Thursday, 18 September 2014

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Presentation: A Trucker's Tale

For this week of Trucker Appreciation
I have a tale for the entire Trucking Nation
It is our way to say, Thank You So Much
With a special rhyming touch

So take a rest from the weary road
As we entertain you with an ode

Our tale begins at a truck stop by a street
Waiting for a trucker to meet
He has a story for which we must know
And his Peterbilt 379 just won Best In Show
Here it comes all red and bright
His brand new chrome stacks are a beautiful sight

The powerful engine rumbles the ground
When his foot hits the gas it makes the most wonderful sound

He stops by and sits on down
And graces our ears with the best stories around
Tales of never ending traffic and how drivers who can't drive
Always jam up the pavement at five
He boasts his patience for horrible drivers
Because he knows we can't all be early arrivers

He speaks of his friends at Iowa80
And how he met a trucker with a parrot that said, Arrgh Matey
From there, he says he traveled far
To a place where each night you could see every star
He's hauled everything from clothes to your Christmas tree
Across the country from sea to shining sea

His favorite load was of games and plush toy crocodiles
That lit up hundreds of children's faces with smiles

Truckers far and wide
Thank you for everything you provide
For everything you thanklessly do
Know that all of us at TruckLogics truly appreciate you

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