Thursday, 30 October 2014

The First Trucking Nation Podcast

Happy Hallows Eve Trucking Nation! I have a special treat just for you from the entire TruckLogics Team. Maybe I should wait to tell you...decisions, decisions. I'm too excited, I can't hold it in any longer. I am proud to annouce the most amazing, always positive, ultra informative Trucking Nation Podcast with your host Misty Noel - that's me if you didn't already know.

A Little Introduction For You All
Everyone in the trucking industry is part of the Trucking Nation, and I have been writing blogs for you all awhile now and y'all seem to love them so much I thought to myself - Self, there is so much more trucking news to talk about that a simple blog isn't cutting it. A podcast would be way more fun and give the Trucking Nation a chance to listen to everything that is going on in their industry without having to read through tons of text. 

A few days later the Trucking Nation Podcast was born.

What To Expect
We're a big happy family in the Trucking Nation, so we try and keep it on the lighter of side of things. Now of course I will update you on important trucking news and all those fun FMCSA updates, as well as, any extra tid bits you all need to know. We have tons of guests lined up to interview and offer their expertise on financial topics, technology, compliance updates, and trucking business information.

Check Out - Episode 1. We Are The Trucking Nation
Join me, Misty Noel, and special Guest - Jason of TruckLogics, for the very first Trucking Nation podcast. Stay tuned for Episode 2, coming soon to your nearest listening device!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Introducing: The TruckLogics App for Drivers

It’s time for an App-tastic #TruckerTuesday! And since the day was named for you, Truckers, we thought it was the perfect time to reveal your new secret weapon. It’s fast, it’s silent, and it conveniently fits into your pocket...

It’s our brand new TruckLogics App for Drivers, and today, you’re getting an exclusive tour of the app–plus a sneak peek of what’s to come!

With the TruckLogics Driver App, you can receive dispatch information, quickly check-in along your route, and log fuel expenses. And it’s free! Download it for your iOS or Android device–it’s compatible with both tablets and smartphones.

Here’s an app crash course–pretty pictures included!–with everything you need to know to get up and running fast.

Login Information

If you’re working with a company that uses TruckLogics software, you’ll receive an email from the company with your driver login credentials. After logging in the first time, you’ll be prompted to reset the password. And then you’re ready to roll!

And if you drive for multiple companies, you can manage dispatches from them all in a single account. To ensure that all businesses show up in your account, make sure each company registers your username with the same email address.

Upon logging in to your account, you’ll see a "Business List" screen like below. Simply choose a business to continue. You can always switch between businesses within your account from the Settings menu.

  • Tip for Company Account Users: If you'd like to create login credentials for a driver, login to your TruckLogics account. Then go to Settings > Driver Credentials > Driver and enter their information. The driver will then receive a notification email with their new username and password for the Driver App.

Driver App Features

  • Dispatches: When you first login to your account, all dispatches, and their dates & locations, are listed on your home screen. To sort your dispatches by active, assigned, delivered, cancelled, or to view all, click the Funnel Icon at the top of the page and choose from the drop-down menu.

    To see the full order details, like shipper, consignee, and freight details, click on the dispatch, then click the Triple Bar Icon along the top menu.

  • Check Call: To check-in along your route, select the Check Call Icon from the menu along the left side of the page. Then select the dispatch & click the + Add Check Call button. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Activity (Start of Trip, Pick-up, En Route, etc). Select whether you’re on-time or enter a different time. Then enter any reason for delay, like detour, traffic, and so on. Enter your location & odometer readings, and finally save. The client will receive an automatic email update about the delivery status. Peace of mind for them, time saved for you!

  • Fuel Up: Never lose a fuel receipt again! Keep track of daily fuel purchases, and capture the receipt for later. A feature sure to save you tons of hassle every IFTA quarter!

    To log a fuel expense, choose the Fuel Up Icon along the left menu, then click + Add Fuel Expense. First, enter the Fuel Expense details, like the number of gallons, fuel type, and total cost. Then add the Fuel Stop details, such as city, state, and gas station name.

    Next enter the Payment Details, and finally, input any Additional Details. This is the coolest part! Next to the Attachment Icon, select “Choose” to either upload an existing picture of a fuel receipt or to take one on the spot! Just hit save, and reap the benefits of organized record-keeping each day!

Coming Soon...

We live according to a simple philosophy, “If it ain’t broke, fix it.” In the spirit of innovation, we’re always pushing ourselves to make our software better. That’s why we’re adding FIVE new features to the iOS & Android apps, coming soon to a device near you…

Expenses, Trip Sheets, Repairs, Settlements & Trip Documents: we’ll be adding all of these features and more to the Driver App. Stay-tuned for updates! In the meantime, continue to enjoy the app-tastic features already in place!

If you like what you're seeing so far, try it free for 30 days!

Mobile Site for Drivers

To access your TruckLogics driver account through a mobile device’s web browser, simply use our mobile friendly site at Our Mobile Driver Site has the same great features and easy-to-use layout, without needing an Android or iOS operating system.

Dispatches can be located by navigating the left menu. Sort from Active, Upcoming & Delivered dispatches, or view them all under “All Dispatches.”

To add Fuel or Other expenses to a dispatch, select the dispatch and then choose from the tabs along the top: Check Call, Fuel Up, or Expenses.

Just like the app, to add a Check Call, simply choose + Add Check Call button, then enter the details in the pop-up window. Fuel Up works the same way. Click + Add Fuel Expense, enter the fuel charges, and capture the receipt. 

To add other expenses, like lodging, parking, toll, food, etc, click on the Expenses tab within a dispatch. After clicking + Add Other Expenses, choose a payee from your address book, enter the payment method & amount, and finally choose an expense category from the menu.

There you have it. Two easy ways for drivers to stay in touch and keep records, without any hassle! Whether you use the TruckLogics App for Drivers or the Mobile Site for Drivers at, it’s sure to be your new time-saving secret weapon.

To find out more about how TruckLogics can eliminate paperwork and maximize your business, call our Support Crew at 704.234.6946. They’re also available for 24/7 email assistance at Or set up a free live demo, and they’ll walk you through the program, one-on-one.

And don't forget, there's only a few days left to start your TruckLogics trial with the PROMILES promocode! It gets you 90 days of ProMiles free in addition to the 30 day free trial of TruckLogics.

Ready for More? Check out these other posts!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Price Is Always Right with TruckLogics

You may not realize it, but TruckLogics is a very green friendly program.

With TruckLogics, your business is free to go virtually paperless, which is great for our Mother
Earth! But that’s not the only kind of green I’m talkin’ about.

We are extra friendly to the kind of green that grows in your wallet too! I’m talking about greenbacks–dollars, baby!

Because with TruckLogics, the price is always right!

We pride ourselves on making TruckLogics accessible for everyone. A vital part of that mission is making TruckLogics user-friendly. But an equally important part is making it affordable–and not just affordable for large fleets.

Owner-Operators and Drivers shouldn’t have to bankrupt their small businesses to manage their workload. So we set out to lighten their load, affordably.

That’s why TruckLogics offers three custom price packages, each with the perfect price and features for your business, whatever its size!

Let’s take a peek at the bang behind each buck you spend with TruckLogics!


TruckLogics has all of the resources that leased & independent O-O’s need, all in one place! For less than $5 a month, O-O’s with 1-2 trucks will have unlimited access to features like Maintenance
Tracker. Schedule a maintenance task for a truck or trailer, and receive automatic reminders on your Dashboard every time the task is needed in the future. And you’ll always know where your next paycheck is coming from using the Chart of Accounts. See cash flow in real time as you view paid and unpaid invoices. You can even track invoices by due date.

Independent Owner-Operators will also benefit from our ProMiles integration, which allows you to precisely estimate mileage for a trip and quickly generate a professional quote for a client. That order quote can then be emailed to the client using our customizable email templates. Independent O-O’s can also run equipment-specific income & expense reports to chart income by truck.

And our free, 24/7 Support Crew are always there in case you have a question, because you shouldn’t have to spend big bucks to be treated like a VIP! All this and more for under $5 a month, you can’t beat it!

Small Fleets

Small fleet owners with 3-7 trucks can trim costs and save time with TruckLogics for just $12.95 a
month. In addition to the features for O-O’s, small fleets will benefit from improved communications with drivers. With all of your drivers organized in your AddressBook, you can then issue personal logins to communicate dispatches to each. By adding check-calls to those dispatches, both you and your clients will receive real-time updates from your drivers at each stage of the trip, putting you and the consignee at ease! Your drivers can also use the TruckLogics app to send you receipts, expense reports, and Trip Logs right from the road.

Whether you or your drivers handle quarterly IFTA and yearly HVUT, TruckLogics will make it easier. We’re integrating with both ExpressIFTA and ExpressTruckTax to make your tax filings a breeze. All of the information that you log in TruckLogics will be swiftly converted into completed tax forms, ready to be E-filed or mailed. Combined, these two features will save you huge chunks of time, at least five times a year!

Mid-Size Fleets

If you’ve got a fleet of 8-14 trucks, then TruckLogics can help keep it sorted for under $25 a month. You’ll always know where your drivers and trucks are thanks to your new best friend: Truck Zone.
Truck Zone is your digital garage for storing info on hundreds or thousands of trucks, trailers, and other equipment. From license plate numbers, to VIN numbers, to gross weight, everything you need to know about each truck is stored securely and easily accessed with a few clicks (which corresponds to faster yearly HVUT filings!). And this not only saves you time, but money. When dispatching your orders, you can select the driver, truck & trailer closest to the pick-up point, which trims mileage and helps keep deliveries running on time.

Truck Zone also integrates with Maintenance Tracking to help ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet. And finally, TruckLogics allows you to generate specific reports by driver, by customer, by truck, and much more. With these monthly and yearly reports always at the ready, managing the infinite moving parts of your fleet just became a little easier.


We know drivers have a different set of challenges to manage, but they still come with plenty of paperwork. From fuel purchases to Trip Sheets, the free TruckLogics app for drivers will help you keep everything straight and reduce the time spent on paperwork.

You can manage multiple companies from a single account, capture and upload important documents, and use the Check-Call feature to communicate quickly with dispatch and clients. And as I mentioned, it’s available for free download on iOS & Android devices! Free is the best price around, is it not?

More Freebies!

Our tablet app isn’t the only freebie. We’re big fans of free perks, which is why TruckLogics is entirely free for the first 30 days! All of our exclusive features plus 24/7 support, and you get free, unlimited access to it all.

Freebie number two: our free Live Demos! Choose a time convenient for you, and one of our Support Crew will give you a live, one-on-one walkthrough of the program. We’ll even tailor the tutorial to your business specifically, and teach you tons of the convenient little hacks for making it run smoother!

Contact the Support Crew to set-up your free demo today! Call them at 704.234.6946, message them on live chat, or email them at

And stay tuned! We’re always adding more features and freebies to enhance your TruckLogics experience and make your money go further!

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Trucking News: America's Road Team, Diesel Prices, and Landstar's New CEO

There is a lot of positive news circulating through the Trucking Nation for October. I tell you what, it makes me smile like a jack-o-lantern. I won't hold you up with a lengthy intro, were going to jump right into this week's TruckLogics: Trucking News Update.

America's Road Team
Have you heard this yet; America's Road Team Captains won the ATA's Healthy Trucker Challenge. The challenge was held at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition and over 1,126,738 steps were made by ATA's leadership, America's Road Team, and attendees. The Road Team made an average of 16,991 steps per day to claim challenge victory. Road Team Captain Eddie Weeks, professional driver with AAA Cooper, completed the challenge with a whopping 102,472 steps. The entire TruckLogics Team would like to personally congratulate America's Road Team for winning this challenge and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Give'em a big hand, their accomplishment is just awesome. 

Diesel Prices 
If you haven't noticed lately, diesel prices are falling. So exciting! Average diesel prices were down 2.2 cents compared to last week. Compared to last year, diesel is 16.4 cents cheaper. You can read more on I know every time I go to the pump, I'm just happier than Frankenstein doing the Monster Mash as that price per gallon keeps on going down. 

Landstar's New CEO
Landstar has announced a new CEO, Jim Gattoni. President and CFO for the company, Gattoni will take the role of CEO in December. Reporter Jensen Werley published a great article on where she interviewed Gattoni to see what the future vision for Landstar will be under his leadership. Here is a brief summary: Gattoni wants to stay true to the core of the company and continue supporting small businesses. He realizes that the technology is advancing quickly and wants to make sure they are keeping up and are able to give their agents the most effective tools available. He sees issues with a climbing demand and not having enough drivers for trucks, so he will make that a main focus for improvement. All in all, Gattoni is very excited for this new position and is looking forward to continuing the Landstar legacy. 

Don't forget to check out and see how easy it is to manage your trucking business on the road. Hammer down and enjoy the breeze Trucking Nation, I'll catch you next week with some more Trucking Industry updates. 
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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

TruckLogics with ExpressIFTA: Prepare Your Quarterly IFTA Return in Seconds

We recently announced our latest TruckLogics add-on: ProMiles. This bonus feature is an essential for transportation professionals, helping to trim costs and save time across the board.

Not only does ProMiles provide accurate address-to-address routing for trucks, eliminating costly out-of-route mileage, it also automatically generates trip sheets within TruckLogics.

When it comes to quarterly IFTA filings, having organized trip sheets is half the battle! But what about the other half?

Sure, your mileage per jurisdiction & fuel use are already neatly typed up and at your fingertips. But alas! This still leaves hours each quarter of toiling over a calculator, manually calculating the tax due
and filling out the form.

Well, kiss that paperwork goodbye! You can throw that calculator in the trash too, because we’ve got a solution.

We’re officially announcing yet another TruckLogics add-on that will make IFTA filings easier than you ever dreamed possible.

In addition to ProMiles, TruckLogics is now joining forces with ExpressIFTA to create a time-saving Trifecta of Awesomeness! *cue dramatic music*

The fourth quarter of IFTA has only just begun, making this the perfect time to take advantage of TruckLogics. 

If you start using TruckLogics with ProMiles now, by the time the quarter ends in December, the ExpressIFTA intregration will be up-and-running! (Our programming elves are already hard at work to make this Christmas miracle possible!)

Look into the future with me a moment. When that miraculous day comes to fruition, and it’s time to file your fourth quarter IFTA return, what will be different?

Three months of Trip Sheets will be complete, organized, and at your disposal–which is a triumph in and of itself! Then, you’ll confidently login to your TruckLogics account, and with the click of a single button, your Trip Sheets will be automatically uploaded into ExpressIFTA AND converted into a complete IFTA report–ready to be printed and submitted.

The hours or days spent typing, calculating, and weeping over your keyboard are condensed into a single quick & painless moment.

Think of everything you can do with that extra time. I'm sure you have a few ideas...

So what can you do today to ensure this brighter future is yours?

  • Step 1: If you haven’t created a TruckLogics account yet, start now! Use the Promo Code: PROMILES, and you’ll not only get 30 days of TruckLogics free- you’ll also get 90 days of ProMiles free too!
  • Step 2: Keep up with your Trip Sheets every day. This part is easy. When creating your Trip Sheets, just select “ProMiles” instead of manual under "Update Trip Sheet." The sheet will be completed for you; all you need to add is fuel use and any non-taxable/toll miles!

  • Step 3: When the fourth quarter ends, login to TruckLogics as usual, and use our ExpressIFTA bonus feature to create your report in seconds. ExpressIFTA calculates all of the fuel tax due and creates a form for you based on the reports you enter–except now, you won’t even have to enter them! Just enjoy the calculating magic.
They say that if something seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. But thankfully, that doesn’t apply here.

This is good. And this is true. This time-saving Trifecta is just one of the reasons we built TruckLogics to begin with. It’s our passion and our privilege to develop solutions that simplify your life and help your business grow.

And there’s always more where this came from. We never stop thinking of new ways to help you. And that’s why the Support Crew is always available too! Call them at 704.234.6946 or get 24/7 email assistance at

Don’t let IFTA filings control you any longer. This is the dawning of a new era for your business, one without paperwork.

Take back control with TruckLogics, and the only place you’ll be seeing paperwork is in your rear-view mirror.

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Trucking News: Western Star Unveiled 5700XE

It's Thursday, which means only one more day until Friday! The TruckLogics team hopes you all are having a delightful week and haven't had to deal with too many bad drivers in tiny cars. I swear they are everywhere. Let me get back on track...

I was browsing through some trucking industry news, like one does, and came across the video for Western Star's new 5700XE. I watched it like three times in a row. It has explosions, fighter jets, and alligators in it - awesome. I switched into research mode to find out more about the truck specs, and my goodness is this truck impressive.

The 5700XE is Western Star's first Aero Truck. This truck has an auto-adjust hydraulic clutch control that requires no manual adjustment, greasing, and no squeaking. The dedicated air and electrical systems have been color coded and have separate route standoffs. And when it comes to safety, Western Star took it a step further to include:
  • OnGuard - a radar safety system that can detect stationary objects and alert drivers. When alerting the driver, OnGuard can apply up to 50% of the truck's braking power and reduce engine torque to help avoid collision.
  • Land Departure Warning System - This system alerts a driver if the truck starts to drift out of the lane without a turning signal on. 
  • All Steel Cab: This is Western Star's trademark. After it has been reinforced for added strength and safety, it goes through a 12-stage e-coat process to resist corrosion and last forever.
  • Mirrors: The 5700XE boasts cab mounted heated mirrors for the clearest view without vibrations.
  • ABS with Stability Control - This system gives you precision control in treacherous driving conditions. Also included are Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control for a solid platform. 
So enough about the safety and technical stuff, let's get on to the interior...
It's beautiful. When you see the pictures you would never believe it is the interior of a semi truck. It is very spacious, and oh so luxurious. There are real wood cabinets and wood accents throughout, Ultraleather seats, and high quality double stitching for durability. I swear you can smell the leather interior just looking at the images. To keep you ultra cozy in all climate conditions there is a NITE Phoenix non-idling HVAC system and Espar diesel heater.

photo credit:
This truck is a sight to behold. The look is tough and aerodynamic with an interior that rivals 5 star hotels. The safety features of this truck really make it stand out and highlight Western Star's commitment to designing the safest trucks on the road. Now all I want to know is what colors it comes in. What are your thoughts on the new 5700XE?

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Newest TruckLogics Feature: ProMiles

Today, we’re premiering a brand new TruckLogics feature! Like all of our exclusive features, it will simplify your life and save your business truckloads of time & money.

Introducing: ProMiles.

Now integrated with TruckLogics, ProMiles will help you generate orders and trip sheets faster than ever before. And ProMiles is the most accurate mileage tool a transportation
business can use. Here’s why…

While Google Maps works fine for navigating in a car, it just doesn’t cut it for transportation companies. As you know, trucks can’t drive ordinary routes thanks to road restrictions, low clearance, and so forth. ProMiles knows it too.

That’s why all of the address-to-address routing is configured with truckers in mind, selecting only roads that trucks can travel and that save both time & fuel. The shortest viable route from Point A to B is generated in a split second.

With ProMiles, you or your drivers will never have to backtrack and find a new route because of an unexpected low overpass.

This excess, out-of-route mileage wastes time, delays deliveries, burns excess fuel, racks up higher fuel tax–and ProMiles eliminates it all.

Let’s look a little deeper & see how ProMiles can enhance your TruckLogics experience.

ProMiles for Order Creation

Creating orders in TruckLogics is easy. With all of your drivers, equipment, & clients pre-loaded in your Address Book and TruckZone, most fields will be auto-filled for you. In less than five minutes, you can create, dispatch, and send an invoice for an order.

And with ProMiles, the estimates for your clients will be even more precise. When you reach the final step of order creation–entering Charges–there are three options for calculating the trip mileage: Google Maps, Manual Entry & ProMiles.


If you select ProMiles, the fastest, most accurate route will be determined in seconds. You’ll never over or under shoot an estimate for a client again. ProMiles gives you the precision you require to conduct business like a pro.

ProMiles for Trip Sheets

And the benefits don’t stop there. Together, TruckLogics & ProMiles will save you hours, even days, of data entry every IFTA quarter. Four times a year! That’s a huge chunk of your life, and now you can put that time to better use by taking a mini vacation, or by making more money!

When creating the Trip Sheet for your order, you can choose to update the info manually or with ProMiles. Not a hard choice to make. Simply select “ProMiles,” and the Trip sheet will be filled in for you. Magic.

Just add your Fuel Use to the last field, hit save, and rejoice four times a year. While your friends are pulling their hair out, trying to enter trip sheets before the deadline, you’ll have something to brag about.

Never Get Lost

The path ahead is always clear with ProMiles. When creating your order, click the arrow icon next to ProMiles to access turn-by-turn directions. The time wasted planning your trip disappears with the click of a button. 

Sign up for your free 30 days trial of TruckLogics today, and try all of these features out for yourself! No credit card is required to sign up. And if you already have an ExpressTruckTax account, sign in with the same login/password, and your information will be transferred over automatically.

When you join the TruckLogics family, you also get access to 24/7 support from our USA-based Support Crew. Call them at 704.234.6946, shoot them a query via live chat, or get 24/7 email assistance at They’ll even give you a one-on-one tour through the program. Just call and schedule a live demo!

Eliminate lost time. Trim your costs. Do business like a pro, and hit the road with confidence.

With the ProMiles feature, TruckLogics will get you there. On time, every time.

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