Monday, 29 December 2014

TruckLogics App Update: New Features & More!

Breaking News, folks! Since we announced the launch of the TruckLogics App for Drivers a few months ago, there have been some huge developments!

First, and perhaps the most exciting development, *drum roll, please,* the app is no longer just for drivers! That’s right, now business owners can also login to the TruckLogics app from iOS and Android devices, for free of course!

This means that all TruckLogics account holders can use the App to access the most vital tools needed to manage your business on-the-go, tools like Check Call, Fuel Up, and the brand new Expense Tracking feature!

These features make the App the perfect companion to the full TruckLogics site, allowing you to continue keeping accurate records wherever the job takes you.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the exclusive features that drivers and business owners alike will have unlimited access to!

To log in to the TruckLogics app, simply download from the iTunes or Google Play store, then use the same username and password credentials that you use for the full site. If you’re a driver, check out this step-by-step guide to getting your login credentials from your company.

Update Check-Calls

All dispatches, active & completed, are visible from within your app. To add a Check Call and update the status of a dispatch, select the dispatch, and then click the Check Call icon. This will show the tracking details of that particular dispatch and allow you to update the status.

To add a new Check Call, select +Add Check Call, then choose the trip status from the dropdown menu. Next enter your location and the date & time, if applicable. In some cases, this information will be auto-filled for you. You can also add a Reason for the update, such as traffic delay, detour, or breakdown. Then hit save. Fin!

The update will automatically be sent to dispatch, as well as to the consignee. You can also edit the Check Call details by selecting the Pencil icon.

Fuel Up!

The Fuel Up tool will save your soul each and every IFTA quarter. You’ll never have to worry about losing a receipt or having disorganized trip sheets again. This exclusive feature makes it easy to keep all of your fuel transactions organized and in one place.

To log a fuel transaction, hit the Fuel Up icon within the appropriate dispatch, and enter the transaction details. Record the date, fuel type, quantity purchased, total of the sale, method of payment, even the address of the gas station. Any detail you could need for you records can be conveniently logged and organized. And the icing on the cake? You can upload a capture of the receipt too! Select Choose, then opt to take a photo or upload a previously snapped one!

Expense Tracking

If you need to record an expense other than a fuel purchase, this new feature has you covered! Within the appropriate dispatch, select Expense, and then +Add Expense to record a new transaction.

In a few seconds, your transaction will be recorded and synced with your Chart of Accounts in your main TruckLogics account! Enter the date, the Payee (select a vendor from your address book or add a new vendor), the payment method, amount, and attach an image of the receipt/invoice. Finally, select the Expense category from the dropdown menu to keep your finances organized.

It only takes a few seconds, and it keeps the accounting from piling up when you get back to the office!

All of the App features work in real-time with your TruckLogics account to give you a seamless, care-free experience across devices. That’s just one of the many benefits of using a cloud-based program. You can update your info anywhere, from any device, instantly!

But don’t forget, you do need a TruckLogics account to use the free app. If you need to sign up, now is the perfect time– we’re giving away free access for the New Year! Just sign up with promocode NEW for 30 days of TruckLogics with ProMiles free.

It’s the perfect way to kick off 2015 with a bang, and it’s the easiest, most convenient New Year’s resolution you could make!

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

How to Create a Dispatch in 5 Minutes or Less!

What can you accomplish in 5 minutes? Or, even better, name one daily process in your business that you can complete in 5 minutes or less. Anything coming to mind?

There probably aren’t many day-to-day tasks that require such little time and effort–unless you’re using TruckLogics, in which case, 5 minutes isn’t the same 5 minutes you’re used to.

In TruckLogics, 5 minutes is all you need to create and send an invoice, settle a driver, or even to create a dispatch. In fact, most tasks can be completed in mere minutes within TruckLogics.

Instant gratification!

Don’t believe me? It’s natural to have your doubts, especially if you’re used to managing dispatches manually. But through the powers of technology, creating a dispatch really is that fast thanks our auto-fill feature that completes most of the fields for you.

So let’s walk-through dispatch creation step-by-step so you can see how simple it truly is. When logged into your account, select “Dispatches” along the top menu, and then click +New Dispatch on the top right to get started.

This will open up the Dispatch Board in which you can enter all of the details needed to create a new dispatch. Now you’re ready to begin!

1. Customer Info.

The very first step is to enter your customer or carrier information for this dispatch. Enter the name and billing address, or to save even more time, select the contact info from your Address Book. Just start typing the first few characters into the field, and the information will magically appear!

2. Shipper/Consignee Info.

Again, minimal typing will be required here as you can choose the shipper and consignee from your Address Book too! Noticing a pattern?

Just enter the name of the Shipper or Consignee, and the address of the business will pop-up for you. All that’s left is entering the date and time of the pick-up/drop-off, as well as any extra instructions you have for the driver.

And now you can add multiple stops in each dispatch too! To add another stop along the trip, simple click +Save and Add Another under the Consignee section, and repeat the process until all stops have been added.

3. Freight Details

An optional section, here you can just add any details about the load that you’d like your drivers to know about, or details you’d like to keep for your records. You can enter a description of the load’s contents, the weight or value of the load, and even check whether the contents are Haz Mat, Overload, Tanker, or Reefer.

We’re almost done!

4. Miles

In the Miles section, you have three choices for calculating the mileage for the trip: Google Maps, Manual (to configure it yourself), or- my personal favorite- ProMiles. ProMiles professional routing provides the most accurate address-to-address routing available.

When you choose to calculate your mileage with ProMiles, you can give your clients a quote with confidence knowing that the actual trip will not deviate from the route it provides. That’s because ProMiles takes road restrictions, low overpasses, and all of those other factors that inflate your costs into account, and it only provides a route that a truck can actually drive.

From this section, you can also optimize your route if there is more than one pick-up or drop-off in the dispatch. Just click View Routing Order on the right side of the mileage menu. From here, you can view all of the stops along the route, and drag and drop them into a different order to optimize and organize the trip before the dispatch is finalized.

5. Charges

Here you can add any Hauling fees, Fuel Surcharge fees, or accessorial fees to the dispatch. For hauling fees, you can choose to calculate the cost per mile, per bushel, per ton, per hundred wt., or just a flat fee. If you choose per mile, then using the mileage calculation from ProMiles or Google Maps, the Hauling charge will be calculated for you, because you shouldn’t have to!

6. Driver, Truck & Trailer

This is it! The final step, and it’s just as easy as each one before. It’s time to assign your driver and equipment to the dispatch. Here your Address Book, as well as Truck Zone, will save the day and save you from excessive typing.

It only takes a few clicks. Just select your driver, truck, and trailer from the drop-down menus, and Voila! You’re finished!

Just click the big orange button at the bottom “Create Dispatch,” and you’re finished!

You can also come back to this screen and edit the information at any time after. All in all, it only takes about 5 minutes, but once you get the hang of it, you could do it in 2 minutes or less!

Maybe we should hold Dispatch Olympics to see who’s fastest on the draw!

If you like what you see (and who wouldn’t!), but don’t have a TruckLogics account yet, don’t fret! It’s the Season of Giving, which is why we are giving away free 30 day trials with the promocode STELLAR! There’s no credit card required, and you’ll get 30 days of VIP TruckLogics access with ProMiles thrown in too!

And if you’d like to see what else you can accomplish in 5 minutes or less using TruckLogics, let our Support Crew show you! They provide free, live demos tailored to your business, all you have to do is ask! Email them at or call them at 704. to set up a time convenient for you.

If we don’t hear from you before then, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Ready for More?

-Check out how to manage your existing dispatches here: TruckLogics Dispatch Management.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Big Rig Cooking: A Trucker's Christmas Feast

Merry Christmas Trucking Nation! All of us here at TruckLogics love the holiday season. The twinkling lights, eggnog, smell of Christmas trees, and the food. Oh my goodness, the food is what really makes the holiday season come alive, right? So I got to thinking...what about those hard working truckers that will be on the road during Christmas? They deserve something special. Then it hit me like I was in a V8 commercial... A Christmas Feast (including dessert) that any trucker can make on the road. Bonus, this meal is pretty healthy. If you are familar with my Thanksgiving Dinner I did for truckers, this meal is prepared basically the same way. So enough introductions...let's get cooking.

You can use a crockpot, electric skillet, or something similar. It just needs to have a lid. Here are the ingredients and they can all be found at any grocery store:

The Good Stuff                                                  Meat                                           The Other Stuff
Medium Tomato                                    Smoked Spiral Ham                                    Foil
Fresh (or frozen) green beans                                                                                    Knife
Frozen spinach                                                                                                           Honey                  
Baby carrots                                                                                                               Cinnamon
Orange Juice

Note: I used an electric skillet, so that is what I will refer to, but it would work the same way with a crockpot.

Now it starts getting good
Line your skillet with foil. Then set the temperature on low. While the skillet is heating up let's start the food prep.

Cut the pear and tomato into wedges. I got four wedges out of the pear and about 6 out of the tomato. For the apple, slice it into thin wedges that will fit between the ham slices.

Create a foil bowl for the pear wedges, leaving enough foil to cover the top. Then fill it with the pear wedges and drizzle honey over top. Sprinkle with cinnamon and close the top.

Place the ham in the middle of your skillet. Then put the pear bowl in (I did this step a little later in the process, and found that doing it at the beginning would be much better). Next up, toss in the carrots on one side of the ham. Then we are going to layer the greens and tomatoes on the other side. Start off with the green beans, then layer on your spinach followed by your tomatoe wedges on the top.

Here is a picture of the pear bowl with the honey and cinnamon.

Then take your apple slices and stuff them inbetween the ham layers. Trust me, this makes it so delicious and gives a special holiday flavor. Doesn't it just look so pretty? Oh, I love this meal.

Now to give the entire meal a little something special, your going to pour in about a cup, to a cup and a half, of orange juice. If you are a little apprehensive about the orange juice, have some faith, the food will taste amazing.

I did go in and drizzle as little bit of honey on the carrots, it was just a personal preferance and gives them a sweetened flavor. Before we put that lid on, admire your work as a Big Rig Chef, now cover it up and let the magic happen.

You can let this meal just simmer away for a few hours, basically until the carrots and pear can be easily stabbed with a fork, or whatever cutlery device you have laying around. I think I was only able to let it simmer for an hour and a half before the taste testers couldn't wait any longer.

This all in one skillet meal is one of my best. It was super easy to make and pretty healthy, especially if you use all fresh veggies. I didn't even need to add any salt or other seasonings. I really hope you enjoy this Christmas Feast and remember no matter where the road takes you, a really good meal will always bring you right back home.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Grow Your Trucking Business with TruckLogics

This holiday season, what do you desire?

Is it a brand-spanking new truck–or how about a shiny new tech gadget? Maybe you like to keep it simple, and all you want is a peaceful break surrounded by the ones you love.

No matter what your heart desires, TruckLogics has a gift for truckers far and wide, naughty or nice. It’s the gift that will keep on giving throughout the year, and even in the years to come.


Time that you can use to spend with loved ones, or time to grow your business and make some more green! How you choose to spend the time is up to you, but one thing is for sure: unlike most gifts, this one is invaluable and irreplaceable.

For as little as $5 a month, you’ll have the keys to unlock all of TruckLogics’ time-saving, profit-increasing features.

Best of all, these features will not only save you time, they’ll also help you keep your records more organized than ever before, which in turn helps you maintain a good reputation and build stronger relationships with clients.

After all, strong relationships & word-of-mouth are the Number 1 way for transportation business to grow their client-base, and TruckLogics can help you fast-track both.

Here are just some of the ways that TruckLogics can help you grow your client-base and increase profit.

  • ProMiles: The most accurate professional routing available, we incorporated ProMiles into our program to give you access to a whole host of time-saving wonders.

    With ProMiles, you never have to worry about estimating mileage for a trip incorrectly or with providing clients with inaccurate quotes. ProMiles takes road restrictions for trucks into account, so you know the route it provides will be the route taken. ProMiles also facilitates faster trip sheets and IFTA filings, and who wouldn’t want those?!

  • One-Click Trip Sheets: Using ProMiles, your trip sheets can be auto-filled with the check of a single box. All that’s left for you to enter is fuel use. The time once spent typing in (or scribbling down) data each day can now be put to better use, like relationship-building.

  • Faster Quarterly IFTA Filings: We built-in IFTA features that will compile all of your trip sheets from each quarter into completed IFTA returns, ready to be printed and mailed. Now four times a year you can spend those hours taking more loads instead of calculating fuel tax.

  • Automatic Check-Calls: They say that the key to a good relationship is good communication, which is exactly why TruckLogics helps to improve communication, internally between dispatch and drivers, as well as externally between drivers and clients.

    With our free app, it’s easy for drivers to send Check-Call Updates with just a few clicks. Now dispatch and the consignees will always know the status of a load, from pick-up, to detours, to delivery, they’ll have peace of mind every step of the way!

  • Customized Email Templates: Whether you’re sending a quote, a BOL, or an invoice, TruckLogics makes it easy for you to send these documents in a professional-looking email, instantly. We have pre-written messages to fit each occasion, but you can also customize them prior to sending. Again, good communication is key, and we’ve got it in spades!

  • Accurate Invoices, Minus the Calculator: We tend to be anti-calculator, which is exactly why TruckLogics will auto-fill invoice details for you based on the order and load information you previously entered. You should never have to enter the same details repeatedly, and with TruckLogics, you won’t have to!

  • Easy Driver Pay: Again, no calculator is needed. TruckLogics will import the hauling charges and FSC fee from the order, and all you need to do is add any deductions or reimbursements. Based on those figures, TruckLogics will tell you the amount to pay the driver, AND it will automatically log the expense under payroll in your Chart of Accounts. 
I could go on forever, baby! But this is just a savory morsel of everything this program has to offer.

Every ounce of TruckLogics was designed for this singular purpose: to help business owners manage their time more efficiently and allow them to reinvest that stolen time in growing their business.

Grow your trucking business this New Year with TruckLogics’ exclusive features. We make it easy to get started. Sign up for a free trial, and use promocode STELLAR for 30 days of TruckLogics with ProMiles free. Our Support Crew is always more than happy to walk you through the set-up process, or even to give you a free, live demo of the program tailored to your business specifically.

Call them today at 704.234.6946 or email at to set up your free demo...or just to make some new friends!
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Trucking Nation Podcast: The Holiday Episode

How are you Trucking Nation? I hope the road is treating you well this Holday Season. If you don't know, you will now, I'm Misty Noel your overly-holiday-spirited podcast hostess. This week's podcast is brought to you by the amazing business management program, TruckLogics, that helps you mangage your trucking business no matter where the road takes you. Ok, let's get on with the show...

Recap, Links, And Everything Else

18 Wheels of Christmas
If you are full of the Christmas Spirit, why keep it all to yourself? is hosting their first 18 Wheels of Christmas. All you got to do is submit a photo of your rig all decked out for Christmas, or showing off how great you look in a Santa Hat while on the job. There is a prize for the most festive rig. I can't wait to see what y'all come up with.

A Truck Driver's Christmas Series
Oh my goodness, have you had a chance to read this amazing story, A Truck Driver's Christmas written by Steve Irick. It is posted on and it will have you hooked from the first sentence. It is all about this truck driver named Brian and how he helps so many people just doing the right thing. Give it a read, I promise you will enjoy it.

Something Fun
Who doesn't love to test their CB slang knowledge? You can learn something new and challenge some friends at They have a really fun quiz and every CB slang word you could ever imagine. Some of them I really want to work into my everyday vocabulary.

Thoughtful & Inexpensive Gifts
When you think gifts, most of us think of the money we have to spend. I travelled all over the internet looking at these gift guides for truckers, trucker's wives, a trucker family, and so on. Some of those gifts are real nice n' all, but they can be a bit expensive. So I thought to come up with some gift ideas for all of us on a teeny-tiny budget. Some of these gifts will only cost you a little bit of time, and that's it.

1. Read When....letters.
Can't remember exactly where I saw this, but this is a great idea for truckers to do for their wife or girlfriend, and kids, or vice versa. How it works: you write a letter for someone to read when they are doing something, or in a certain mood.
 Example. To my loving wife, Read Before You Make Your Morning Coffee. In the letter you can write a sweet note or something.
Example 2. To my favorite trucker, Read Before You Start Your Truck In The Morning.
Example 3. To my favorite trucker, Read When You Are Angry 'Cause That
   Guy Took The Last Parking Spot
Example 3. To my daughter, Read Before You Go On Stage for Your Christmas Play
Example 4. To my son, Read When You Make The Basketball Team

You can do them for any big moment you might not be able to physically be at, but you are still there, you know what mean. Someone mentioned they need to make one for the their wife before they go shopping to hopefully keep her from spending too much. These letters can be super sweet, hilariously funny, or so thoughtful it will make to reader cry.

2. Toys aren't just for kids
It always plagued me what to get my dad for Christmas. Then one day it hit me - my dad collects guns, I bet he would like some Nerf guns to fire in the house. Then the tradition of buying toys for my dad, uncles, and all the other men in the family started. Now of course you don't have to limit it to toy guns. It can be anything you think will put a big ol' smile on that trucker's face. And Trucker's these are great gifts for the wife/girlfriend too. I got one for my mom and the note read: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to shoot Dad before he shoots you.

3. Recorded stories for kids
As a truck driver you probably spend a lot of time away from home. If you have little ones, one of those recorded story books is a great idea. It's a great way for your kids to feel like you are always there to put them to bed or just to hear your voice whenever they want.

Some New Favorites
I have just been loving The Trucking Podcast with Buck Ballard and Don the Beer Guy. Their podcast intro is one of my favorites. This father-son duo have a uniquely interesting view of the trucking industry and will have you entertained from beginning to end. They work in the industry and really know what they are talking about. Visit their page and give 'em a listen. I'm sure they will be one of your favorites too!

Hey truckers, don't forget IRP, UCR, and IFTA license renewals are due at the end of December. If you don't want to deal with it on your own, Truck Services of North America and take care of it for you - and it's all over the phone. They can also handle everything else you need to stay compliant. Their customer service is amazing and you can reach them @ 803-386-0320.

Thank you so much for listening and supporting my adventure in the wonderful world of podcasting. I have some great one pot, holiday recipes I'm working on for you. I'll have those out soon. Stay tuned for Episode 6, you never know what we will talk about. Remember you get what you give in this world, so be kind and enjoy the ride. I'll talk to you soon Trucking Nation - Misty Noel

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Real-Time Order Tracking with TruckLogics

How do trucking companies make money?

It’s not a trick question. They need orders! And they need to deliver them safely and on-time. Having good communication with the shipper and consignee is also an added bonus, one that ensures happy customers and more orders in the future.

Seems simple enough, right? (Insert laughter here.) Anyone with even the tiniest insight into this industry knows that managing orders is a complex and overwhelming process…

Unless you’re using TruckLogics.

Contrary to what you’re used to, logistics doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Keeping order details organized, dispatching those details to drivers, keeping up with the status of the shipment, making sure the order payment has been received: all of these things can be put on auto-pilot with TruckLogics Real-Time Order Tracking.

With a single (and affordable!) program, you can simplify your operation and improve communication between dispatch, drivers, and clients. You’ll never have to wonder where your driver is, and you’ll never forget to invoice an order either.

Here’s how to do it, no messy clipboards or cork boards required!

Dashboard: Every Order At-a-Glance

Upon logging into your account, you’ll have all of the Order Status information you need within seconds. In a single glance, your Dashboard, the core of your TruckLogics account will show you all Pending Orders, as well as an Order Statuses chart.

The Pending Orders section will display your three most recently updated Orders. It’s essentially a streaming feed to keep you notified of your most recent order activity, whether a driver is held up by traffic, or an order was successfully delivered.

The Order Statuses chart is a convenient pie chart displaying the percentage of dispatched, completed, pending, and cancelled orders that your business currently has. In a single glance, this chart conveys the most vital information every business owner needs, but in a fraction of the time.

However, you may need to delve a little deeper and see details for each order. If that’s the case, it’s time to head over to the Orders and Dispatches section, where every detail you need is organized and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Orders & Dispatches Feature

To navigate here, simply click on “Orders & Dispatches” along the top left menu. From here, you can conveniently sort through all orders by five categories available on the left column.

You can view all Open Orders, those that haven’t been dispatched, Dispatched Orders, Completed Orders, Cancelled Orders, or click All Orders to see an archive of every order your business has logged in TruckLogics.

If you need to pull up a specific order, you can find it fast by typing the order number into the Filter bar in the top right.

In this section, you’ll notice that orders are listed with the most relevant details, such as the mileage, pick-up date, location, charges, and most importantly, the order status. This will show you the most up-to-date Check Call received from your driver! How convenient!

If you still need to delve deeper into the nitty-gritty details of the order, simply click anywhere on the Order to be taken to that specific order’s Order Board.

The Order Board

You’ve arrived at the third level of TruckLogics order tracking. Within each order’s Order Board, every detail you need about the order is readily available and easy to update yourself, if necessary.

Simply navigate the tabs along the top left.

The Order screen will show the most basic order details, such as shipper & consignee information and order charges.

The next tab, Dispatch, displays the driver and equipment information that have been assigned to that order. It will also show the driver’s pay rate and overall cost for that order. From this tab, you can also scroll down to add a Check-Call to the order to update the current status of the shipment yourself.

But here’s the beauty part! You won’t need to update the status of your orders, because your drivers will do it for you through the TruckLogics Driver App! The app is available for free download on any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone! All you need to do is send login credentials for your company to each driver, then they’re ready to roll.

The App will not only allow them to notify you, but also the consignee, of every order status update. Whether the driver has picked up the order, is enroute, or is stuck in a detour, the app will allow them to send an email with the update with just a few clicks.

Time saved for the driver, and a headache saved for you. Gone are the days of trying to constantly get in contact with your drivers for an update. Isn’t technology wonderful?!

And all of that is available in just the first two tabs of the order board! Moving right along, next up is money. With orders come income and expenses, and TruckLogics helps you manage it all with our built-in accounting features. You can view the order invoice, trip sheets, along with all trip documents, and your trip settlement. The Trip Settlement tab makes driver pay as easy as a few clicks, with no calculations for you! 

And at the very bottom of the Trip Settlement tab is the Trip Net Revenue Graph (above). It shows the totals for each income and expense category related to that order, but in a graph form that’s easily digestible.

Order Financials

For an overview of your order financials, the third section on the left menu is the one for you. Within Order Financials, you can view all Uninvoiced Orders, Invoiced Orders, and Paid Orders. This handy list makes it impossible to forget to send an invoice for your order, but it also helps you keep track of your income and keep an eye on your bottom line.

You can also edit and quickly email the invoice to your clients by clicking on the Pencil and Mail icons on the right-hand side. And as another time-saving bonus, TruckLogics is full of email templates for you to choose from, and they're already customized with your business name, contact info, and logo (depending on your settings!). No extra typing, hooray!

From order creation, to dispatching, to invoicing and remembering to collect a payment, TruckLogics makes order logistics more manageable.

To get unlimited access to this feature, and many more equally awesome features, sign up today and see what you've been missing this whole time! With price packages starting under $5 per month, it's a value that can't be beat! And if you sign up now with the promocode STELLAR, you'll get 30 days of TruckLogics with ProMiles professional routing free! 

For help setting up you account, or for a free live demo (or for anything at all!), give our Support Crew a call at 704.234.6946 or email at Let the Crew show you how TruckLogics can take the "Manic" out of your #ManicMonday through the power of technology!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Operation: Home For Christmas - We Need Your Help Trucking Nation

Oh my goodness, Trucking Nation it's almost Christmas! If you didn't know, you will now, I'm Misty Noel, your-too-excited-for-Christmas podcast host and blogger. I don't have a podcast episode for you this week, but I have one spectacular show for you that will be out next week. But I'm not here to talk about the show, I'm here to talk (well rather write) about how we need your help.

The TruckLogics Team got a very urgent call from the North Pole. Yes siree, Santa himself gave us a ring because the elves were all up in a hissy about which truck could make it to Rock Hill, SC first. Don't ask me how the conversation started, you know elves can be a bit crazy, all I know is there are 5 of the Trucking Industry's best trucks at the North Pole racing against each other to get here. 

We got Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, Freightliner, & Volvo in a race to our home for Christmas. They need your help to make the journey.

How To Make Sure Your Favorite Truck Makes It Home For Christmas

It's super easy, all you need to do is go to the TruckLogics Facebook Page, click that like button, and leave a comment letting us know you liked the page (because you are just so sweet and we want to thank you)  and which truck is your favorite. 

 - My Example: I liked your page and Peterbilt trucks are my favorite. I'm telling you, Santa drives a Peterbilt named "Santa's Sleigh".

We will post updates every Tuesday and Thursday to let you know who is in the lead. Right now it's Peterbilt! I've been a Peterbilt girl all my life (Peterbilt drivers run in my family so it's in my blood) and I hope we can keep them in the lead. 

Jump into that Christmas Spirit with the TruckLogics team and help us get our favorite trucks home for Operation: Home For Christmas.

Don't forget to check out, where you can manage your entire trucking business online wherever the road takes you. And it cost less than a drive-thru combo meal. Contact our amazing TruckLogics Team for more information where we can chat with you in English, Spanish, and Russian.

The Trucking Nation Podcast

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