your viewing pleasure to see how each add-on works in TruckLogics. The next step goes more in-depth with the customizable options that are available, including: ProMiles, IFTA filing, and Less Than Truckload (LTL).

Step 3 - Preferences

This step is where you can set everything to your particular preference, including: timezone, order/dispatch/invoice number entry, accrual or cash basis for reports, and odometer tracking.

Step 4 - Reminders

The last step is to set your reminders. With a simple email alert you will be informed of upcoming invoice deadlines, dispatch pick up, scheduled maintenance, upcoming expiration dates, and IRS tax deadlines. You can even choose how many days before you would like the reminders sent and which ones you want.

The Setup Wizard will get you started quick, fast, and in a hurry. When you complete the steps, you are free to indulge in all the benefits of your TruckLogics account. For any questions you may have, the TruckLogics Crew is standing by in Rock Hill, SC to assist you via phone: 704.234.6946 or email:

Learn more about TruckLogics by attending our Live Training Sessions.
Join the crew and learn how to get started with TruckLogics and get up-to-speed on all our latest updates. Every live training session is followed by a Q&A to answer any questions you have. Sign up today!
4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
We’ll be going over how to set up your TruckLogics account and do a complete walk-through of how TruckLogics can improve your trucking business.

Thursday, October 22nd
4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST
Check out our latest updates, including: accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, and so much more!
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Friday, 25 September 2015

TruckLogics | Meet The Crew

The TruckLogics Crew always takes the time to get to know you all better, but do you know who we are? We want you to be able to put a face to the angelic voices you hear over the phone, so here we are in our Sunday best, ready for introductions.


Bryan got his start in the trucking industry by assisting truckers to e-file their 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax with our ExpressTruckTax team. He spent many hours on the phone getting to know what truckers need to run their business, and has a great understanding of the transportation industry. Don't let his professional demeanor fool you, Bryan is a die-hard USC fan (the real USC in SC, not the one in Cali) and can really get it on a guitar. Hopefully, the crew can persaude him to play a few tunes for you all on our Trucking Nation Podcast.

The newest addition to the TruckLogics Crew, Michelle has quickly adapted to the exciting world of trucking business management. After serving in the Marine Corps, she travelled the country before settling down in South Carolina. She's a gaming master, Norse mythology expert, and always has a smile on her face. Her attitude is so positive, she earned the nickname - Cheerio.


Misty comes from a proud trucking legacy and makes a point to thank every trucker she speaks with for their hard work before hanging up the phone. Her latest hobby is trying to keep her new Mustang from exceeding the speed limit. You can hear her every week going over the latest TruckLogics updates, health and wellness tips, and a few jokes to lift your spirits as the host of the Trucking Nation Podcast. The latest episode is linked below.

Miss Kay is a beloved TruckLogics Crew member with a special gift to make you feel like an old friend when you talk with her on the phone. She enjoys solving problems, which comes in handy when truckers want to track very specific information. Her laugh is infectious and she has a rowdy gang of Dachshunds, lovingly named The Fat Bottom Boys. There is nothing this wonderful lady can't do, and when you call TruckLogics and Miss Kay answers, know that your day is about to get a lot brighter.

Live Training Sessions

Now that you know us all a little bit better, get to know TruckLogics. Join the crew for a live training session where we go over the latest updates and give you a complete tour of TruckLogics. Every live training session is followed by a Q&A to answer any questions you have. Sign up today!

Join the crew to go over setting up your TruckLogics account and see a walk-through of how TruckLogics can improve your trucking business.

The crew will be going over our latest updates, including: accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, and so much more!

Trucking Nation Podcast

We're bringing back our Business Management Series and going over the difference between accrual vs. cash accounting. Misty Noel breaks it all down for you and makes it easy to understand. She received some great inspiration from truckers for the health and wellness segment you just have to hear. Click play, give it a listen, and have a few laughs.

We Want To Hear From You

Interested in learning more about TruckLogics? Great! Contact the TruckLogics Crew and we'll hook you up with a free 15-day trial and set up a personal demo. Contact us via phone: 704.234.6946 or email us at

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Business Management Breakdown | Accrual vs. Cash Accounting

The TruckLogics crew is back with the next installment of our Business Management Breakdown series. This week we are breaking down cash vs. accrual accounting and why you need to know what they are.

Believe it or not, very basic math skills (addition, subtraction) are all that's needed for accounting. Hard to believe, but it's true. For many businesses, cash accounting works great, but for a trucking business, accrual accounting is usually the way to go. Not the most pleasant of names, but it does the job of displaying an accurate view of your financial status. Let's get to the good stuff and break down these accounting terms so you have a better grasp on what they're all about.

Cash Accounting

Before we discuss accrual accounting, you need to know about the cash basis of accounting. Cash accounting recognizes revenues as soon as cash (payment) is received, and expenses as soon as they are paid. Cash accounting works best for businesses that receive payment as soon as the service is performed. There are no receivables or payables to track, so your bank balance will show exactly how much cash is at your disposal.

Cash accounting has it’s purpose. It’s good to know who is paying you on time, who isn’t paying on time, and what your actual cash balance looks like. It just doesn’t help with forecasting and planning ahead in a highly aggressive and ever-changing industry such as trucking.

Accrual Accounting

Now that you know the basics of cash accounting, you will be able to better understand accrual accounting. Don't let the name scare you, it really isn't a difficult concept to understand.

Let’s break out some examples to really get a grasp on accrual accounting…

Ex. You haul a load on the 17th of September and set the invoice deadline to be net 30 (due in 30 days).
  • Under cash accounting, you wouldn’t show that load as income until Oct. 17 - a whole month after you hauled it. When you run a Profit & Loss report for the month of September, you will not see the income generated by that load (and potentially other loads with a similar situation) since you didn’t get “paid” for them in September. Suddenly, your income vs. expense ratio isn’t looking so good for September since all of your expenses are showing, but the income won’t be recognized until October.
  • Under accrual accounting, the income you receive for hauling the load in September, where the invoice is due in 30 days, will be counted for your September income and not October. The income will be recognized for September because that is when the service was performed. Your income vs. expenses ratio will show accurately and won’t display negative revenue because income is recognized when you hauled the load, not when you received payment. You perform a service (say haul a load) and set a 30-day deadline for the invoice to be paid.
Basically under the accrual basis of accounting, you will count the transaction for when the order was made, regardless of when payment for the service is received. You won't wait until you see the money to record the transaction, like you would under the cash basis of accounting.  

Cash & Accrual Accounting in TruckLogics

You have the option to pull a Profit & Loss report for either the cash or accrual accounting method. We make it really easy to switch between both, so you can always know the financial status of your business.

Pro Feature Live Presentation

TruckLogics has more Pro Features to streamline your business management. Join the TruckLogics crew on September 24th at 4:00 PM EDT for our Pro Features Live Training Session followed by a Q&A to answer any questions you have. Reserve your spot today!

Contact the Crew

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personal demo of TruckLogics, give us a call at 704.234.6946 or email us at

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week | Let Us Give Thanks

The TruckLogics crew wants to share a story with you for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The inspiration for this tale comes from the streets outside our office where a simple question was asked - what makes a great trucker? Thousands of words could be thrown together to answer the question we just presented, but we believe just a few will do. A good read is hard to find, so enjoy Trucking Nation, this one is for you.

What Makes A Great Trucker?

A CDL and a truck is only the beginning
You get a dispatch and a check and man, you're winning
A year goes by and your wheels never stop
Except one time in Texas you were pulled by that cop

You keep at it and find your lane
A beautiful route from Florida to Maine
The years go by and you got better pay
It seems everything is going your way

Then it happens and it all turns sour
But you don't let it be your final hour
You get behind the wheel and keep driving
You don't stop and soon you're thriving

No matter how high those mountains go
Through the dust, rain, sleet, and snow
You tell your family you love them before you drive away
And know in their hearts you will always stay

It's a hard job and not many can do it
Thank goodness you have the road-warrior spirit
You're the unknown heroes of our nation
And for that you have our unyielding appreciation

You're a trucker and that makes you great
It's everything you thanklessly do
From everyone at TruckLogics, we thank you.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week Trivia

Trucking Nation Podcast

Check out our latest podcast with host Misty Noel and a special message from the entire TruckLogics crew.

We Want To Hear From You
TruckLogics is a complete business-management program to keep you on the road to success. Contact the TruckLogics crew today via phone: 704.234.6946 or email:

Join Bryan and Charles on September 24th at 4:00 PM EST for a guided tour of TruckLogics and all the latest updates, including: invoice updates, accrual accounting, driver notification, and so much more!

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

LTL Software for Owner Operators & Fleet Managers

In the world of Less Than Truckload (LTL) orders, owner-operators and fleet managers turn into skilled composers - efficiently organizing and dispatching drivers in a fast-paced, syncopated rhythm. TruckLogics makes orchestrating LTL orders simple so you can focus on what’s ahead for your business. Let’s take a closer look at how LTL orders work in TruckLogics.

LTL orders are the norm in parcel delivery, but are utilized for freight transportation across the industry as well. Creating an LTL order is actually pretty simple and TruckLogics lets you enter the information, organize the trip by dragging and dropping route stops, send check calls to customers, and finish strong by emailing professional-looking invoices to your clients.

Creating An LTL Order

Step 1. Choose the LTL option when you select to enter a new order.

Step 2. Enter order details and save

Step 3. Dispatch order and add additional LTL orders directly to the dispatch.

Route Planning & Check Calls

You can easily add, remove, and organize route stops for drivers and they can view everything from the TruckLogics app. Drivers can update check calls directly from the app and you know the progress of each order. You can even send check call notifications to your clients to keep them updated.

If a driver is already in route and you discover they can pick up an additional order, you can quickly add the LTL order to their dispatch. Your driver will be notified via email and can view all new order details in their TruckLogics app.


When creating the invoice for each order, the order details (including freight details) will auto-generate and you can set the due date, include additional notes and even add a memo for your customer. To give your invoices a professional touch, be sure to upload your company logo in your account settings.

Explaining the TruckLogics LTL feature is way less fun than actually using it. Sign up for a free 15-day trial of TruckLogics and see how easy LTL orders can be. The TruckLogics crew would love to hear from you with any questions you have via phone: 704-234-6946 or email:

Live Training Event

Join Bryan and Charles on September 24th at 4:00 PM EST for a guided tour of TruckLogics and all the latest updates, including: invoice updates, accrual accounting, driver notification, and so much more!

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Keep Your Trucking Business Moving Forward with the TruckLogics Mobile App

Truckers keep our nation moving forward but to keep those wheels turnin', truckers need technology that improves their business, not technology that slows it down. TruckLogics is a complete business-management program that can keep your trucking business on the road to success. When it comes to managing a trucking business, you need ride-or-die technology that will support your road warrior spirit and TruckLogics has just that. The TruckLogics app is your solution to easy business management while on the road.

Simple & Efficient

Ever get a load assignment and it turns out to be a complete nightmare because you weren't provided all the information? Receiving all the dispatch information is simple with the TruckLogics app.
  • Notification 
    • As soon as you are assigned a load you will be automatically notified you have a dispatch via email. 
  • Specific Load Details 
    • View current load status, trip mileage, and load type before you even start the engine. 
  • Shipper/Consignee Addresses & Contact Details 
    • Know exactly where you're going with contact details so if there is ever an issue, you have someone to call to get it resolved. 
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Instructions 
    • Pick-up/Drop-off instructions make a driver's job a lot easier for those special loads. 
  • Check-call Updates 
    • Update your status right from the TruckLogics app and keep your clients in the loop on your progress. 

Expense Tracking

As soon as you get an expense receipt, take a photo of the receipt right from the TruckLogics app and easily keep track of your trip expenses. You can even include additional description details of the expense for thorough documentation.

Fuel Expense Tracking

You can capture the fuel receipt directly from your TruckLogics app and have the option to enter additional information for detail documentation, including: fuel type, fuel quantity, cost, odometer reading, city/state, payment mode, reference details, truckstop/vendor, and any additional information you want to include.

The TruckLogics App is Free to Download

Take your trucking business to the next level by giving TruckLogics a test drive with our 15-day Free Trial and download the free TruckLogics app for your Android or Apple device today!

Contact the TruckLogics Crew

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or want to see TruckLogics in action, contact the TruckLogics Crew and we'll hook you up. You can reach us via phone: 704.234.6946 or email:
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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

TruckLogics | See What's New

Ever wonder what happens when you call the TruckLogics Crew with feedback and suggestions? We listen! Thanks to your fast phone-dialing skills and speaking with us, your feedback and suggestions made way for brand new TruckLogics updates! See what's new and don't forget to register for one of our live training sessions.

See What's New

  • Invoice Updates
    • Tax values are separated so you can clearly view how amount values are calculated
    • Freight details are now included on the invoice
    • Emailed Invoices is a new category added so you can quickly reference all invoices that have been sent to clients/drivers
  • Accrual Accounting
    • You can now view an Accrual Report that will show invoice income for paid and pending invoices. 

  • Driver Notification
    • When you assign a driver to a dispatch, they will receive an instant email notification. The dispatch information is automatically updated in your driver's TruckLogics App and they can view pick-up and drop-off details. Drivers can also update check calls, record expenses, and capture receipt images all from the driver app. 
  • Driver Activity
    • Track driver activity on the TruckLogics App for quick updates on their dispatch status.
  • Order Summary Enhancements
    • A more detailed list of freight details has been integrated so you can more accurately document your freight. 
  • Order Advances
    • Record multiple advances for an order after it has been create that, when assigned to payment, will apply advances to the invoice. 

Join Our Live Training Session

If you are new to TruckLogics, join in on our live training sessions for a guided tour and detailed information to get you on the road to success.

Join Charles & Bryan as they discuss how to set up your TruckLogics account, and take you on a guided tour of how TruckLogics can improve your business.

Join the TruckLogics crew as they discuss accounts, invoicing, IFTA, our mobile app, driver management, & more!

We Want to Hear From You

Want to learn more about TruckLogics and how it works? Contact the TruckLogics Crew. We would love to hear from you and set you up with a free 15-day trial and schedule a personal one-on-one demo. Contact us via phone: 704-234-6005 or email: support@trucklogics.comx

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Friday, 4 September 2015

TruckLogics |Complete Fleet Management Software for Fleet Owners

Mike Antich wrote The Top 50 Traits of a Great Fleet Manager, and one statement really stood out -“If you are not capable of juggling 18 chainsaws at once, your time as a fleet manager will be limited.” A very dangerous scenario, but the statement has a lot of truth. Fleet managers are faced with unbelievable tasks on a daily basis and when armed with the right tools, juggling those chainsaws can be more fun than work.

TruckLogics is a complete business management program that can be a fleet manager’s secret weapon to make vehicle and driver management look easy.

Driver Management

Driver Information
You can have every driver’s license, truck, insurance, pay rate, and contact details available to you with a click of a button. TruckLogics helps you keep driver information organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

Dispatching loads isn’t the real issue. It’s tracking those dispatches and knowing which ones are still active and which ones have been delivered. TruckLogics keeps all your dispatches organized so you know every driver’s location, and who is available for the next load. You can eliminate unnecessary deadhead miles and fuel costs by scheduling loads near drop-off points.

Driver App
TruckLogics’ driver app is a great tool for communicating dispatch information. Once a dispatch is assigned, your driver will be instantly notified via email and they can view the dispatch on their TruckLogics app. Drivers can view total dispatch miles, record fuel and other expenses with receipt photos, update check calls, and access a map with a marked route from shipper to consignee. Expense and check call updates can be viewed in your TruckLogics account in real time.

Driver Settlements
Driver settlements created in TruckLogics list miles and other information that builds trust with drivers. This helps to avoid altercations about pay because everything is recorded and visible on the driver settlements. Driver settlements can be provided on a per-trip or weekly basis.

Vehicle Management

Maintenance Scheduling
Truck and trailer maintenance can be easily scheduled in TruckLogics with reminders so you’re never left guessing. When you log in to your TruckLogics account, you can clearly see what maintenance is coming up or past due. Scheduling maintenance in advance lets you know exactly what trucks and trailers will be available.

Finance & Equipment Tracking
Ever want to know what truck has accumulated the most expenses for a specified date range? Or how many miles driven by a specific truck last month? TruckLogics tracks all your activity and can auto-generate a report showing detailed information for any date range. All your equipment activity is meticulously tracked too so you know where your equipment has been and how much it is being used.

IFTA Reporting
IFTA is one of those necessary evils in the trucking industry and TruckLogics makes IFTA reporting easy. TruckLogics has an integrated ProMiles feature that will auto-populate your trip sheets with each dispatch you make. Our program will track your loaded and empty miles as you go, so when it comes to the IFTA deadline, all you have to do is click a button to generate the report. You won’t have to look back through months worth of mileage and painstakingly enter each state entry ever again.

LTL Orders
You can schedule and track LTL orders. Assign multiple loads to a single driver or team and dispatch in one clean, easy step. If you get a call to pick up a load, you can add that order to a truck already in motion and update his route accordingly. Check calls can be updated from our driver app and you can notify clients of the load status. Once the loads are marked as delivered, the information is auto-generated into separate invoices for each load. 

These are only a handful of the features TruckLogics provides fleet managers. Multi-tasking will always be a main requirement, but with TruckLogics you can work smarter, not harder. Give TruckLogics a test drive with a free 15 day trial and contact The Support Crew for a personal one-on-one demo at 704-234-6946 or email:

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