Friday, 26 September 2014

FlashBackFriday: Kenworth

Happy Friday Trucking Nation! Hope y'all had a good week and a moment to check out TruckLogics. If you were in the south the sky might not have been so clear, but the temperature has been perfect. I haven't had to turn the air on all week. Excuse my mini detour off the topic; let's get back to what you want to read.

FlashBackFriday is not only the end of a work week, it is also a time when the wonderful world of social media comes together for a moment in time to pay tribute to hilarious photos of bad 80's hair, images of a time when men's shorts were just too short, that candid moment when a bride's face is smashed with cake, and.....we're going to do something different. 

I've been brushing up on my trucking history and remember a story a kind trucker was telling me at a stop in Tennessee a few years back. I was riding along with my grandfather for one of his hauls out to Arizona. We stopped at this one truck stop right before we crossed the state line and this real nice trucker recognized my grandfather and they started chit chatting away like to ol'bitties will do. Long story short they got on the topic of their first trucks and they were Kenworths. It always kind of stuck with me how excited they were talking about all the gizmos and gadgets that the trucks had so I let my curiosity wonder and found out Kenworth did an amazing amount of innovation for the trucking industry. And guess what? I'm going to share some Kenworth History with you on this week's edition of TruckLogics FlashBackFriday. 

In The Beginning...
Harry Kent and Edgar Worthington purchased a truck manufacturing company named Gersix in 1923. The name of the truck manufacturer was changed to Kenworth; the legend was born. 

Flash forward a few years...
During the late 20's and into the 30's (the Depression years), Kenworth changed their manufacturing strategy to meet new markets. They designed and built buses and fire trucks. They revolutionized truck design by being the first to install diesel engines and the first to manufacture a truck with a sleeper cab. 
Kenworth's fist truck with a sleeper cab.
A few more years ahead...
Kenworth was bought by PACCAR in 1945. In the first years under PACCAR's leadership, Kenworth introduced 27 new truck models. They pioneered the use of lightweight chassis. They started to change their focus to customer needs and what type of truck is needed for rugged jobs like logging, Alaskan road trucking, hauling huge loads of sugarcane, trucks that needed to drive through the desert, list goes on forever. Kenworth created the most rugged trucks that could make it through anything that was put in front of them. 

Kenworth 853 hauling a oil pipes through the Arabian desert. Checkout them tires.
To the 70's...
Kenworth had expanded internationally to Australia, Canada and Mexico. Their sales were dominated by the W900 and K100 series. My grandfather had a Red W900. It was his first truck and he named it Sadie May after my grandmother - true story. Kenworth took some time through the 70's to develop something completely different that had never been seen before by the trucking industry.

W900 & K100 series.
One of the best things to come out of the 80's...
Kenworth upped their game and introduced the vehicle that rocked the world of truck design with the T600. It was developed in a wind tunnel and set new standards for fuel efficiency and driver comfort. This truck was designed specifically for the long haul trucker. It was just amazing.

The T600 in all it's glory.
And Today...
Kenworth consistently raises the bar with truck innovation and design. They take great pride in their legacy of creating the most rugged and tough trucks that have ever been on the road. The trucks manufactured today may look very different from the trucks first produced in 1923, but they all have the same heart and soul poured into every detail. I can't wait to see what they come up with in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this little flash back into Kenworth history. Their trucks will always have a special place in my memories. Have a great weekend Trucking Nation, and keep the shiny side up.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Scenic Tour of TruckLogics: Continued

Welcome back to Part 2 of our Scenic Tour through TruckLogics!

It’s a gusty, cloudy First Day of Fall here in Rock Hill, SC, so let’s cozy up inside (or in your cab) with some hot cider, a soft blanket, and a guided tour through TruckLogics–guided by none other
than me!

If you missed Part 1 yesterday, we passed by the Dashboard, the core of your TruckLogics account, then zipped over to the Address Book and Truck Zone, your digital garage.

Now onto Maintenance, a part of Truck Zone. It’s a feature within a feature! (feature-inception)

With all of your trucks & trailers in your account, Truck Zone allows you to schedule future maintenance tasks for each. By entering the odometer reading, setting the maintenance task (i.e. tire rotation, oil change, etc.), and how often the task should repeat, the Maintenance Tracker will automatically remind you of these tasks every time they’re needed.

Set it once, and you’re ready to run on auto-pilot. No more forgetting appointments or taking a gamble with your safety or compliance! These reminders can be edited in the Maintenance section, and always pop-up on your Dashboard, so you can’t miss ‘em!

Time to ride the Dispatch train. Creating orders, dispatching, and generating invoices is all one fast, fluid process in TruckLogics. And with all of your contacts and equipment locked and loaded, the process is smoother than fresh pavement.

Navigate all of your orders, dispatches and invoices from the one screen, as seen above. It’s also easy to find what you’re looking for. Using our advanced search, sort your orders by date, customer, order #, delivery place, status, dispatch, etc.

When creating a new order, load the customer/carrier and shipper/consignee from your AddressBook, and set the date and time of pickup. You may also include any details about the freight, and then assign the order charges (which means invoicing is halfway done already!).

After creating the order, dispatch in 20 seconds flat by assigning your driver. And if you’ve paired drivers with vehicles in your settings, the truck & trailer will automatically be added to the dispatch for you. Finally, add a check call to get updates from the driver, and send a customized email to the customer, letting them know when the order is being picked up.

Finally, when generating the invoice, there’s not much to do! Customer info? Check. Line haul charges? Double check. Just add your Fuel Surcharge Fee (unless you already set that in your preferences, then check!). Add any comments for the customer, and hit generate.

As if that wasn’t fast enough for you, you can duplicate orders if they recur often. Just click the little icon on the right of your order screen, next to the trash can.

With all of your info pre-loaded and auto-filling, your business will be running like a well-oiled engine.

Time for the final lap: Accounts. Charting your income & expenses doesn’t require an accounting degree in TruckLogics. Track all of our income and out-go by viewing one screen.

Tracking your business financials is simple. All of your orders, and the invoices attached to those orders, integrate into your Chart of Accounts. Plus you can customize your expenses by adding expense categories unique to your business, sky's the limit. You name it, you can track it. 

And whether it's the end of the month or end of the year, TruckLogics has your back. It will automatically generate monthly or yearly reports for your business financials and much more.

As our tour comes to an end, remember: if you ever get lost on your journey, retrace your steps by viewing your most recent 30 days of activity. It's always available by clicking the arrow on the right side of any screen you're in. The Support Crew is also available from this menu.

24/7, they're ready to give you the support experience of a lifetime. If you need to, they'll even give you a one-on-one guided tour through the program, every last nook and cranny. All you have to do is ask. Call them at 704.234.6946. They're also on live chat or 24/7 email support at

No matter where you're truckin', TruckLogics is always in your back pocket, just a click away. That's just one of the infinite benefits of our web-based business management solution. If you still haven't signed up for our free 30 day trial, what are you waiting for? Sign up or sign in with your ExpressTruckTax account for even faster setup. 

A better version of your business awaits. Seize it today.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

A Scenic Tour of TruckLogics

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to turn–painting the horizon with hues of amber and ruby, then listlessly falling to the ground.

Soon a lush carpet of foliage will crunch beneath our every step, swirling into infinitely new patterns with each gust of the wind.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to get outside and meander. Nothing refreshes the soul like an afternoon adventure down streets & sidewalks, coffee in hand, absorbing the crisp air and technicolor

But on those cloudy, drismal days when you can’t enjoy Fall’s Bounty, why not stay indoors and enjoy a different kind of scenic tour. I’m talking about a tour of a computing work of art, TruckLogics.

TruckLogics has a lot going for it. It’s affordable, it’s easy-to-use, and it’s good lookin’!

Yeah, I called a program good-looking. Don’t underestimate the importance of good design. Managing your business seems less like work and more like play when the program is easy on the eyes. And that’s just one of the amazing things about TruckLogics.

It’s also stuffed with exclusive features that make it functional for the fast-paced trucking life. And today, we’ll have a look at all of it.

Join me on a scenic tour through TruckLogics. See how our fresh design and features can transform your trucking business, overnight.

Our first stop is the Dashboard.

All roads lead to the Dashboard. It’s where it all begins and ends. The Dashboard is the core of TruckLogics. When you create an account, it’s the first place you’re taken.

In a single glance, the Dashboard keeps you up-to-date with everything happening in your business. Pending orders, order statuses, upcoming maintenance–anything that needs your attention will pop-up on your Dashboard.

Think of all the little details and moving parts that go into your business every day. Think of everything that escapes your attention.

Now think of it all in one place. One organized, structured picture. Suddenly it all makes sense. Suddenly you know what must be done. That’s what the Dashboard will do for you. It creates order in the midst of chaos.

If you look to your right, you’ll see the next stop on our scenic tour: the Address Book.

This is your second destination when setting up your new account, right after entering your business details. They say that it’s all about who you know. And they (whoever they are) are right! And if you’re in the trucking business, you know a lot of people.

Customers, Vendors, Drivers, Brokers–all of them stay organized in the Address Book. Here’s a bonus: the Address Book comes pre-loaded with hundreds of industry contacts to save you time! And it’s customizable.

For contacts not pre-loaded, you can choose to load them in when you start or to add them as-you-go each time you create an order or a dispatch.

And here are the serious, long-term benefits of the Address Book. When creating future orders/invoices/etc. the Address Book will auto-fill most fields, saving you time & saving your fingers from the horrors of redundant typing. Simply enter the first three characters of the business/individual's name, and Ta Da, Address Book does the rest.

And the good news is, we have even more features that read your mind! Like our next feature, the much-loved, world-renowned Truck Zone!

The final feature you’ll use when setting up your new account is Truck Zone. Users of our sister product, ExpressTruckTax, are familiar with its wondrous abilities. And it works wonders in TruckLogics too!

Truck Zone is your digital garage, a place to organize and store info for 1, 100, or 1,000 trucks! No matter the size of your fleet, Truck Zone is guaranteed to save you time. Enter the VIN, gross vehicle weight, Unit Number, and all of those other easy-to-forget yet oh-so-vital details. Under Driver Preferences, you can also assign certain drivers (from Address Book!) to a default truck/trailer, which cuts even more time off of dispatching. All of your fleet’s equipment, trucks, & trailers will be organized and easy to find using the advanced search bar. (And not to give away any spoilers, but this will majorly pay off around tax time!)

Once all of this info is cozily tucked away in your “garage,” it’ll pop-up everywhere else and make your business run more smoothly than ever. Whether you need to assign equipment to an order or a dispatch or schedule maintenance, Truck Zone makes it happen in the twinkling of an eye by auto-filling the appropriate fields.

And even more good news for ExpressTruckTax users! When you sign in with your ETT login, your info is automatically transferred to your TruckLogics account, eliminating most of the set-up.

From the Dashboard, to the Address Book, to Truck Zone, and back to Dashboard again, this is just the beginning of the features that TruckLogics offers. Luckily, the program’s fresh design and ease of use make setup a breeze.

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss our special launch gift. The first 30 days are on us! And you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. Just ask our Support Crew. Call them at 704.234.6946, hit them up on live chat, or get 24/7 email assistance at

Don’t miss Part 2 of our Scenic Tour, featuring the splendor of orders, dispatches, & maintenance tracking. This was only the beginning…

Welcome to TruckLogics.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Presentation: A Trucker's Tale

For this week of Trucker Appreciation
I have a tale for the entire Trucking Nation
It is our way to say, Thank You So Much
With a special rhyming touch

So take a rest from the weary road
As we entertain you with an ode

Our tale begins at a truck stop by a street
Waiting for a trucker to meet
He has a story for which we must know
And his Peterbilt 379 just won Best In Show
Here it comes all red and bright
His brand new chrome stacks are a beautiful sight

The powerful engine rumbles the ground
When his foot hits the gas it makes the most wonderful sound

He stops by and sits on down
And graces our ears with the best stories around
Tales of never ending traffic and how drivers who can't drive
Always jam up the pavement at five
He boasts his patience for horrible drivers
Because he knows we can't all be early arrivers

He speaks of his friends at Iowa80
And how he met a trucker with a parrot that said, Arrgh Matey
From there, he says he traveled far
To a place where each night you could see every star
He's hauled everything from clothes to your Christmas tree
Across the country from sea to shining sea

His favorite load was of games and plush toy crocodiles
That lit up hundreds of children's faces with smiles

Truckers far and wide
Thank you for everything you provide
For everything you thanklessly do
Know that all of us at TruckLogics truly appreciate you

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

TruckLogics Was Made For Owner-Operators

Do you love that feeling of the wind blowing through a rolled down window, the sun shining on your left arm and the pavement glistening as you drive over it with more than 500 horsepower at your feet? I'll tell you there is nothing like it. It's freedom. You don't have to lose that feeling when it comes to your business management. TruckLogics was tailor made for owner-operators who call America's roads home. Relax for a minute and let me show you how TruckLogics will unchain you from multiple management programs and give you freedom to run your business anywhere the road takes you...

Just like Iowa80 and Quick Trips have everything you could ever need (and then some) in one place, TruckLogics combines every feature you need to efficiently manage your business from any location.

Imagine this:
You've pulled into your favorite truck stop after driving what seems like forever and day. Before you relax and grab a little grub you want to update your log book, check the weather report, inspect your truck and see if there are any business tasks to handle. Usually you would pull out your log book and hand write in your miles then get on your phone or tablet to take a look at the weather and finally pull out a laptop to enter in daily expenses and make a few calls to see if that one invoice was taken care of. Most of the time you just write down a few notes and store your receipts away until you get home and catch up on all your business work then, running the risk of misplacing important information. It just all seems exhausting and I can feel your stress increasing just by reading this scenario.

There is more efficient and less stress-inducing way. This scenario could be your life with TruckLogics:
The sun is starting to go down; a few grey clouds are coming up from the south. You can smell the rain as you drive down the interstate getting closer to a truck stop. You pull into to the same place every time you're on this haul; they have the best showers and the most amazing grilled bbq chicken. Before you start to relax you pull out your smart phone (or a tablet, smart phones sometimes just don't understand that they are suppose to work when we need them to) and open your TruckLogics App and enter in your mileage, your daily expenses, check that invoice that hadn't gone through yet, and update your dispatch information. Then your done within a few minutes and can relax, check the weather and get a hot meal. One program,  any mobile device (or computer), and you can have all your business updates taken care of in a few minutes.

TruckLogics incorporates every tool you need to manage your business all in a no fuss package. The owner-operators of our beloved trucking nation deserve the best technology available at the most affordable price. Experience TruckLogics and contact our amazing support team located in Rock Hill, SC at 704-234-6946 with any questions. Stay safe out there.

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