Tuesday, 15 July 2014

TruckerTuesday: Experience the Peterbilt 75th Anniversary Tour

The Peterbilt 75th Anniversary Tour came through Charlotte, NC yesterday and we just had to see this one-of-a-kind truck and trailer in person. So won't you join me, Trucking Nation, for a chance to relive the experience for a special edition TruckLogics TruckerTuesday.

peterbilt anniversary tour

To set the scene, imagine old western background music playing, the temperature is rising quickly as the sun rises higher in the clear blue sky. My partner and I grow weary of the long journey up Interstate 77, then suddenly we realize our exit is quickly approaching but we are in the far left lane. My nerves are heightened as I anticipate the lane change we must make to reach our destination...and no one is going to let us over. We fought bravely and made the exit, we were only a hop, skip, and a jump away. We spot the Peterbilt Sign rising through the trees in the distance...then our navigation system completely disrupted my old western interpretation of our journey by saying "Your destination is on the left. You have reached your destination."

The red and creme special edition Peterbilt 579 was just beautiful. The paint sparkled in the sun, and made me wish they made Peterbilt Red lipstick to match. Don't you think that would be a great idea? Back to the tour, our first stop was to see the truck. The drivers let us climb up in the truck and I was amazed at the amount of technology the inside cab has; I mean were talking flat screen TV, built in mini fridge, 7-inch touch screen SmartNav system, it had everything. There are even pull out trays all over the place to set up a make-shift office or to serve as a dining table-so fancy. Sara, another member of the TruckLogics team that accompanied me, was told to pull a short rope hanging down near the driver-side window that turns out to be an extremely loud horn that honestly made me jump three-feet out of the new Evolution LX seats. I think everyone at Rush Peterbilt had a good laugh; the drivers were about on the ground they were laughing so hard. After that I thought it was time to get out of the heat and see inside the Special Edition Anniversary Trailer.

When you first walk in, you forget that you are in a 53-foot trailer. It is like entering Peterbilt heaven. The color scheme is very sleek with white, black and Peterbilt red interior. Stepping through the doors and going right, there is a really cool photo booth that will email your pictures to you. Then you see a metal beast they call the Paccar MX-13 engine. This thing was huge, I had imagined it would be but seeing it outside the truck and right in-front of my eyes gave a completely different perspective of what it takes to power these heavy haulers. Here are the engine specs for the Paccar MX-13:
  • 1 Million Mile B10 Life
  • 2,600 lb Dry Weight
  • Compacted Graphite Iron Block & Cylinder Head
  • Encapsulated Wiring Harness

Next, we built our own Peterbilt truck on the a virtual display and got an up close look at Peterbilt's iconic aluminum wheels, aluminum air tanks, aluminum cab construction, and air disc brakes. One of the coolest displays was a full size split cab right in the center of the trailer. It was really fun pushing all the buttons to see what would happen. There are little hidden pop outs all over the place. In the sleeper section, there is more storage than any one person would know what to do with. We discovered 2 closet spaces, a mini-fridge, storage cabinet, 5 over-head cubbies, flat screen TV with DVD player, and I bet if we kept looking a partridge and pear tree would have popped out somewhere. After seeing all the parts and technology innovation, it was time for a Peterbilt history lesson. 

The Peterbilt history wall was amazing. They have set it up as an interactive time line where you, the guest, gets to slide a flat screen TV down a wall to learn the astonishing history of Peterbilt. It all started in 1939 and the interactive kiosk takes you all the way to the present. There are tons of pictures and my favorite was of a 1970's ad where a women was wearing an evening gown to accent the new streamlined truck designs. Who knew they wore evening gowns to show off semi-trucks? The 70's were so glamorous. 

Following our time warp on the history wall it was time to end our Peterbilt 75th Anniversary Tour. It was just marvelous what Peterbilt created to celebrate 75 years of providing the highest quality trucks and parts for the Trucking Industry. If you get the chance I would highly recommend you take the tour, it is completely free and you just gotta see the 53-foot trailer that has been converted into a traveling museum. The entire team at TruckLogics would like to thank  Rush Peterbilt of Charlotte for hosting this event, it was a pleasure to attend. Until next time, stay safe out there Trucking Nation, we appreciate you. 

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