Tuesday, 19 August 2014

TruckerTuesday Humor To Brighten Your Day

TruckerTuesday is a special day for the TruckLogics team. It is a time where you can forget that there are still 2 more days to Friday and appreciate an entire day dedicated to all those trucker things. TruckerTuesday is a day of advice sharing, special deals and discounts, memories, and my favorite-some good ol' trucker humor. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to get you back to a happy place and I have searched the endless depths of the internet to make sure a smile appears on your face. Would you do me the honor, and join me for a completely stress free moment in time and some epic hilariousness provided by your fellow Trucking Nation members?

Wonder what he's looking at out the window? I adore how accessories were added. If you look closely at the label below the window, you can see that this truck is Peterbilt. They really do last a lifetime..ba-dum tsh

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This is just good quality comedy at its best. You think he left it on there when he went to deliver the load? I bet the guys at the loading dock still tell this story...Hey you ever see a Caterpillar 797 tied down to a flatbed? 


Oh the sweet soothing sounds of Jake Brakes. They should record this lullaby music for everyone to enjoy...said no one ever.  

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The shine of perfectly polished chrome and freshly waxed paint is enough to make anyone admire their truck for hours. It won't be clean for long, so cue up some I Will Always Love You  and take pride in your baby. 

                                                                                    Pinterest: PAM Transport

I know these trucks were blown over in some epic winds through Kansas, but the added caption just makes this image unforgettable. Every time I see this I still laugh so hard it hurts. It's just genius. 


Every now and then we are all in need of a good laugh. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful TruckerTuesday and hopefully you spirits are lifted and you have an open road ahead of you. Stay safe out there Trucking Nation. 

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