Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Electronic Document Management

At TruckLogics, we know it’s difficult to manage a business. After all, that’s why we exist. Between keeping your trucks on the road, managing drivers, keeping track of invoices, and remembering maintenance schedules for your trucks, it can be a hassle to keep proper track of your documents. That’s why in addition to managing your business, we also keep an electronic record of all your relevant paperwork in the same place, your TruckLogics account.

How Can TruckLogics Keep Track of My Documents Electronically?

Well that’s a great question, and the answer is simple, by using the program. TruckLogics has lots of innovative features that allow you to automatically keep track of all your important documents electronically. In today’s green world, paperless is becoming more and more popular, and not just because it’s environmentally friendly, it’s easier, too. Take a look and see how TruckLogics can help you create and keep track of all of the important documents for your trucking business.

Invoice/Dispatch Summaries- Once you add the load into the system, you will be brought to the “Dispatch Summary” page. At the bottom of this page is the “Net Revenue” section which includes a visual summary of income versus expenses for the load, and it also shows your revenue per mile. This lets you know immediately how much you are going to make on a load before you even accept it or assign it to a driver. It also helps act as a negotiation tool with the broker so you can be sure to meet your bottom line and negotiate to raise the hauling rate if need be. You can also use the invoice draft to negotiate, which is also automatically created when you add a load into the system and can be sent with a template email that you create through TruckLogics. Once a deal is agreed upon, simply change the status of the draft to “final”.

TruckLogics also conveniently allows you to be able to access all of the invoices you have sent out. Simply click on your accounts tab, and under invoices, click on “Emailed Invoices”. There you can see a full list of all of the invoices you have created, plus the time and date when it was sent.

Settlements- After creating a dispatch, TruckLogics will automatically generate the settlement for your driver. This settlement can be emailed to them without leaving the TruckLogics program, and includes that rate, fuel surcharge, advances, accessorial fees, and any deductions. For reference, you can even create a driver report from the reports tab, which will generate a report showing all driver payments within the specified dates of your choice. 

Uploads- You can also upload any fuel or expense receipts to TruckLogics straight from your phone on the mobile app. Simply take a picture of the receipt, upload it to the system, and it will be saved automatically. You don’t even have to leave the program or open your camera, you can take and upload pictures straight from the app. You can also upload a copy of your Bill of Lading or any other trip related document to keep on file. Sure beats having to save a messy pile of receipts and papers, right?

Mileage- By using ProMiles, you can have your mileage uploaded automatically and saved into our system. That means no more having to write down and keep track of all of your mileage every time you cross a state line. Just drive, track your fuel purchases, and let ProMiles handle the rest.
Not only does ProMiles keep track of your mileage for you, it also can generate your IFTA quarterly tax return from within the TruckLogics program. All you’ll need to do is mail it in with your payment. The program also automatically saves each quarterly return in your account, so that just in case you ever have the misfortune of dealing with an audit, you’ll be able to pull up all of your prior returns in a matter of seconds.

So stop keeping messy file folders filled with old crumpled up receipts. Let TruckLogics help make your paperwork disappear, and start using the best business management software for truckers on the market. If you have any questions about any of our services or want to request a free demo to see how it works, give us a call at 704.234.6946 or email us at

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Account Setup: Let TruckLogics Work for You

Last week, we walked you through creating an account. This week, we’ll explain how setting up and customizing your account settings will ensure you get the most out of TruckLogics.

At TruckLogics, we understand th
at every trucker operates their business differently. That’s why when you enter your account information, the program will be tailored specifically to your needs so it works best for you and your company. Plus, your first 15 days of using TruckLogics are free when you sign-up!

How Can I Customize my TruckLogics Account?

After signing up, you’ll need to select your fleet size. You can do this by clicking the “free trial” button on the top right corner of the page, and you’ll have the option of selecting a small fleet with 3-7 trucks, a medium fleet with 8-14 trucks, or a large fleet with 15 or more trucks. This will help make sure that the program is customized to best serve you and your fleet. In addition to our fleet manager packages, we have packages available that are specifically crafted for owner operators, too.

Once you select your fleet size and finalize your account information, you will be able to personalize all the rest of your account settings including adding contacts, driver account logins, program add-ons, reminder settings, invoice and dispatch options, your default pay type and rate, and your default mileage routing and fuel surcharge type/rate.

  • Add Contacts: Through use of the address book, you can easily keep track of all of your contacts. The address book is organized to show all of your customers with a green “C”, drivers with a gray “D”, vendors with a gold “V”, brokers with a red “B”, and carriers with a blue “C”. The carrier section of your address book is also automatically updated with some of the largest carriers and you can add your own to the list. You can also add in other information including their DOT number, email, and information for their main contact person.
  • Truck Zone: For each of your trucks you can add in specific equipment details including the unit number, year, make, model, VIN, and even whether or not the vehicle is still in service. You can also add in further details such as the name of the owner, gross weight, serial number, fuel type, height, number of axles, and even insurance information. All of this information is automatically stored and readily available for your convenience.
  • Pay Type & Rate: In addition to being able to create and edit new invoices and dispatches, you can even setup a default pay type rate. For example, if you typically run a dedicated run that pays the same each time, doing this can save you a ton of time. Or, if you charge per mile, you can set the default rate high enough to ensure that you break even. If you use a factoring company, you can also add “terms and conditions” to show your factoring companies billing information on your invoice. TruckLogics will even let you create a standard email that will be used when emailing customers or brokers an invoice that is generated and sent directly from TruckLogics. 
  • Supercharge Your Account: You also have the option to choose any add-ons to the program that you want to use. Add-on options include ProMiles, which is truck-specific routing software that can auto-fill your mileage traveled in each state on your trip sheet, completely eliminating manual data entry. Other add-ons include an IFTA feature, which generates your state-specific IFTA return for you, and the LTL, or Less Than Truckload feature, which integrates with the ProMiles add-on and allows you to assign multiple loads to one driver and dispatch them in one clean, easy step.
  • Schedule Maintenance Tasks: TruckLogics can even give you reminders when you need to get maintenance done on your trucks. Simply schedule a maintenance task once, and TruckLogics will remind you the next time you need to get it done. You can even set personal reminders for anything else you’d like to be notified of, like invoice due dates, license and insurance expiration and even dues dates for tax filing. Let’s face it, with everything you have to keep track of an extra little reminder is always nice. 
  • Driver Logins: Creating driver logins allows your drivers to update the status of their load from the road. When you receive your driver’s check call, you can forward it as an email directly to your customer or broker through TruckLogics. This then allows the driver to view load information from the road including the pickup and drop off locations and times, and your drivers can even add in expenses for your approval. 


Saving Yourself Time Later

So as you can see by setting up your account now, you’ll save yourself lots of time down the road. Creating an account allows you to fully customize all of your settings so that the program works best for you and your business from the start.

It’s best to do this during your free-trial period, that way when you do decide that TruckLogics is perfect for you and your business, the program has already been crafted specifically for your needs and is ready to begin managing your trucking business. As a wise man once said, why put off for tomorrow what you can do today? So stop wasting time and get started with the best business management platform on the market.

If you have any questions about our program give us a call at 704.234.6946 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help. We offer free 15-day trials of our program and we even perform demos if you request one where we’ll screen share with you and walk you through every aspect of the program, and that’s free, too!

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Trucking Nation Podcast | 21 Pre-file Form 2290 HVUT & Tips to Eating Healthy

How are you Trucking Nation? I got super creative with the podcast title this week and put two totally different subjects together. Eh, you get the point though, right? Great! As always I have a super amazing show for you this week and its under thirty minutes. It actually clocked in around twenty-two minutes and I think short podcasts are going to be my new thing. So click that Play button, learn a few things, and have a good laugh.

Here's The Rundown:

Pre-File Your Form 2290 with

If you don't know what Form 2290 HVUT is, let me give you the quick explanation - form 2290. For most truckers that have to pay this tax it's pretty expensive and if you don't plan for it, it can catch you off guard. What pre-filing does is allows you to file your form now and call our fabulous Support Legends to walk you through the entire process. It really only takes about 10 minutes to set up your account, enter the information and transmit the form to the IRS. As soon as the IRS starts processing returns on July 1st, you will get your Stamped Schedule 1 back instantly and be done with everything. Pre-filing also lets you plan for that tax payment so you can keep a handle on those finances. You get to file now and pay later which is pretty convenient. There are a couple of payment options to choose from and if you give our support legends a call they can explain it all to you.

Tips to Eating Healthy:

I've realized that maybe not everyone is into working out a lot, but eating healthy is a simple change you can incorporate into your lifestyle. There is a lot of bad stuff in processed food (probably why it tastes so good) and eating it on the daily will put you on the fast track to poor health. You can easily stock your rig with healthy fruits and veggies that have a decent shelf life and don't require any refrigeration. Not to mention the money saving benefits. One of my favorite go-to snakes is apples and almond butter. Really any fruit and almond butter is delicious. A banana and almond butter sandwich is also amazing. It is really simple to start adding in healthy snacks and meals into your On-The-Road diet to help get the weight down and your energy up.

Thank you so much for listening and I'm already working on next week's show. I have a few breakfast bar recipes I'm testing out that would be perfect for those mornings when you don't have time to get in some good grub. So definitely come back to know the verdict on those. I'll have more information on pre-filing too because that is one subject I could about for days. Have a wonderful day and remember that you get what you give in this world, so try to be kind and enjoy the ride. I'll talk to you soon - Misty Noel.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

TruckLogics Sign-Up: The Road to Managing Your Trucking Business

Even if you’re already familiar with TruckLogics, many of you may still be trying to decide if it’s right for your business or if you should sign-up and give it a try. Well we’re here to tell you why you should stop thinking and sign up today, because there’s no better time than now to create an account. It only takes a couple minutes to sign-up and begin using the best trucking management platform on the market, and it’s completely risk free.

Why Should I Create an Account?

Creating a free account now allows you to begin managing your trucking business today, all from the palm of your hand. Once you have signed up for a TruckLogics account, you are eligible for a 15-day free trial of our program, all without having to enter your credit card information. We aren’t one of those companies that tries to automatically charge you once your trial is over, you only sign up for paid service if you choose to continue using our program after your trial has ended.

The free 15-day trial of TruckLogics includes:
  • Unlimited dispatches, maintenance scheduling, and invoice generation
  • The freedom to manage your business anywhere with the TruckLogics app for both iOS and Android devices
  • Access to all of your vital business information from anywhere, anytime
  • Sign-in from an unlimited number of devices, with no licensing restrictions or being tied to one specific device
  • 24/7 USA-based customer support from Rock Hill, SC
In addition to the free trial, we also offer live demos of our program for free. Simply sign-up for an appointment, and we’ll walk you through the program step-by-step to show you just how much easier it can make your day-to-day operations.

Saving Yourself Time Later

By signing up now, you’ll also save yourself lots of time down the road, no pun intended. Creating an account allows you to fully customize all of your settings so that the program works best for you and your business. When you sign up, you’ll be able to select your SKU details, and also customize all of your invoice settings. That way, when you do decide that TruckLogics is perfect for you and your business, the program has already been crafted specifically for your needs.

How to Sign-Up

To sign-up, visit the TruckLogics website, and click the “Free Trial” button in the top right corner of the page.

After you click the “Free Trial” button, you will then choose your SKU, so we know how many trucks you are managing. 

After selecting your SKU, you will then enter a valid email address to use for your account. Once you have entered a valid email you will be taken to a page to enter your information.

On the next page, you will be prompted to create a password for your account, and also enter some personal information including your name, business name, phone number, and the time zone you operate in. 

Once you click "Sign-Up at the bottom of the page, you are ready to begin customizing the program to fit your business. You can then choose the size of your fleet, enter your equipment in your truck zone, and create your invoice settings. Once everything is set the way you prefer, you are ready to begin using the best business management platform on the market for your trucking company. Plus, your first 15 days are free!

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to sign-up for an account today. You can call us to request a free demo or you can request one online here. If you have any other questions about our services or program, give us a call at 704.234.6946 or email us at

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tracking Your Deadhead Miles With TruckLogics

At TruckLogics, we do everything we can to help make operating your trucking business as simple as possible. We’ve been working on some new features recently to help you keep better track of your empty mileage, and have just launched the “Truck Log” to help make it easier and more accurate than ever.

The biggest advantage of our new Truck Log feature is that it is seamlessly integrated with the existing Check Call and Fuel Up features, to give the most accurate starting location whenever a truck starts its next trip. Also, if you use the ProMiles add on, you can automatically and accurately generate your empty miles from your last drop-off or fuel-up location, depending on which is more relevant based on the time and date.

Let’s take a look at all of these great features and see how they work together to keep track of your deadhead miles.

What is a Truck Log and What Does it Do?

In your Truck Log, you will be able to see all of the activity for each truck that you manage, with details including:
  • Up-to-date truck activity (whether it just dropped off a load or is starting a new trip) 
  • Each truck’s last location and current odometer reading 
  • Total mileage traveled between each update and for the entire trip
You even have the option to sort your Truck Log based on any of the above criteria.

How and Why You Should Make Check Calls:

One of TruckLogics’ most useful aspects is the “Check Call” feature. With this feature you can:
  • View the status of active and completed dispatches in real time
  • Update the status of a dispatch and generate an automated email to directly notify your customer/broker on the status of their load 
  • Create new check calls and add them to existing dispatches
To add a check call and update the status of a dispatch, first select the dispatch you want to update and then click the check call button. This will allow you to enter the current location, date, and time. You can also input a reason for the status update such as a traffic delay, detour, or breakdown, and quickly notify your customer/broker of these types of issues. Once you select save, it will be automatically updated on your dispatches page. 

Your drivers can also instantly update the status of their dispatches themselves by downloading the TruckLogics app, and updating their status from the road. This makes it much simpler to keep track of all of your dispatches, and helps to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

Through the use of this feature, TruckLogics is then able to organize up-to-date information for each truck in your Truck Log. This information is automatically created and stored as soon as you update your dispatch or create a check call.

How Does the Fuel Up Tool Work?

The Fuel Up tool is also integrated with the new Truck Log feature. By simply inputting your fuel information including the amount of fuel, date purchased, and the state the fuel was purchased in, the Fuel Up tool will automatically update the information in your Truck Log.

If you fuel up after dropping off a load, you can generate your empty miles from the last fuel-up location, just be sure to include the city, state, and zip code where you filled up. Your drivers can add fuel-ups from the mobile app, allowing them to update from the road and also to upload pictures of fuel receipts.

For more information about these features or the TruckLogics program, call us at 704.234.6946, or email us at We offer free 30-day trials of TruckLogics, and will even perform a demo with you for free over the phone to go through and show you the in’s and out’s of our program.
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